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By Brian Prisco | Trade News | July 23, 2010 | Comments ()

By Brian Prisco | Trade News | July 23, 2010 |

All I care about is that the illustrations on his letters to and from Bill Watterson are in there. I don't want to explain them to you, in case you never get to see them, but let's just say I will never see Blondie the same again.

Breathed is still doing solid work these days. The Opus movie crashed and burned with the Weinsteins several times over. But, there are several cartoons in the works based on his cartoons. This March, Robert Zemeckis is going to be making Mars Needs Moms starring Seth Green and Joan Cusack. It's a really dark and touching children's story, as all of Breathed works tend to be.

He talked about his young adult novel, which I had never heard of but I can believe some of you will be snatching up, called Flawed Dogs. It deals with a show dog who gets manipulated by his owner's evil dog and then joins a crew of abandoned rag tag animals. Only it takes a turn for the Dahl as the dog ends up going through lab experimentations and pit fights in order to gather his crew and to overthrow the Westminster Dog Show. Look it up and own it, you pet owning bastards you.

He's also working on a twisted faerie tale that mocks fairies. It's a little Brian Froud, only with dialogue and plot. It's called Cranky Scary Sweaty Faeries. And from the pictures, it looks like a damn treat.

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