As Ka Wills: Mysterious Investor Saves Dark Tower
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As Ka Wills: Mysterious Investor Saves Dark Tower

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trade News | May 20, 2013 | Comments ()


We haven't reported much on the Dark Tower rumors. Or rather, on an absolute level, we've talked about it quite a bit, but on a relative level, we really only bother every once in a while because the rumors are constantly changing and rarely materialize into actual movement in one direction or another. This bit of news is quite different.

If you recall, the original plan put together for adapting the series was one of a combination of television series and wide release films to take advantage of both the grandiose big things that happen, and the long slow burn of other parts of the story. It was quite a unique and fantastically ambitious plan. Naturally, the funding fell through because the networks are too busy finding America's Next Vocal Procedural to bother with trying to reverse their downward spiral at this point.

Last week though, someone must have read my plea to kickstart everything, because a source of a pile of money who insists at the moment on anonymity has stepped in offering to donate the budget for the project, but only if they do the original ambitious plan. The only information about the investor is that he is from the Silicon Valley. I assume that's just a cover for Holmes Dental, myself.

Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, the guys holding the decision making power on the project, have not yet made any signal as to whether they are willing to meet the terms of the investor and go forward with their original vision for the project, or whether they'd rather just keep hanging in the wind hoping a traditional source will fork over the money necessary for a less ambitious version.

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  • SImon Adams


  • MissAmynae

    Viggo. Always Viggo. Olyphant as a second. Brolin as a third.

    For Susannah/Detta/Odetta- an unknown, or Teyonah Parris. (Dawn from Mad Men). Kerry Washington is too overexposed.

    Jake- a tough one. So many "a younger this, and younger that." Jack Gleeson could have done it, but my dream casting was always Brad Renfro.

    Nick Stahl, or even Jared Leto as Eddie. I'm okay with Olyphant in this role as well, but we need the drugged-out crazy look.

  • Dominic

    I read the series recently and always saw Arron Paul as Eddie and the woman who plays Tara on True Blood as Susannah, she'd be perfect.

  • Laura

    I feel that the Olyphant should be in here somewhere.

  • Classic

    I feel so ashamed....I didn't even think of Olyphant. He can act more with his eyes than anyone I know.

    I really don't see Zoe Saldana as having the acting chops to play Susannah.

    Gary Oldman please yes!

  • Laura

    I've decided Olyphant could play either Roland if they old him up a little, or Eddie (all of his non-lawman roles make me think this). Is Kerry Washington too young for Susannah? And I wish I had thought of both Gary Oldman AND James Cromwell for the parts listed above in stardust's post!

  • stardust

    Olyphant and Washington (I actually thought of her before the other two) could nail the roles of Eddie and Susannah, but they're both about ten years too old. Eddie is in his early 20s and Susannah in her late 20s.

  • Laura

    I am willing to ignore the age issue if I can get Olyphant in there! :)

  • Classic

    Okay you just hit on it!

    Olyphant for Eddie, Kerry Washington for Susannah (so embarrassed I didn't think of her) Gary Oldman and James Cromwell and Viggo for Roland.

  • stardust

    Dream-casting the Dark Tower series is a favorite mind occupier of mine during meetings and other boring events. These are my picks:

    Roland - Matthew McConaughy. I know, I know. But I think he could do it. He has the gauntness of face already and I think that there are some unplumbed dramatic depths to him.

    Susannah - Zoe Saldana or Rutina Wesley. Either of them could handle the crazy of Detta Walker without veering into offensive caricature and the prim and proper Odetta Holmes.

    Eldred Jonas - Gary Oldman. As if it was even a question.

    Walter O'Dim - Oh yes, Mads Mikkelson all the way.

    Jake - I don't have a working familiarity with any decent pre-teen actors, but a kid with the natural style of the little boy from Iron Man 3 could do the job. One of the most important things about Jake's casting is that the director not age him up. Part of the brutality and tragedy of Jake is that he is so young, hasn't even hit puberty.

    Donald Callahan - James Cromwell. Again, as if that was even a question.

    Eddie? I'm stumped on him. Ben Foster could do a great job. He'd have to rein in the crazy eyes, though.

  • Jaime Birren

    "I assume that’s just a cover for Holmes Dental, myself." That made me smile a dry, cracked smile. I really want this to happen, even if it isn't perfect it will be something to see!

