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By Ranylt Richildis | Industry | September 11, 2008 |

towelheaddsfadsf.jpgI really don’t want or need to see used tampons on movie screens. I really don’t. But I want to award this week’s “Joss Whedon Double-D Cup” trophy to Alan Ball for his reasoned retort to the hypocrites stirring a controversy in a teacup because he included a shot of a bloody tampon in Towelhead.

I mean, seriously. I’m with Ball, here: big clotting deal.

Ball told reporters, “I felt the bloody tampon was important because that’s a moment that every young girl has and that’s a moment that as a culture we want to keep hidden. … We can make movies like There’s Something About Mary, using semen as hair gel, and it’s a huge hit — but to show a bloody tampon is considered shocking. I think that says a lot about our culture’s attitude towards women and towards female sexuality.”

I just got the warm n’ fuzzies.

Alan Ball's Balls
Props/ Ranylt Richildis

Industry | September 11, 2008 | Comments ()

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