A Pictorial Comparison Between the UK Cast of 'Broadchurch' and the US Cast of Its Remake, 'Gracepoint'
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A Pictorial Comparison Between the UK Cast of 'Broadchurch' and the US Cast of Its Remake, 'Gracepoint'

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | December 23, 2013 | Comments ()


I don’t really have a problem with the announced cast of Gracepoint, the American remake of the massively successful UK drama, Broadchurch. They look decidedly more American for the most part, but that’s too be expected. My problem with it, really, is that — besides a title change, and a few minor character name changes — it appears based on the actors selected that the remake will hew very, very closely to the original series. That’s good for new viewers who aren’t privy to the identity of the killer, but for those of us who watched the brilliant British series, what reason do we have to watch the entire 10-episode run unfold again over on Fox?

There’s no mystery here, really, other than how will David Tennant’s American accent sound, which makes this remake not a lot of fun for those who watched Broadchurch. It probably doesn’t offer a compelling reason to others to choose the Fox version of the UK version other than the fact it will be interrupted by commercial breaks. Maybe American viewers simply prefer to have their child-killer dramas interrupted by detergent ads.

Here’s the UK cast contrasted with the announced cast of the American remake, so far.

Ellie Miller: Olivia Colman in the UK, Anna Gunn in the US



Joe Miller: Matthew Gravelle in the UK, Josh Hamilton in the US

E3 - TomJoe.jpg


Alec Hardy/Emmet Carver: David Tennant in the UK; David Tennant (with an American accent) in the US


Beth Latimer/Lassiter: Jodie Whittaker in the UK, Virginia Kull in the US



Mark Latimer/Lassiter: Andrew Buchan in the UK, Michael Pena in the US



Rev. Paul Coates: Arthur Darvill in the UK; Kevin Rankin in the US



Jack Marshall: David Bradley in the UK, Nick Nolte in the US



Olly Stevens/Owen Burke: Jonathan Bradley in the UK, Kevin Zegers in the US


Kevin Zegers- 3.jpg

Susan Wright: Pauline Quirke in the UK, Jacki Weaver in the US



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Comments Are Welcome, Bigots and Trolls Are Not

  • Three_nineteen

    I'm not really sure how a remake of a TV show (miniseries really in the US) is different from the remake of a movie or another staging of a play. It can be good or bad, useless or interesting. I for one am curious to see how David Tennant and Anna Gunn work together. And I can almost guarantee you that 90% of the US TV audience has no idea that the British version exists, so if they keep the murderer the same it probably won't matter.

  • narfna

    What is the point of casting David Tennant if you're not going to let him get all Scottish (or at least British) up in there? I ask you.

    I probably won't watch this unless somebody tells me it's worth it. I was very satisfied by the British one and feel no need to rush out and see another version of the exact same story otherwise.

  • Jiffylush

    Maybe they should do this with Kingdom, how good is Stephen Fry's American accent?

    Who am I kidding, everything he does is amazing so I am sure an accent would be too.

  • ArtsFatty

    Was "Hardy" changed to avoid dick jokes?

  • foca9

    1. Why would you need a remake.

    2. Why would you remove David Tennant’s accent.

  • fuzzwuzz

    I hope the australian hotel owner becomes a new zealander hotel owner instead. That'd make my day.

  • e jerry powell

    Oh, Josh Hamilton. How I will miss your man-ass copouts.

  • Aaron Schulz

    Oh david bradley, even after you had the starks killed you were just a dick head squib of no consequence that was probably doing his cat.

  • madderrose74

    Devil's the reverend?!
    Can we have Jim Beaver and Damon Herriman too, to complete the Deadwood/Breaking Bad/Justified trifecta of awesome?

  • Jim

    So it'll be a plot-point by plot-point re-shoot? I dunno, most of these Americans have pretty big shoes to fill. I may watch to compare Anna Gunn to Colman. (Can I just say Dame Olivia Colman has a lovely ring, no?)

