Baby Goose Gets Even Cuter, Van Damme Gets Desecrated, And Other Trade News For You To Choke On

By TK | Trade News | May 18, 2011 | Comments ()

By TK | Trade News | May 18, 2011 |

Next, THR reports that Warner Bros is moving forward with an adaptation of The Lost Years Of Merlin, based on the best-selling YA novel by T.A. Barron. I know nothing of the book, but THR describes it thusly:

An origin story of the mythical wizard. The film will trace Merlin's journey from being a boy washed on the shores of Wales with no memory and no home, to him becoming a young man learning to use his powers and ultimately defender of the natural world and eventual mentor to King Arthur.

Super. They've hired Ed Whitworth, who works for Oprah's Harpo Productions, and I'm already so bored by this story that you can hear snoring coming out of my ears. Let's move on.

Did you see Gareth Edwards' no-budget Monsters? You should, because it's a surprisingly great movie (review here). Anyway, because of course it is, it's getting a sequel. Even less surprising, Edwards won't be directing, and instead the film will be directed by Brent Bonacorso and Jesse Atlas. Edwards and the original's star Scoot McNairy will executive produce, for what that's worth. Which is nothing, because keep in mind that Neil Marshall exec produced the abominable Descent 2. Anyway, the plot:

This story will continue by introducing a teacher living in a protected walled city, who has to go into the infected zone to find his long-lost brother, a former military man who is now a Col. Kurtz-esque figure. Niblo promises "lots more creatures" than the original.
(via Dread Central)

Finally, we'll close things out with something good -- a clip of Baby Goose and Carey Mulligan from the upcoming heist flick, Drive. Everything I see and hear about this movie has been pretty awesome so far, and I'm digging Gosling's understated performance. This clip is far more charming and sunny than the clip we showed a few days ago, making the film that much more interesting. Watch it, fools!

Drive, directed by Nicolas Winding Refn (Bronson, Valhalla Rising) also stars Christina Hendricks, Albert Brookes and Ron Perlman, and that is a fucking kick ass cast if there ever was one.

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