A Supercool, Super-Spoilerish Timey-Wimey Doctor Who Cameo Rumor
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A Supercool, Super-Spoilerish Timey-Wimey 'Doctor Who' Cameo Rumor

By Cindy Davis | Trade News | February 1, 2014 | Comments ()

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Fellow Whovians, I trust you are duly thrilled with the Twelfth Doctor’s spanking new, wicked cool duds, especially those shiny Docs. Pretty spiffy, eh? Moffat knows just how to keep us salivating with his drips of information here, and a photo op there. I can hardly stand this wait between December’s Christmas Special and the ever-so-far-away Series 8 premiere, so it’s positively glorious to hear some on-set filming news—even more so because we’re dying to find out anything and everything about Peter Capaldi’s incarnation. Just so we’re clear, you’re about to head straight into Series 8 Spoilertown.

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According to multiple on set reports, Series 8 opens with poor Clara (Jenna Coleman) struggling over the changed Doctor. The idea of regeneration is one thing; seeing a whole new man claiming to be your old friend, quite another. But then, something pretty cool happens…Clara receives a time-tripping telephone call from Trenzalore, and a voice we’ll all recognize: Matt Smith’s Eleven! Smith’s Doctor reassures Clara that indeed, the “new” Doctor is still him, after which Clara looks deep into Twelve’s eyes and throws her arms around him. Aw, it’s not just me sniffling, is it?

Doctor Who returns *sometime* in the fall.

Cindy Davis, (Twitter) is polishing her Doc Martens.

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  • St

    I really wish that they would replace Clara with new companion. Clara is just boring. So boring that I pretty much lost interest in the show after few episodes with her. She is probably the worst from all those companions since reboot.

    She is pretty and nice. And that’s all she does - being pretty and nice and humble. It’s not interesting to watch her adventures.

    P.S. It’s really hard with those Doctors when they regenerate and new person shows up. It’s like he is completely different person, only with the memory of all doctors. Poor River Song. Can you imagine she must love 3 different doctors now? I would love to see how they will meet.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    They won't meet.

  • DominaNefret

    Oh. That's boring.

  • stella

    Didnt this pretty much happen with Rose and Ten?

  • axis2clusterB

    Pretty much exactly, yep. Sigh.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    So... Moffat decided to give the post-regeneration, can't-quite-believe-The-Doctor-is-The-Doctor drama to literally the only companion for whom this would be a non-issue?

    Seriously, she has personally influenced or saved the lives of every single incarnation. And she at least kinda sorta remembers it.

    Ladies and gentlemen, Steven Moffat-- just when you think he can't be less aware of his character development, he finds a new way to disappoint us all.

    ETA: And don't think I enjoy going after Moffat. He is the writer of every one of my top five favorite Who eps (okay, four-- Gaiman edged him out), but ever since he became showrunner? Ugh. There is a time for intricate, crazy ass plotting, and there is a time for character and it appears that when he has to work on a 13 episode timeline he utterly loses the ability to do both of those well and ultimately goes with the kooky plotting over consistent, effective characterization. It makes me sad, and so I lash out.

  • Maddy

    I love this so much. I live in hope that they will develop Clara more as a character now that Matt Smith is gone and her whole 'mystery' has been resolved, but it is a fading hope.

  • Guest

    How so? While I think (if the spoiler is true) having 11 call Clara is complete nonsense why is Clara the literally the only companion for whom this would be a non-issue?

    One of the things that bugs me the most about Name of the Doctor is how much Clara remembers What have never

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    See my comment above, too. My take is that she really ought to remember, both because I think it makes more logical sense to the story (she was one person before she went in, she became many, then they came out again as one-- full recall of everything? No. But some fundamental understandings? Hell yeah) and more importantly just a ton of character and interesting story sense. Moffat is opting to tell a story it seems like he wish he could've told back when Nine became Ten, and ignoring the story he could tell now.

