Another Go with G.I. Joe

By William Goss | Trade News | August 4, 2010 | Comments ()


Confession: I didn't entirely hate G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. For me, that blissfully brainless Paris pursuit right in the middle of it made up for the supremely stupid shit on either end of it (ice that sinks?!). And America, as is so often the case, wasn't asking for much either, turning out to see it to the tune of $150 million domestic (the furriners helped round it off to a nice $300 million, because they too like to see the Eiffel Tower get fucked up).

Naturally, Hollywood isn't so quick to call it quits on anything that makes that much moolah. Earlier this year, it was announced that the duo behind last fall's Zombieland would be scripting the sequel (with any luck, they'll get their clever in our stupid), and earlier this week, it was rumored that success would not go messed with and Stephen Sommers would be back in the director's chair to keep the big booms constant.

Sommers has a workmanlike quality to his cheese, whether for better (the first Mummy, Deep Rising) or worse (the second Mummy, Van Helsing), and it'd be a relatively safe move for this, a freakin' toy-based franchise. I take comfort that if I didn't entirely hate the first one, the studios are making every effort to ensure that I might not entirely hate this one either.

Americans: like I said, we don't ask for much.

(Source: The Wrap)

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