  • St

    I will actually watch to see how actors will do remake of british actors. Can Anna Gunn pull it off? I doubt because Olivia Colman is very sympathetic, shy person. Peopl loved her. I really can’t see our "beloved" Skyler to pull it off. I think she will behave like boss and be very confident person. And viewers will not like her. This is Anna Gunn’s test. She whined that people hated Skyler. Here she can prove that it was not her fault that people hated character and that it were writers to blame. Olivia Colman is good, sensitive and nice person. No one hated her when she was played by british actress. We will see how Anna Gunn will look.

    Also I’m surprised to glad to find out that Kevin Zegers found himself good job, Good for him. And that guy from American Horror Story, Gees - I know almost every actor who was hired. I will watch few episodes to see how it will be different and how actors will look.

    Also it’s actually very fun to see how David will reprise his role. How he will play again and again the same situations.

    And you know what? I really wish american show to name new killer. That would be amazing if everyone would expect it to be one person. And look at the episodes and be like: "That one did it, I know because I watched british show". And then in the end american producers would be like: "Ha. That one did it".

    It was fun when I read Warm Bodies and knew the end when one character died. And then in the movie he behaved differently and did not die. That was nice surprise.

  • basse buus

    I think they did that in The Killing and in The Bridge, and I don't think it worked out that well. It doesn't always work to start out with the original plot, and then go out of your way to make it different from the original. It becomes forced. In the original Danish the killing, they solved the murder in the first season and then it was a different murder in the second season. It was still slow, but not as dragged out as the american one.

  • Whistler

    Everything about this screams "canceled after first season", and Tennant doesn't fair very well in american telly besides british shows rebroadcast. Wasn't he the lead on a network show about a lawyer or whatever that got canceled before the pilot's airing? I love him, but taking this part surely is tacky, and changing the accent makes it 100% worse.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    I'm disappointed in Tennant cashing in that particular paycheck. It's basically crapping on the work the team of the original show did, especially if you're looking at continuing your role in the second series.

  • greystokememphis

    What, they couldn't squeeze a brotha in there?

  • BWeaves

    Well there was one black guy in the original.

  • Sirilicious

    Indeed. Or a mei mei. Or both.

  • Red Rage

    Why oh why do they keep trying to remake British television series. It's a decent cast but damn man the odds are not in their favor with the success rate of crossovers.

  • BWeaves

    Americans like their pretty.

    I don't see this as a 10 episode mystery. 8 episodes (corrected, thanks 3/19) seemed too long to tell the UK version. Unless they are going to work in a bunch of substantial plot twists that are different from the original, I don't see this working. Who's the audience? The people who have already seen the British version?

    Plus, I love me some David Tennant, but only if he uses his panty wetting, Scottish accent.

  • Three_nineteen

    The UK version was 8 episodes long.

  • Sirilicious

    I was afraid of the prettyfication, but i think it's not much of a factor. I think the biggest difference is Ellie MIller and maybe the hair of Susan Wright. I am pleasantly surprised actually.

    I stopped being a Nolte fan loooong ago, but this looks like an awesome role for him.

    I vote we keep tennant's natural words too!

  • BWeaves


  • Jiffylush

    I watched the BBC version and it was really a great mystery (mini-series?).

    I don't see how this works at all.

    They show it in the BBC, then later they show it on BBC America, and now they are going to show another version of the same show made in the US. This is a mystery and I would think it would be negatively affected by spoilers. I assume the story is exactly the same based on things and stuff.

    Anyway, just watch the original, it's a great story with great performances. If you then want to go through it again try the american one.

  • Target_Blonde

    The silver lining I take away from any American reboot of a BBC original is that at a certain demographic in the US who doesn't get to watch BBC America (myself included b/c I don't have cable and am limited to Netflix and what else I scourge of the 'Net) will at least be exposed to some of the brilliant creativity associated with these shows.

    It's a stretch I know but it helps me to sleep easy at night.

  • snrp

    They have to change the identity of the murderer, right? There's no other way it works.

  • BWeaves

    Agreed. It would completely change the story, but that's the only way they could prevent spoilers. Even the British actors didn't know who did it until the very end.

  • Jiffylush

    I will just say that it would completely change the story and leave it there.

  • stella

    Hey Anna Gunn! Im so happy to see you!

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