Based Only On The Poster, Which Of These 10 Movies Spent The Most Money On Photoshop?

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Based Only On The Poster, Which Of These 10 Movies Spent The Most Money On Photoshop?

By Jodi Clager | Trade News | February 19, 2014 | Comments ()












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  • AvaLehra

    Terence Stamp, what are you doing? You're too good for that. You should be filming a Sprint commercial or something.

  • bastich

    I believe that the "Brick Mansions" poster imparts a valuable lesson: If you don't want people to find you and explode you out of a building, then don't put your face on the building.

  • If the entire focus of the poster is to be believed, the two faces of January are in Viggo Mortensen's pants.

    I approve.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    Did they artificially "turn" Emma Watson's face to the right?

  • xhikari

    That beard on Nicholas Cage looks like it costs a lot......or is it real?

  • abell

    I am angry. Terrence Stamp doesn't deserve 7th billing, particularly behind that pack of mediocrites.

  • zeke_the_pig

    The Art of the Steal because they've managed to Photoshop Matt Dillon into a movie coming out in 2014.

  • Wrestling Fan

    Kevin Hart is looking at the money.
    Other than that, everyone else is just gazing off into the distance.

  • People need to stop billing their horror movies as 'based on a true story/actual events.' It's almost as tired a gimmick as 'found footage.' I know that both are supposed to add an air of verisimilitude, but it rarely ever works and the times it does aren't worth all the times it fails miserably.

  • Besides having the most nonsensical misuse of the 'Too Sequel Notation' - I mean are the chicks that already thought like men teaching new women to think like men? I don't get it - the "Think Like a Man Too" poster has to have the absolute worst photoshop that I can remember seeing from someone who wasn't blind or mentally handicapped.

    That being said, if you gave me a hundred guesses, I would never guess that, that was Oscar Isaac on the "Two Faces of January" poster.

  • Target_Blonde

    I kept staring and staring and staring ... and finally convinced myself that Michael Fassbender was NOT on there somewhere.

  • e jerry powell

    Well, anything that makes Nicolas Cage look like he's not 90% bald...

  • Classic

    Haha. I thought it was the Nic Cage one myself...

  • Guest


    *Only because it's Amy Pond.

  • Sassy Pikachu

    I can't stop wondering what the fuck happened with that leg. The calf is way to small and short compare to the rest of the leg and foot.

  • Cheetahdriver

    Obviously a foreshortening effect caused by the near lightspeed exit from the mirror. The other effects not consistent with such (ie blowing hair...), well, she is coming out of a frapping mirror, you wanted consistency??? Wrong movie for that....

  • Jim

    I'm going to suggest no more than two of the people in EITHER group on the "Think Like a Man Two" poster weren't even on the same continent let alone in the same room.

  • Usually I don't look for Photoshop on movie posters. Unlike magazine covers and such, I can accept some alterations to make the movie more enticing. It is blatant advertisement, rather than advertisement passing itself off as honest capturing of the subject.

    That said, Good God is the photoshop on the bottom half of "Think Like A Man Too" poster terrible. Was the guy drunk at the Wacom tablet or something?

  • Behemoth

    Michael Ealy plays Mr. Fantastic.
    None of the men were there.

  • Ben

    Wait there's a new movie with David Belle in?

  • If I heard correctly, it is an American remake of District 13....with Belle in it.

    I...really don't know what to think about that.

  • Ben

    District 13 was a pretty dumb movie that was only worth a damm for the fucking amazing free running sequences with Belle, so as long as this provides more amazing free running sequences I'm in like flynn.

  • Snath

    I think that's goddamn bullshit and I want to punch something.

  • Ryan Ambrose

    Burn them.

    Burn'em all.

  • apricot ashtray

    Too soon man!

  • Art3mis

    I am not convinced that any actual human beings will be appearing in any of these films.

  • Zen

    ... Emma Watson is playing Noah? Gender swap. Nice.

  • NellL

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  • bastich

    I don't FemNoah single?
    Cute, motivated, likes animals, builds boats -- very nice.

  • Rudra Banerji

    you just made her into the female Ron Swanson.

  • bastich

    Damn, now I'm completely sold!

    Hopefully she looks like this when topless:

  • Stu Rat

    No. It's her tears that flood the world. Because she was supposed to end up with Harry, and got Weasely...

  • Jim

    Maybe she's God and just cast the "smite-um with water-um" spell?

  • kinoumenthe

    You're both wrong. She's crying because God faxed her the schematics for a frigging crate instead of a boat.

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