Alternate Juno Endings
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January 9, 2009 | Comments ()

Tragically, Perversely Hilarious

Alternate Juno Endings / Dustin Rowles

Trade News | January 9, 2009 | Comments ()

We usually leave the Friday afternoon space strictly for movie reviews, but this clip is absolutely too good not to share over the weekend. It’s a series of alternate endings to Juno. A friend of mine passed it along to me; the guy who made this video (Jay Kaplan) was a friend of hers from high school, and he actually passed away on Christmas Eve. I don’t know any of the details, but it’s a damn shame, and this video (especially for any Juno haters out there) really deserves to be appreciated. My friend also mentioned that Jay was “an absolutely hilarious, wonderful, kind, talented person and he’d love to know people are watching his work, even posthumously.” And she’s right — this is perversely, disturbingly hilarious, even if it does make me a little squeamish.

(Warning: Video may not be suitable to sensitive readers. Seriously. I’m so not kidding.).

So, without further ado:

RIP Jay Kaplan.

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