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November 6, 2008 |

By Seth Freilich | Industry | November 6, 2008 |

Alyssa Milano isn’t a great actress. But she was serviceable on “Charmed” and cute and amusing enough on her recent “My Name is Earl” stint. More importantly, she’s a looker (fuck the Pajibette takeover — it’s full steam misogyny ahead!). One of the few celebrities I’ve seen in person that I was actually happy about seeing (if only I were a baseball pitcher). So she would’ve been a welcome addition to the Peacock’s midseason. But ABC has decided to kill her sitcom “Single with Parents.”

The rumors are that this doesn’t have anything to do with Alyssa and is about the fact that there was some serious strife between the show’s producers. Too bad, as the show, focusing on Milano’s character dealing with her troubling family, had some good talent on it, including Beau Bridges and Annie Potts.

This may explain, in part, why ABC has been in recent talks to possibly pick up Fox’s “King of the Hill” scraps, possibly bringing the just-canceled show back next fall. But it won’t have Alyssa Milano to ogle, so it’s just not the same.

Yeah, That's Right - I'm the Boss / Seth Freilich

Industry | November 6, 2008 |

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