  • vrblpollution

    I see Stephen Moyer as younger Roland..

  • ELee

    Hugh Laurie as Roland please!!!!! I know it sounds strange, but he looks right, and he's a hell of an actor.

  • danobc

    Javier Bardem, i don't know why but thats how i pictured him. Him or Viggo Mortensen. Come to think of it Viggo all the way.

  • Those were definitely the two rumored leads when this news broke last year. I think it started with Viggo and then when Universal pulled out the Bardem rumors started. I'm not really sold on either. Roland has always been The Man With No Name Era Eastwood to me (which clearly can't happen and also why this project should just be animated), but I'd take a gaunt Hugh Jackman (who I always thought bore a pretty strong resemblance to Clint) or better yet Guy Pearce.

  • Classic

    I dont see Bardem as Roland. Not to be too picky but Javier always screams evil genuis to me in all of his roles. Except for that Vicky Barcelona movie.

  • Classic

    Ohhh Viggo would be fantastic. I take back my Russell Crowe pick.

  • Three_nineteen

    For Your Consideration: Mads MIkkelsen as Roland

  • Eyvi

    A stroke of genius, that. The more I think about it, the better it gets. And yes, Mads is a tad scary but I always pictured Roland to be.

    Someone down thread mentions Gary Oldman for Jonas. Also brilliant.

    It may be my fangirl getting the better of my judgment but can't we consider Jensen Ackles as Eddie Dean? I think he'd nail it.

    I'm pretty sure Android hates Disqus or Disqus hates Android, either way, commenting from my phone is a right pain in the arse.

  • NateMan

    Jensen's too clean for Eddie. You need someone really tweaky for that role, IMO. I don't think I could buy Jensen as a heroin addict, not without some severe weight loss.

  • Optimus

    I like this. He could give Roland a rough nobility and a sense of being from somewhere else. And he has killer's eyes.

  • Classic

    He scares me though. Not his fault and all but I dont see Roland as being scary.

  • NateMan

    Disagree, Roland is scary as FUCK. Willing to kill an entire village to keep going? To abandon friends and children? Yeah, he's a religious fanatic. Great character, but not a good person.

  • Jaime Birren

    I agree, he's too creepy. Roland is not a villain (not really) and Mads is very villainous. Now Mads MIkkelsen as the Crimson King? Oh my yes.

  • Classic

    Oh yes! As the Crimson King or as Flagg (AKA Man in Black). That would be awesome.

    Roland has to be someone who just seems eons old even when young. Think Viggo is the best choice for that character. Someone that does something awful and is still hurting for it years later.

  • Three_nineteen

    You should. He's scary, dangerous, and single-mindedly obsessed. Which is why I really don't see this project working, since Roland is the main character, but if it's going forward I want it to have the best possible chance.

  • danobc

    I'd think after GoT becoming such a big "crossover hit", HBO or whatever other network would be all over this. (plus that horrible zombie show based on a comic book also lends to make this happen)

  • Classic

    Yes please let this happen!

  • Classic

    I always saw Roland being played by Russell Crowe. He could play beleaguered man that has been alone forever.

    I am still struggling with who could play a good Eddie.

    Susannah could be played by Viola Davis. In the books Susannah was older than Eddie so I don't think the age thing would be be problematic. I would want someone tough no nonsense to play her but cannot think of any younger black actresses that could play Susannah.

    Jake, same problem. I dont know who should play him.

  • lovezoid

    Eddie = Aaron Paul, yo

  • Daniel Craig should be Roland.

  • Toks Olagundoye from The Neighbors (I know, I know) would make a great Susannah to Giovanni Ribisi's Eddie (although he's probably too old now).

  • Classic

    I think Ribisi is too old to play Eddie now.

  • SnowMan

    I always thought Jason Lee would have been perfect for Eddie. Emphasis on "would," because he's too old at this point.

    This might be a left-field choice, but what about Ben Foster? He could definitely do drugged-out Eddie at the beginning. Could he be convincing as clean, smart-ass, gunslinger Eddie?

  • I don't like him much, but I could absolutely see James Franco as Eddie. Specially that wiseass smirk.

  • Classic

    Ben Foster could work. Good choice.

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