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February 16, 2009 |

By Daniel Carlson | Industry | February 16, 2009 |

Universal has acquired Jonah Hill’s new script The Adventurer’s Handbook as a starring vehicle for Hill and Jason Schwartzman. Co-written with Matt Spicer and Max Winkler, the story revolves around four twentysomething guys — like me! — who get their hands on Mick Conefrey’s travelogue The Adventurer’s Handbook and decide to set out on a voyage overseas to find a secret location mentioned in the book. It’s probably going to be a decent comedy about male bonding, and at least 37% of the characters will spend the film trying to get laid. You will rent it and laugh most of the time.

But the kicker is the price tag: Universal reportedly ponied up seven figures for the deal, meaning Hill was on Amazon one day and saw Conefrey’s book and thought, “What if some dude and his buds were dumb enough to try some of those adventurous trips?” And he banged out 120 pages and made a million dollars (at least). Your day now sucks.

The only consolation I can take is that Schwartzman is getting work. And for some reason, I think of this song:

You Got Paid What?

So, What's Your Situation? / Daniel Carlson

Industry | February 16, 2009 |

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