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What Do Katherine Heigl and Ferris Bueller Have in Common?

By TK | Trade News | July 21, 2010 | Comments ()


A couple of months ago, Dustin reported that his secret Hollywood crush, Katherine Heigl, was set to star in The Age of Adaline, a supernatural "epic love story" about an immortal woman wookin' pa nub, which would thereby make her mortal.

It sounded like shit.

Now the film, retitled simple Adaline, has a director. Andy Tennant has signed onto the film, and what little hope you may have had for Heigl to actually star in something interesting and, you know, not fucking horrible, has been throttled, beaten, and thrown into the sea. Andy Tennant has directed such cinematic masterpieces as The Bounty Hunter, Fool's Gold, Hitch, and Ever After (sadly, we don't have a review of that last one, and NO, I am not volunteering). In other words: mindlessly generic, intellectually bankrupt romcom garbage. The man directs with the skill of a drunken baboon, and that's an insult to baboons, drunk or sober.

Interestingly, it appears that he's been around for a while, and was likely much more successful (quality-wise, anyway) in his days as a television director -- he's directed episodes of "The Wonder Years," "Brisco County Jr.," and "Parker Lewis." Even more interesting is that he directed the pilot episode of the fan-favorite "Sliders," and an episode of the short-lived 1990 sitcom "Ferris Bueller."

Wait, what? There was a Ferris Bueller TV show? I shit you not, folks.

What the fuck? Where... how? What? I mean, I know I don't watch much TV, but how did this slip past me?

::heads to Youtube::


Holy. Fuck. Balls.

And it starred Jennifer Aniston in the Jennifer Grey role!


No fucking way.


You're goddamn welcome.

(source: Variety)

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