    Clara is completely set up to be an interesting companion who legitimately empathizes with the Doctor, even while not always understanding him (because there's just a limit, isn't there?)but if this plot point is at all accurate, Moffat's completely ignoring that possibility in favor of, as DominaNefret says above, fan service. It's hard for us that he's changed, so make it hard for her, because I guess he decided to resurrect companion as audience surrogate all of a sudden? Clara could be a different kind of connection for him, a more mature one possibly befitting a more mature man portraying the character, a growth beyond the schoolgirl crushes (that I don't necessarily fault; I think it's a believable character take depending on the interplay between the actors) without at all edging into the equally atrocious daddy issues I fear Moffat might end up now pursuing (and of course this is where his sexism becomes an issue). Basically, even if there is not one bit of continuity or character consistency issue in having Clara react this way (if she in fact remembers nothing and shouldn't), there is still a storytelling issue in that something better can exist in its place. Easily.

  • Emma

    I don't know, I think the point stands that knowing regeneration happens to them all is very different from seeing the actual friend you've come to love turn into someone else, even for Clara. All us fans have seen all the incarnations too, but the first episode of a new doctor is always jarring. I think the audience needs an episode to adjust, rather than Clara saying "all right then" and moving on immediately.

  • DominaNefret

    That may be true, but it doesn't mean that Moffatt thought at all about Clara's character development when making this decision.
    So far every single thing that every female, especially Clara, has done since Moffatt took over as show runner has revolved around their relationship with the Doctor. Clara hasn't even really been given her own personality yet because she was created specifically to eventually save the Doctor, and the writers weren't able to develop her character because they were restrained by this mysterious plotline.
    With the way he has treated Clara since she was introduced there is no reason to believe that Moffatt thought at all about how Clara may or may not actually respond to The Doctor regenerating. This is just fan service.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    Exactly. It's clear Moffat as a general rule does not approach companions from a, "What makes the most sense for this character?" angle, but from a, "How does she need to act to make the story I want to make?" angle. He has yet to do a post-regeneration story, but now he has a new Doctor and he can do one, so fuck it, Clara gets to be the one who freaks out over the Doctor changing.

    And towards the other comments, I don't exactly take a webisode that boils down to Moffat writing both a companion and the freaking TARDIS as jealous, bitchy girlfriends all that seriously or even really as the highest quality of canon (ETA: it's funny in small doses as an aside, not as an actual serious way we're going to consider the TARDIS-- is he trying to undermine Gaiman's work?). Besides, I'm not expecting total recall from Clara's time as the Impossible Girl, but some kind of holistic understanding of the Doctor that really could be unique and interesting if Moffat had any interest at all in telling stories about characters. She could be the atypical companion who transcends that whole, "But he was my Doctor!" drama by realizing that where and when it really matters they are all the same man. It would be a new story, whereas what we're hearing about here is basically just Rose's story post-Nine. Actually, worse because Rose wasn't even as confused/devastated by it as these set reports suggest Clara will be.

    As to any of the Doctors not knowing her... Clearly? She's saved them all, but it's only with Eleven that he finally noticed something was happening. I'd be even more confused if Ten or the War Doctor or any of them paid her any attention beyond, "Oh hey, a future companion! Cool-ish."

  • foolsage

    Agreed. Remember, too, that Clara had a crush on 11. Although they're all "The Doctor", 11 was HER Doctor. It's quite reasonable that, despite understanding that they're all the same person in one sense (and NOT the same in several other senses), she'd still need a moment to process her loss.

  • Guest

    I have to agree with Emma on this one.

    While I agree that 11 calling up Clara is totally nonsensical cop-out *if it's a true spoiler* (I'd much rather see her and 12 have a "moment" where she sees and accepts him as opposed to some magic call but that would require a decent story which Moffat hasn't alway delivered) her having trouble excepting the regeneration is completely reasonable.

    I also wonder how much 11's Clara (the original) knows about him (which is a common complaint and issue of contention). When she entered his time stream she was "fractured" and completely different versions of her appeared in Asylum and Snowmen (as well to the previous versions of the Doctor) which is why she has no memory.
    In the 50th neither the War Doctor or 10 knew who she is (her little comment to War Doctor that 'we haven't met yet" might have implied she remembers but I think it was just an offhand introduction).

    11 is her Doctor and she loved him and losing him and then accepting 12 would be hard for anyone to do*.

    *It is for me anyways. I also think it be kinda weird for her to have the same chemistry / flirty relationship with 12 that she did with 11 right off the bat.

    **No memory is the same reason Clara doesn't know who Amy or any of the other companions are.


    ***Sorry for the run ons....

    ***Whatever happened to the Time of the Doctor recap Pajiba?

  • Fabius_Maximus


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