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James_Franco_by_shad0wz0ne.jpgWoah. There at first, I thought someone had grown an elephantine pair, when the headline I saw hinted that Hollywood was going to adapt Allen Ginsburg’s Howl for the big screen, which is a bit like walking into a nursing home and turning the demented ravings of an Alzheimer’s patient into a film, except the demented ravings would probably make more sense.

Beatniks suck.

But, it turns out, they are just going to make a film about the obscenity trial launched to censor Allen Ginsburg’s book, which means instead of being a nonsensical movie, it’ll just be a dull one. But wait: There are a few neat actors who are taking roles in the film, though I’m guessing only one (David Straithern) actually read and understood Howl. The rest, I assume, will be like every goddamn college kid with a goatee at a poetry slam in the basement of their dorm — they’re going to pretend so that they fit in. The pretenders? Mary Louise Parker as the prosecution witness, Gail Parker; Paul Rudd as literary critic and defense witness, Luther Nichols; Alan Alda as the judge; Straithern as the prosecuting attorney; and James Franco as Allen Ginsberg.

Documentarians Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman (An Evening with Eddie Gomez) will produce, write, and direct. Only a handful of Boomers will watch.

Allen Ginsburg's Howl Inspires a Film?
It's Not What You Think / Dustin Rowles

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