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By Seth Freilich | Industry | September 9, 2008 |

chelsea-handler.jpgHave you heard of “In the Motherhood?” Yeah, me neither. Apparently, it’s an internet show about three friends/mothers, and its stories are based on real life stories submitted by regular folk. One of the friends is played by Leah Remini. Nothing wrong with that. Another of the friends is played by Jenny McCarthy. Everything wrong with that. And the third friend is played by Chelsea Handler, who has earned a reputation for being “funny” despite being as funny as a bag of kittens being hurled over a bridge.

Well ABC has decided to turn this thing into a real show, ordering up thirteen episodes. They’re keeping Handler, but tossing McCarthy and Remini. Megan Mullally is supposedly coming on board as the second friend, and Cheryl Hines may round out the trio. I’ve never been to this show’s site, and though I’ve never seen a minute of it, I feel comfortable in my prejudice against this show.

…Seriously, Chelsea Handler is like the Anti-Funny.

And If You Wanna Find Hell with Me, I Can Show You What It's Like...
Six-and-a-half Hours of Unfunny / Seth Freilich

Industry | September 9, 2008 | Comments ()

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