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Annie Leibovitz's Photoshoot of Les Miserable Looks Like Photo-Shopped Bruegel Paintings

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | November 12, 2012 | Comments ()

Screen Shot 2012-11-12 at 1.35.58 PM.png









(Via Movieline)

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  • duckandcover

    I want to love Anne Hathaway, but I hate her stupid eyes.

    I'm still excited for this movie.

  • apsutter

    Vogue needs to stop hiring Annie Leibovitz, seriously. All her recent photos look like absolute shit. Go ahead and take a look at the pics she just took of Anne Hatheway's pictorial for December. They are ghastly.

  • Damn, but Russell Crowe looks amazing in olde timey military uniforms. Sure, he probably can't sing worth a damn but he LOOKS freakin' perfect.

    And Eddie Redmayne could poke someone's eye out with that bone structure. His face is kind of amazing.

  • Ginny

    Interesting to look at the Thenadiers, considering at least Eponine and her sister were red haired in the book. Eponine tends to be cast darker (Samantha Banks, Lea Salonga, etc.) but she was described as being a super ugly ginger in the books, hah. Seems like a nod back to that to at least make Thenadier that way.

  • Ginny

    Er, I meant that as darker haired.

  • NoPantsMcLane

    We want ALL your Oscars!

  • Daniel Valentin

    *puts on redneck accent* Hey, I'm no queer, but that Hugh Jackman is a gorgeous, GORGEOUS man.

  • Jessica

    Erm.. where's Eponine. I know this is an ensemble piece but shouldn't she be somewhere in there?

  • deehunny

    that's a great observation. she's a huge part of the book. at first I thought amanda was cast as Eponine but I guess she's cosette

  • Probably whining in a corner about how she can't get a boyfriend.

  • ZombieMrsSmith

    As a former art history student and auction house employee, I beg to differ with your headline. Breugel, who was Flemish, painted mostly genre scenes and landscapes and not many portraits. I'd say these look more like Goya (right) or, if you want a French Neoclassicist, Ingres (left).

  • Empress of All the Russias

    Yeah, I clicked on this bracing myself for cluttered landscapes of demons swallowing people. Definitely more like Goya, with maybe a little bit of David.
    (Props for bringing in comparables. Finding another art nerd warms my heart!)

  • brutus

    Anne's neck looks like a Kaminoan. Yep. I'm a nerd.

  • Ha! I will never unsee that.

  • Natallica

    If I were Russell Crowe, I'd frame that picture, in gigantic size, and hang it in my living room. And, every time a guest comes, I'd stand casually by the photo and just let out a nice little cough.

  • Mitchell Hundred

    "What, this? Oh, that's just me right before I ate breakfast the other morning. Nothing special, really. I hardly ever notice it."

  • BWeaves

    I have no interest in this movie.

  • TheOriginalMRod


  • AM

    Me neither. Can't summon more than a meh.

  • Me either. My eight grade literature teacher (Mrs. Fletcher, a cruel, cruel woman, obviously.) made us read the unabridged original novel. All 2000 pages. I never want anything to do with Les Mis again. The length would not be a problem now, but at 13, it scarred me for life.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    It's not necessary to read unabridged, either. Hugo was paid by the word.

  • i only ever read an abridged version. whoever edited it did a damn fine job. it was a great book

  • Gina

    And man, does it show - he stops the narrative entirely to throw in essays on the minute details of the Battle of Waterloo, or the Paris sewer system, or why monasticism is bad, that are only tangentially related to the story.

  • $27019454

    None. Zero. Zilch. Zippo.

  • Heather Mooney

    So, maybe you can switch your default Redmayne shot from the unfortunate toad faced one you usually trot out to this less reptilian one. Hell, I find him imminently bangable, but the other photo even repulses me.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Anne Hathaway's hair looks too modern, all up and spiky. I wish it could somehow be as shocking nowadays as it would've been at the time. Fantine did still try to look nice after the haircut.

    Loses me at the Thenardiers.

  • Holly

    OMG I hate the Thenadiers! Explosion of colors? Crazy hair? Really? I know it's HBC, but as far as know this isn't a Tim Burton film, is it?

  • That photo of Anne Hathaway is gorgeous in a terribly depressing kind of way.

  • KatSings

    I cannot wait for this movie. I'm still terrified of how terrible Russell Crowe is going to be (his bit in the new trailer is TERRIBLE), but it looks, otherwise, to be exactly what it should be. As someone who owns two cast recordings, the libretto, and has seen it on Broadway 4 times...the bar is set pretty high. I'm hoping it lives up!

  • bimboden

    precisely this.

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