9 Things You Need To Know In Order To Be a Productive Member of Today's Pop Culture Society -- Wednesday Edition
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9 Things You Need To Know In Order To Be a Productive Member of Today's Pop Culture Society

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | March 20, 2013 | Comments ()


We don't know who he will be playing yet, but we do know that George R.R. Martin will have a cameo in season three of "Game of Thrones." In fact, he had a cameo in the pilot, but it was left on the cutting room floor.

HBO cancelled "Enlightened" after two seasons, and here's what I'm going to say about "Enlightened": I didn't like it. I watched most of the first season, and it never it never clicked with me. In fact, I found it obnoxious, grating, soulless, and boring. But, several smart television critics began raving about it during its second season, calling it "TV as Art" and then I felt dumb about not liking it. But Joanna -- who also didn't like the first season -- waded back into the second season, only to discover that she still didn't like it. Good for HBO for giving it a shot, though, and I still adore Mike White. I hope his next series is more compelling.

FYI: Stephen Colbert's sister, Elizabeth Colbert Busch, won the Democratic nomination for the South Carolina congressional primary. I understand that Stephen has agreed to campaign for her for the general election, and by that, I mean: Mock her opponent.

According to The Wrap, Steve Coogan, who is amazing in all things, has landed a role in the ABC pilot, "Doubt," where he will play "a former cop who's now a cunning, charming low-rent lawyer who uses his street smarts to work the system for his clients while battling his own demons and wooing his ex-wife."

Speaking of pilots, Greg Kinnear's pilot, "Rake," will be directed by none other than Sam Raimi. In other pilot news, Terry O'Quinn ("Lost") is joining "Gang Related," Fox's drama about a gang member sent in to infiltrate the San Francisco Police Department. O'Quinn will play the police chief. The show comes from the Hughes Brothers.

Elsewhere, based on a few casting notices, it looks like someone in season three of HBO's "Girls" will be headed to rehab. My bet is Jessa, although it very well could be Adam.

NBC has announced some finale dates. Specifically, "Parks and Recreation" will end this season on May 2nd, while "Community" will end its season (and possibly the series) on the following week, May 9th. Then the following week, "The Office" will end its series with an hour long finale.

You'd imagine that a movie starring Elijah Wood, Gillian Jacob, Kristen Wiig, Bobby Moynihan, Adam Brody, Ryan Phillippe, Garret Dillahunt and Kevin Corrigan would have to be good, right? Apparently not. Revenge for Jolly goes straight to VOD on May 7th, and The Playlist says the entire movie is "excruciating." The trailer actually suggests as much.

Finally, Alison Brie is on the cover of Wired magazine this month, featured for a cover story about the eroding important of Nielsen ratings and the rise of Twitter's importance in measuring the popularity of television. I broke down the entire article for you over on Uproxx, but you're probably only interested in the sexually confusing cover photo.


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  • Buck Forty

    Steve Coogan's character in the ABC pilot, “Doubt,” sounds not too dissimilar in tone to David Duchovny's in "Californication". Maybe they could have a crossover episode where both characters are in the same strip club, or brawling in the same biker bar as each respectively battles his own demons and woos his ex-wife. That would be neato. Especially if there was a scene where they both stop, look at each other as if they know each other then shrug because they don't, before continuing with said brawl or tucking dollar bills in g strings.

  • Ah, 'mericans, with their obsession about remaking everything into a US version.

    Can I suggest you find and watch the original Australian version of "Rake"? Richard Roxburgh is legendary in it - both warm and heartless, conflicted, and a hot mess of the first order.

  • Whenever I hear someone talk about how 'important' Twitter is, it's kind of like hearing someone on the bus talk about their need to wear tin foil...I know that I can tune them out and I'm more than likely not going to miss anything.

  • e jerry powell

    Oh. She has full face on (with fake lashes), but her hands are too small, so I'm not about to mistake Alison Brie for a drag queen.

  • e jerry powell

    Maybe Mike White and his dad can get on to an All-Star season of Amazing Race and another screenplay will shake out somewhere over the Pacific.

  • Jezzer

    I can't get over how brave Lena Dunham is being for including a story about rehab in season three.

  • alev1

    Nothing was sexually confusing about that picture for me? She still looks hot, she's just working a suit. I don't understand what you were trying to say. T_T

  • briteangl

    “Doubt,” where he will play “a former cop who’s now a cunning, charming low-rent lawyer who uses his street smarts to work the system for his clients while battling his own demons and wooing his ex-wife.”

    I didn't know BSlim sold the rights to his bio....

  • rantover

    I'm disappointed about Enlightened.
    There was a long time where its tone was quite difficult to determine, but I stuck with it out of curiosity, and felt it really paid off.
    The honest moments were heart-wrenching and totally beautiful, especially the ex-husband at rehab and the revelations about her mother's feelings about her father's death.
    The comedy was decent, consistent, and carried mostly by an excellent cast.
    And the actual political/ideological plot at the centre finally started to head somewhere by the second season.

  • Robert

    So are they going for Allison Brie, guest star on Mad Men, or Allison Brie, star of Community with that cover shot? Both? Neither? I'm confused.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    Sexually confusing it isn't. I'm just a bit repulsed by the cigarette.

  • Brown

    I hope wannabe Kathy Perry isn't the image Allison was hopefully going for in the header pic.

  • Erin S

    As much as I adore Alison Brie and the menswear look they're going for, I can't not see Pete Campbell in that photo.

    Would certainly make an interesting plot point for Trudy though...

  • BWeaves

    Well, now I cannot unsee Pete Campbell in that photo.

  • toblerone

    Pete Campbell would probably wish he still had Alison's hairline,

    Side note: Vincent Kartheiser would make a pretty woman.

  • Hear! Hear! Put Pete in a dress next to Trudy in the suit in that pic.

  • Pants-are-a-must

    I am not sexually confused. I am sexually CERTAIN that this is the hottest Alison Brie photo I have ever seen. Work that Draper cosplay!

  • toblerone

    The header pic is terrible though... Blond Alison = NO THANKS.

    “Community” will end its season (and possibly the series) on May 9th"...
    Please yes, let it be over.

    You missed David Rasche in Revenge for Jolly.

    Speaking of Rashe, damn I wish they would bring Sledge Hammer! back. Someone start a Kickstarter please.

  • Pants-are-a-must

    Wait, that's HER in the cover shot? I thought it was Julianne Hough.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I thought it was Katy Perry.

  • Fire starter

    Who booked "Doubt"...? Name is missing...

  • zeke_the_pig

    Not sexually confusing at all.
    In fact, everything feels juuuuuust right.

  • Kballs

    "," is going to be on TV????? WHY DIDN'T HE TELL US?????

    And I wouldn't say he's amazing in all things . . .

  • God Of Bal-Sagoth


  • Kballs

    She edited it to Steve Coogan . . . before it was just a comma . . . there's a long-time commenter whose handle is a comma . . . nevermind.

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