Already on the Brink of Superstardom, Chris Pratt May Soon Land Another Juicy, Blockbuster Role

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Already on the Brink of Superstardom, Chris Pratt May Soon Land Another Juicy, Blockbuster Role

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | November 14, 2013 | Comments ()

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Chris Pratt may be one of the more unlikely of blockbuster stars in recent memory. It wasn’t that long ago when the actor was a door-to-door salesman in a pyramid-scheme like business selling coupon books. Then, one day, while waiting tables,he was discovered by Rae Dong Chong (yes, that Rae Dong Chong), who cast him in a low-budget feature he was directing, which led to several seasons of Everwood, then two of The O.C. before Pratt landed a small role in Parks and Recreation, in which he was only supposed to be be on for six episodes as the layabout, asshole boyfriend of Ann Perkins.

That role turned into a series regular, which landed Pratt a succession of smaller roles in films, which led to the nice turns in Moneyball and Zero Dark Thirty that got Pratt recognized as a legitimately great actor. With that CV, Pratt was cast in Guardians of the Galaxy, a phase two Marvel film that will almost certainly make Pratt a very well known actor around the bloge. If that fails, however, Chris Pratt is negotiating to be in another blockbuster that will certainly boost his star power even higher: Jurassic World.

According to THR, director Colin Treverror and producer Steven Spielberg are in the process of casting their movie, and Pratt is up for the lead, a rugged ex-military man, who would play opposite his foil, a corporate scientist played by Bryce Dallas Howard. Josh Brolin had originally been up for the part, but negotiations fell through, paving the way for Pratt to potentially take over.

(Source: THR)

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