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Aubrey Plaza Wears a Bikini, Talks About Masturbation, and Does a Daria Impression

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | July 24, 2013 | Comments ()


Not ALL at the same time, silly. That would just be weird. But all of those things did happen, starting last night on “Conan,” when the host prodded her into discussing her masturbation scene in The To-Do List, which comes out on Friday, which is why we’re seeing Aubrey Plaza all over the place all of a sudden.

Not a lot of folks can talk about masturbation with such deadpan ease. She’s also really good at wearing a bikini for a GQ photo shoot and then DEFYING the stereotypical bikini-clad actress interview by hard-trolling her interviewer, even going so far as to leave the following on the interviewer’s tape recorder when he gets up to use the restroom.

“Vagina,” she says into the voice recorder. “Penis. Balls.” She starts laughing to herself. “Old person’s penis. With a top hat on it. And a mustache. On the beach.”


“Penis, vagina, penis, vagina, penis, vagina. Penis penis. Aaaand penis.”


(Read the whole interview here, via Uproxx)

And if that doesn’t do it for you, I know this trailer for a live-action version of Daria: High School Reunion will, especially you 90s kids.

Again, the To-Do List comes out on Friday, and based on the trailer, your’e going to want to go see it.

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  • ohwhitneykay

    Trent needs to be hotter and more dead in the eyeball region. I get that he may have pudged out a little over the years, but voice accuracy alone doesnt cut it.

  • PaddyDog

    I thought her entire career was a Daria impersonation?

  • Fabius_Maximus

    Is she always talking like a mush-mouthed teenager, or is that the role she adapted for herself publicly?

  • cgthegeek

    No Jodie or Mac? Really!?

  • Jezzer

    Daria, TK. Not VELMA. DARIA. >:(

  • lowercase_ryan

    yeah, a Velma movie could actually get made.

  • Jezzer


  • PowLo

    I really want that Daria movie to be real.

  • apsutter


  • Monica

    Quinn and Daria weren't in the same grade, right? They aren't twins... why would Quinn be part of the reunion? (*quibbles with fake trailer* - as you do)

  • cgthegeek

    Quinn was really popular in high school, so it doesn't matter she's a year or two younger, she can attend/plan any reunion she wants.

  • apsutter

    Quinn was a couple years younger than Daria

  • emmalita

    Does it make me weird that the header picture makes me think of the picture of Dam Harmon with his cat that he posted after he was fired?

  • BAM

    Yes, super weird.

  • emmalita

    Thanks. It's better to know.

  • BAM

    At least we're all in this together.

  • Maguita NYC

    This one?

  • emmalita


  • lowercase_ryan


  • John W

    Damn why didn't I wish for a million dollars instead...

  • Ruthie O

    Ya'll can have Anna Kendrick. I want Aubrey Plaza as my BFF ALL TO MYSELF.

  • Yup. And throw in Jennifer Lawrence for good measure. Aubrey Plaza is worth like 4 of her.

  • googergieger


    You bring something.....no....

    You bring something.....no.

  • sean

    It's not fair to tease us about a Daria return.

  • baxiwolecexo

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    Does it make me weird that the
    header picture makes me think of the picture of Dam Harmon with his cat
    that he posted after he was fired?

  • melissa82

    Silly baxiwolecexo, emmalita already asked that question and people let her know that it was in fact weird. Silly, lazy Spambot.

  • emmalita

    Thanks melissa82! I hate it when the spambots steal my work. Stupid robots.

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