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November 28, 2007 |

By Seth Freilich | Industry | November 28, 2007 |

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s read just about anything I’ve written, but I don’t watch “America’s Next Top Model.” So although I knew Janice Dickinson was a judge for the show when it started, I had no idea that Twiggy took her place five seasons ago. But now I do know that Twiggy’s out, and Season 10 will see Paulina Porizkova stepping in in her stead. I still won’t watch the show, of course, but this news nevertheless warms a small piece of my heart, as I’ve had a crush on Porizkova ever since Her Alibi. (“What’s that,” you ask? Simply a DVD that must be immediately added to your NetFlix queue, that’s what!)

Meanwhile, I did watch and enjoy the first series of the restyled “Dr. Who,” but have since fallen well behind (in fact, that’s something I need to add to my own NetFlix queue). Nevertheless — and there’s a minor spoiler ahead for the upcoming series — I knew that Billie Piper stepped out as the good Doctor’s assistant at the end of the second series (remember that it’s a British show, and they have “series” rather than “seasons”). Well seems Piper’s Rose Tyler will be back be back for at least three episode in the next series, slated to air sometime next year. Good news for fans, I suspect (unless the new assistant to the Doctor has been so spectacular that Piper ain’t been missed).

So early on Monday, the creator of “Journeyman” (Kevin Falls) said that he expected the show to die after its twelfth episode, since the ratings are pretty poor (he refers to the show’s “questionable numbers”) and the network hasn’t shown the show much love. But fans of the show (of which I’m one — I don’t love it, but I think it’s improved over the season, and I’m actually enjoying it more than “Chuck” or “Heroes” these days) will be happy to know that the twelfth episode has been crafted to provide at least some finality to the series. Falls says: “It wouldn’t answer every question, but it would give you a lot to chew on. We would give you some answers, and we’d withhold others.” And NBC all but confirmed that the show will in fact die an early death when later that same day it gave full-season orders to “Chuck” and “Life,” with nary a mention of “Journeyman.” And the network’s silence about “Bionic Woman” means that that show’s fans can likewise join the “Journeyman” folks in the mourning queue.

Hey — it’s Wednesday. Hump day! The hardest day of the work week for some. Well for all my fellow fans of “The O.C.,” TV Guide’s got a lengthy interview with Josh Schwartz for you. Nothing groundbreaking, but a great timesuck for all the cubicle jockeys and office dwellers. And another great timesucking interview comes courtesy of the Washington Post, which hosted an online chat with the always entertaining Anthony Bourdain (who I have an almost unhealthy man crush on, I’ll admit it).

And lastly, say it loud and say it proud: “January 6th! January 6th!” That’s when “The Wire” comes back. For some of you. But for some, the new year comes early, as HBO has announced that it’s going to do the same thing it did last year, premiering new episodes a week ahead of time on its On-Demand channel. Which means that those of us with On-Demand get to start enjoying the final chapter of the Game on December 31! If you’re still uninitiated, bump Her Alibi down a couple spots in your NetFlix queue and push these DVDs right to the top. And for fans and non-fans alike, here’s a taste of the goodness, courtesy of the baddest of the bad, Omar and Brother Mouzone:

Seth Freilich is Pajiba’s television editor. Given the choice between Bourdain or Porizkova, he must admit that it’s a surprisingly closer call than his heterosexuality is all together comfortable with.

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Nov. 28, 2007

Industry | November 28, 2007 |

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