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February 3, 2009 |

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | February 3, 2009 |

Like everyone who has been awake for the last twelve hours, I’ve already heard the Bale freak-out at least four times, including a couple of remixes (like the one below). Hell, at the gym this morning, it was the first thing I saw on the “Today” show, with Lauer going all, “I’d never treat anyone on our crew that way” (maybe not, but I bet Couric got close). And though my fondness for Bale had already worn off a little (and popular to contrary belief, he was never one of my man crushes — that’s select company, people; a proper shit-eating smirk is almost a must for a healthy man crush), I’m not actually terribly bothered by the ape-shit insane rant he went on. I mean, it’s not like he hit the bong at a college party or something truly vile.

Lookit: He’s an actor. A good one, at that. And, as someone who has been in the business most of his life, he takes his shit seriously. Too seriously? Most definitely. It’s not like he was playing a dude disguised as a dude playing another dude. But hey: To echo Vermillion: We can’t go around criticizing actors for not taking their craft seriously enough, and then get all up in arms when they got batshit ballistic on a crew member. He’s Welsh, he’s high strung, and his likes to use profanities. Maybe he really needed a cigarette. And he’s probably been stuck in front of a green screen all goddamn day. Who knows? But I’m guessing he doesn’t act like that regularly, otherwise he probably wouldn’t be cast in a lot of films, and directors wouldn’t be as enthusiastic as they are about working with him. And who knows just how obnoxious that DP was being — I’ve been known to chew a few faces when someone is looking over my shoulder while I’m typing.

The point is: Dude was being a supreme asshole. But most of us have been supreme assholes at some point or another — we’re just lucky enough that nobody is following us around recording our freak-outs. If you’ve ever worked in a corporate law firm for any period of time, you’d probably hear one of those tirades once a week over something as stupid as a motherfucking typo. I had an English prof once who got in my face and spittle-screamed at me for five full minutes over a font. A fucking font. That asshole nearly pushed me to tears, mostly because I was a freshman in 1993 who had never used a computer in my life, and had no goddamn idea what a “font” was, so I couldn’t correct it because I had no idea what the hell he was ranting about. The same thing happened in law school — a prof asked me what the procedural posture was, and then laid into me when I couldn’t answer (not because I hadn’t read, but because I didn’t know what a “procedural posture” was). I hated both of those men, but they were the best goddamn professors I’ve ever had. So, there’s a certain trade-off — we can tolerate that punk-ass bullshit because Bale is a good actor. I just wouldn’t want to be the waitress who brought him an undercooked steak. You can get away with that in your profession, but if you bring it out into the real world, and attach to it any form of the phrase, “Do you know who I am?” then you’re scum. Lower than scum. And I’m not excusing Bale’s behavior — in fact, if I were the DP, I’d like to think I’d have walked off the set rather than cower and accept his abuse. Have a little pride, Mr. DP.

Hell: At least he wasn’t discussing the finer points of Phil Collins’ solo career. And anyway, clearly Bale just needed a bubble bath and a hug. A nice warm embrace. Anyone want to volunteer?

Let's Just Let It Go, OK? / Dustin Rowles

Industry | February 3, 2009 |

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