All Your Base Are Belong To Us: Will And Jaden Smith In The After Earth Trailer

By Jodi Smith | Industry | December 10, 2012 | Comments ()

By Jodi Smith | Industry | December 10, 2012 |


Stay with me here, kids. Will and Jaden Smith are starring in a M. Night Shyamalan movie from Sony Pictures. No! Don't leave! It looks very promising. Will and Jaden play a father and his estranged son. Again, stick with me here. They live in a future where humans were driven from Earth and forced to began again on Novus Prime. Will's General Cypher Raige returns from a tour of duty and begins to repair the relationship with his 13-year-old son Kitai (Jaden). The duo are caught in an asteroid storm that sends their busted ship down onto a very changed Earth. Young Kitai has to journey across the planet, filled with hazards of all kinds, to retrieve a rescue beacon while his father sits dying in their ship.

As long as Shymalan can stay away from a twist ending, killer plant toxins as the Big Bad, and bring the directorial skills we all know he has, After Earth will probably make Sony very happy when it opens June 7, 2013.

Last note: Does Will Smith's voice sound odd in the trailer?

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