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All the Reboots Coming Soon to TV

By Courtney Enlow | Trade News | December 20, 2016 | Comments ()

By Courtney Enlow | Trade News | December 20, 2016 |


Everything old is new again. Well, new-ish. Because when you have a decent idea, just slap a coat of paint on it and present it as a different idea for modern audiences and hope for the best. Sometimes it’s a great idea—and sometimes it’s The Honeymooners.

Here’s a list of all the reboots, remakes, and sequels officially coming to TV/streaming in the next year or so. Which ones do you think have potential? And which ones do you think are The Honeymooners?

Single White Female


NBC is turning the film into “a soapy psychological thriller in which the lines between good and evil are constantly blurred.”

The Honeymooners


CBS is remaking the show about two couples who are neighbors, only now one of the couples just got remarried after being divorced. The original show’s most famous catchphrase was about punching a woman in the face and it’s also the template for pretty much every multi-cam sitcom ever after, so this is clearly necessary.

Car Wash


ABC is bringing the ’70s classic to TV as “a workplace comedy that explores the family we build in order to survive — as seen through one kid’s determination to create his own destiny, one man’s struggle to accept who he has become and the bonds they form at an iconic Hollywood destination: Deluxe Car Wash.”



Hackers are super in now, you know.

Enemy of the State


It’s being billed as a sequel to the Will Smith/Gene Hackman flick.



This one is coming to CW from The OC and Chuck’s Josh Schwartz and my hopes are high.

Magnum P.I.


This ABC show will be a female-centered Magnum about the OG PI’s daughter.

The Lost Boys


This is coming to CW from Rob Thomas—the Veronica Mars/iZombie one!—and could be awesome.

Varsity Blues


It’s heading to CMT.

The Departed


The Depahted will be an hour-long drama for Amazon.

Let the Right One In


This one’s going to TNT and is from the showrunner of MTV’s Teen Wolf.

L.A. Law


This is in its infancy with no network attached yet but Steven Bochco is making it happen.



Rupert Grint is bringing the show to Crackle as star and executive producer.

Training Day


This one starts Feb. 2 on CBS with Bill Paxton in the Denzel-ish role.



It premieres on NBC in February.

Lost In Space


Netflix and Parker Posey? Sign me up.

Star Trek: Discovery


Discovery will star Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha from The Walking Dead) as lieutenant commander and the franchise’s first black woman to lead the ensemble, as well as Anthony Rapp as the show’s first openly gay character.

Xena: Warrior Princess


There hasn’t really been much news on the NBC reboot lately.



Production is underway on the new Netflix version of my favorite show ever ever.

They will (or won’t if they’re not picked up or instantly cancelled) join:

Lethal Weapon
The Exorcist
Fuller House

They will definitely not join the following cancelled shows:

Uncle Buck
Rush Hour

And then there’s Cruel Intentions and Fantasy Island which weren’t picked up at all.

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