Attention K-Mart Shoppers: 15 Adorable Behind-the-Scenes Photos From Beetlejuice Because Monday, Am I Right?

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | May 20, 2013 | Comments ()

















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  • e jerry powell

    You are breaking my heart with the Alec Baldwin. Like Alec Baldwin hasn't been breaking my heart on a daily basis since the day he married Kim Basinger.

  • F'mal DeHyde

    I remember being SO pissed off when Alec Baldwin married Kim Basinger... cuz I really had a chance with him if that bitch hadn't stolen my man.

  • Jt

    Adorable registered sex offender Jeffrey Jones.

  • Strand

    "Sex offender" can mean public urinater these days but when I found out a few years ago that Rooney from Ferris Bueller was busted for actual child porn... boy, that certainly ruined a classic for me.

  • April Pastorius Wise

    Tim Burton has the long face of a young Don Draper.

  • carrie

    young Alec Baldwin looks like Liam Hemsworth

  • gnibs

    *Liam Hemsworth looks like a young Alec Baldwin.

  • annie

    What a glorious, gorgeous cast. Catherine O'Hara and Geena Davis are my gods, and I was suddenly reminded of a time when "Baldwin" was slang for "totally hottie hot."

  • MissAmynae

    I would kill for O'Hara's wardrobe.

  • Viking

    I FINALLY figured out who that damn cigarette smoking puppet reminds me of: Harry Dean Stanton. GAWD after all these years it finally clicked, and I don't know why a still black and white picture finally made it click. I love Harry Dean Stanton but there is something about him that makes me think he is a chain smoker.

  • $2786243

    I always thought the puppet looked like my high school drama teacher.

  • Sigh. Those were good times.

  • Jezzer

    80s Alec Baldwin in yuppie glasses was pretty much the pinnacle of hotness.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Plus the Straight Irish Chest Hair of Doom...

  • Amanda

    Micheal Keaton and Alec Baldwin at the height of their respective hotness, that's all.

  • I'm with you, I had a huge crush on Keaton for a long time.

  • $27019454


  • Mrs. Julien

    Michael Keaton had a period of hotness? I guess we all do, all things being relative.

  • TK

    Ah, well. I attended Juilliard, I'm a graduate of the Harvard Business School... uh, I travel quite extensively. I lived through the Black Plague and had a pretty good time during THAT. I've seen The Exorcist about a hundred and sixty-seven times and IT KEEPS GETTING FUNNIER EVERY! SINGLE! TIME! I SEE IT.

    I adore this damn movie.

  • Zen

    Oh, Catherine O'Hara. You're gorgeous, hilarious and you have a lovely singing voice. That's all I wanted to say. Nice pics.

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