Anne Curry Leaves the "Today" Show This Morning with Heartfelt Sobs
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Anne Curry Leaves the "Today" Show This Morning with Heartfelt Sobs

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | June 28, 2012 | Comments ()


In another blow to semi-intelligent news coverage, Anne Curry has been forced out of the "Today" show, mostly because she didn't have the bubbly personality necessary for morning television, or the ability to seamlessly transition from hard news stories to fluffy human interest and celebrity stories. She is a good journalist; she just isn't a very good morning show host.

For whatever reason, she -- or the "Today" show -- decided to announce her departure today, during a period in which everyone else was focused on the Supreme Court decision. Most people probably missed her tearful farewell. I gotta admit, it was a little heart-breaky.

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Anne Curry will be replaced by Savannah Guthrie.

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  • Diane

    I can definitely agree that Anne Curry is more serious than bubbly, so I can see how maybe the Today Show is no longer a fit for her. I think her new adventures will be more fitting, as she travels the world to contribute to Dateline and NBC Nightly News. I missed watching this goodbye live. Luckily I record the Today Show every day on my Hopper, which my coworker at Dish suggested I upgrade to. Today I was able to start watching this recorded episode in my laundry room and continue watching it in my living room, it saved me so much time!

  • Nikita

    The rare times it was on while I'd eat breakfast, I'd often get mad at her interviews. Her "hard hitting" journalism often ended up being just unprofessional and rude. When Joe Biden schools you for being a jag, you know it's not good. And I vaguely remember a rare Brad Pitt interview where he looked like "yep, and I'm not doing another interview for the next 20 years because of idiots like you"

  • Jo 'Mama' Besser

    Already the feminist police are flying into apoplexy because the woman they disliked a week ago now merits hagiographical analysis and if you're not foaming at the bidet over the sexism you're a liability to The Struggle. NBC handled this badly because that's the only way they know and they've given Matt Lauer too much power but those things don't make her performance retroactively good and her faux-concerned head cock and 'hmmm' coupled with her very flappable demeanor and trite line of questioning isn't terribly compelling to me and her sycophancy with celebrities could get uncomfortable, There's some scapegoating going around, yeah, I'm hesitant to hand her a tiaraa because I don't like the idea of having to lower my standards so her feelings don't get hurt because it's childish as is letting sub-par work go unchallenged: that insults everyone. Look, this a black woman writing, this so no one has to explain these things to me, but I don't the complacency and laziness that can develop because if you're keeping it in the family, quality doesn't matter or we should accept the second rate because it's 'like, so hard to be a woman', quit it, baby I know it. 'And, like, all the multitasking and things.' Whatever

  • Clancys_Daddy

    NBC has such a great track record on decisions like this.

  • $27019454

    Ugh. These people and their "problems." Fuck. Off. Wouldja just?

  • David Sorenson

    Might as well get this out of the way early. I never liked Anne Curry. It all seemed forced with her. Not really anything to do with her personality at all as I despise "news personalities." It just seemed like she was trying hard to come across as a "news personality," which didn't really fit her at all.

    As far as sympathy goes, generous compensation package be damned I do feel bad for her. Same way I felt with Conan when he lost The Tonight Show. Hosting Today was a goal for her. A dream. Not only was it taken from her, she was blamed for the decline of the show. I can't even imagine what that feels like. Finally accomplish something you've been wanting forever only to be accused of messing it up. I'd probably lack the composure she showed, but then I've got a temper. I'd put Matt Lauer through the window and out into the crowd before eating Guthrie's face. Guess I need to lay off the bath salts.

    NBC? I'm not surprised in the least there. They clearly don't have a damn clue what they're doing and replacing Anne with a blandly pretty face and no soul won't help anything.

    I should also mention that I don't watch the Today show and haven't in years. Five minutes of that makes for an angry drive to work. Take all of the above with a large grain of salt.

  • hapl0

    You would think a generous severance package would soften the blow but no. She had to rub it in our faces.

  • Slash

    The Today Show sucks. It sucked with Ann Curry, and it'll continue sucking without her. And she was a shitty-ass interviewer. Seriously, it was painful to watch, which is one reason I stopped watching.

  • gunnertec

    "you have the biggest heart" = you were just given an ultimatum and fell on your sword without a fight. Glad it's not me.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Er...if Anne is a great journalist I never saw evidence of it on The Today Show. Her interviews were so painful to watch. There tended to be a lot of forced empathy, and very little in the way of interesting questioning. She always seemed to be leading her subjects. Maybe because she had little interest - and a lot of sympathy - for the "my daughter was kidnapped" or "my face was burned off" type of stuff she got.

  • Nylee

    Ugh, Savannah Guthrie. She's so cookie cutter and bland. I enjoyed Anne Curry as host, she brought something different (actual journalism) to the table. I actually have a hard time telling Guthrie and Natalie Morales apart unless their names are given.

  • alm6762

    The Today show is unwatchable, with or without Ann Curry.

  • firedmyass

    Pretty sure my reaction to being publicly fired and recieving a $10 million severance would be more along the lines of hysterical laughter puncuated with "later, bitches!"

  • BWeaves

    I always wonder how someone can get fired from a job AND win the lottery at the same time. And to think I've been trying to win the lottery first, so I can quit my job. How do I get a job like that? I'm good enough to be fired.

  • e jerry powell

    Executive compensation is nasty too.

  • Slash

    This. I have a hard time feeling sympathetic toward anyone being "let go" with the kind of severance package the rest of us can only dream of. There are people who have to get their medical care from a field in Tennessee. I think Ann will be OK.

  • K

    This was so classlessly done on NBC's part. On a THURSDAY? Really? 15 years with the show and she got a 5-minute clip segment? I know Ann Curry wasn't the greatest interviewer, but there are far worse out there. This sadly comes down to nice girls finishing last. If Ann had been more savvy in contract negotiations and/or stood up to Matt Lauer's reported conniving, she might still have her job. I hope she writes a delicious tell-all about Lauer's affairs and whatnot. But I know that won't happen.

  • e jerry powell

    Seriously. A man of Lauer's age and stature doesn't have those abs unless he's getting some on the side...

  • ,

    A news Anne replaced by an infotainment Savannah.

    Sounds about like what I'd expect. What, there wasn't a Bambee or a Nomi available?

  • e jerry powell

    Elizabeth Berkley is needing a job about now, isn't she?

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