Based Only On The Poster, Which of These 9 Movies Will Get You To Venture Out Into The World?
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Based Only On The Poster, Which of These 9 Movies Will Get You To Venture Out Into The World?

By Jodi Clager | Trade News | November 5, 2013 | Comments ()











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  • narfna

    Interesting that the poster for Divergent doesn't even have the main character on it . . . that looks like Tori, who's a secondary character at best. But hey, Maggie Q!

  • letsspoon

    SPAZ for President.

  • TenaciousJP

    I was really excited because I saw Nurse 3-D and Darren Aronofsky at the bottom. Then I read it again, saw "Doug Aarniokoski", and fell down to Earth quite a bit.

  • bastich

    I plan to see none of these cultural abominations, and neither should you.

    /straightens ascot, replaces monocle, returns to reading Proust

  • Miss Laaw-yuhr

    I will see them all I say, ALL. And I will hug them to my chest with glee.

  • bastich


    My disdain for you is such that I have upvoted you a negative number!


  • Uriah_Creep

    I call shenanigans.

  • Laura

    I will see anything with Kenneth Branagh in it.

  • AvaLehra

    Me too. I mean, I saw that shit awful Frankenstein but I didn't care because it was Shirtless Branagh.

  • Laura


  • Michelle

    The poster for Divergent looks far more interesting than the movie will likely be.

    American Hustle, obv.

    I will see Catching Fire but not because of the poster.

  • AvaLehra

    Hustle Games!

  • bastich

    Nurse Frankenstein!

  • AvaLehra

    I, Awkward Moment.

  • AvaLehra

    Divergent Shadow!

  • Bert_McGurt

    I DO want to see American Hustle, despite how angry I get when they do a cast lineup like that and the names above don't align with the actors below.

  • Michelle

    YES. Why is that happening?

  • mrsdalgliesh

    I survived the Hustle era. Why on earth would I want to go back and relive it? Blech.

  • AsdffAnon

    That American Hustle poster is a lazy photoshop. I like the Catching Fire, Nurse and Open Grave ones, they're at least artistic. I can't wait for that Floyd spin off movie. 90 minutes of him on a couch smoking weed out of a honey bear would be pretty great.

  • thebluestepside

    Those all look like well-designed posters to me, with the exception of I, Frankenstein (terrible tagline) and That Awkward Moment (too generic). Which ones would actually get my butt into a seat? Probably just American Hustle. Great cast.

  • BWeaves

    The Marked Ones: When Weeping Angels Go Worse.

  • van1968

    The marketing team on Catching Fire are clearly feeling their oats with that poster, comfortable in the knowledge that they could do anything they want and people will still show up in droves to see it.

  • zeke_the_pig

    Open Grave because Sharlto Copley.
    American Hustle because look at it!

  • Bam Bunting

    I'm torn because Sharlto Copley is just the best but I gotta give Nurse 3-D advantage for most eye catching.

    Everything else is jus poop shooped

  • Pitry

    You had me at American Hustle. For the hairdos alone, although I was totally on board as soon as they announced that cast + DOR.

    Also, since this is posters alone, then Catching Fire as well, even though I haven't seen the first one. This poster is pretty!

    On a different note, why does the skull in The Marked One has the Deathly Hallows symbol on it?

  • e jerry powell

    Nope. Not even Bad Emu Perm.

  • Jifaner

    American Hustle by a landslide. I'm there opening night.

  • Jiffylush

    When I watched the trailer for it my smile just got bigger and bigger, I am going to watch the **** out of it.

  • Lauralyn

    I don't want to see That Awkward Moment, but I DO want to eat ice cream with Michael B. Jordan.

  • Michelle

    That is basically how I felt about this poster as well.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    American Hustle alone. Though anyone else slightly weirded out by JLaw's mismatch eyes? I feel like one is angled up and the other angled down.

  • Same with Amy's eyes. One's looking at the camera, one's slightly larger, higher, and looking in a wonky direction.

  • stella

    Jennifer Lawerence.

  • Kala

    I had no clue what the animated-looking Nurse 3D was, so I took to Google. This might be worthy of a life-blog viewing:

    "Abby Russell (Paz de la Huerta) is a dedicated nurse during the day, but by night her true side comes out—she uses her sexuality to lure cheating men to their brutal deaths."

  • treatment_bound

    That Nurse 3D poster is so 'shopped it looks like Paz now has the body of a supermodel? I DON'T THINK SO!

  • axis2clusterB

    Sounds vaguely similar to American Mary, but Katharine Isabelle beats Paz de la Huerta every time.

  • Buellie413

    American Hustle and Open Grave.

  • 'American Hustle' 'Jack Ryan' and 'Frankenstein.' Also, if 'Divergent' is made from a book, then 'worldwide bestseller' means something different than it used to, because I've never heard of it and I generally keep up with books.

  • DataAngel

    I think "worldwide bestseller" now means "all the girls between the ages of 12 and 18 read it and forced everyone they know to read it".

  • If it is one of those aftermarket 'Twilight' style YA knockoffs, that would explain why I hadn't heard of it.

  • JayTut

    Divergent is amazing. its more like Hunger Games then Twilight (Yuck!). The third and final book came out 2weeks ago. Read it! The first book is cheap on e-book right now. I have been excited for this movie since they started casting.

  • Jenn TheYellowDart

    No vampires in it; it's a post-apocalyptic theme. 16 year olds choosing their futures based on traits. It's not horrible, but it's not great.

  • "16 year olds choosing their futures based on traits." That definitely sounds like a workable blueprint for a functional society.

  • bastich

    I feel sorry for the trait retailers in that society.

    ("For the last time, young man, we are still sold out on the 'Big Dick' and 'Mad Swag' traits.")

  • Jenn TheYellowDart


  • Robert

    Open Grave looks cool. I actually prefer the Shadow Recruit poster, but the actors turn me off.

  • Guest

    0 for 9.

    Re: Shadow Recruit - If they Photoshopped Costner any further he'd be Benjamin Buttoned out of existence.

  • Pitry

    That's Costner?? Yikes. He looks like Alec Baldwin there!

  • Bert_McGurt

    With shades of Bob Odenkirk.

  • emmalita

    I'm also feeling confused by the Nurse 3-D poster, but for different reasons.

  • BWeaves

    I would have thought something called Nurse 3-D would have had bigger boobs on the poster. Her's are quite lovely, but they don't quite live up to the promise of the movie title, if you know what I mean.

  • emmalita

    It shows remarkable restraint on the part of the photoshoppers.

  • Fost

    Where did that Nurse movie come from?

    Well, hello photoshopped Zac Efron ;)

  • That Jack Ryan thing up there actually makes the movie look halfway interesting.
    If I had not already seen the trailer for Open Grave, the poster wouldn't interest me at all.
    They really, really wanted that girl in the Divergent poster to look like Jennifer Lawrence, didn't they?
    Speaking of Jennifer Lawrence, I'm already committed to the Hunger Games movies but the poster above is way too fucking busy.
    WHAT the HELL is that nurse thing about??

  • emmalita

    I feel confused by the Catching Fire poster.

  • ZbornakSyndrome

    I like that it made me stop and study it for a moment. That, and Donald Sutherland has face/hair made for statues.

  • NateMan

    I actually like it. Feels very Greco-Ran to me or something. I agree it's a bit overly busy, but it appeals to me somehow.

  • emmalita

    I don't dislike it, but it feels so different to me. It's certainly one way to keep Peeta out of the picture.

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