7 Things You Need to Know In Order to Maintain Your Status as an Informed Television Viewer
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7 Things You Need to Know In Order to Maintain Your Status as an Informed Television Viewer

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | July 24, 2012 | Comments ()


July is rounding the corner into August, and suddenly, all those fall television shows are beginning to shoot their first episodes for next season. That means: Developments!

  • I know that in "How I Met Your Mother," there's a gap in between the time that Barney proposes to his stripper girlfriend and ends up at a wedding ceremony with Robin. How big is that gap? According to TVLine, big enough, apparently, to fit "Fairly Legal's" Michael Trucco into a multi-episode arc as a love interest for Robin. He's reprising his role from the season six episode, "Crush." So, not only do we have to wait around for Ted to find his new wife, we have to endure at least a few episodes of Robin dating someone else, even though we know that she ends up with Barney? Interesting, but at least Carter Bays and Craig Thomas have usually managed the Barney/Robin romance well.

  • Meanwhile, -- per EW -- over on "The New Girl," David Walton -- the awesome wisecracking construction worker from the short-lived Amanda Peete sitcom, "Bent" -- will open next season as a new love interest for Zooey Deschanel's Jess. Leslie Mann will also guest in the season premiere as a "shot girl" at a party celebrating the removal of Schmidt's penis cast.


    As you know, Adam Scott's character, Ben, will be moving to D.C. next season to be a political consultant in a national campaign. That will take him to the nation's capitol for five episodes, at least one of which will feature the rest of the cast. Over on WashPo, they've snagged some pictures of the cast in D.C. and some unrevealing scoops about the next season.





  • For some reason during upfronts, ABC had enough faith in their new show, "Neighbors," to schedule the damn thing in best slot that ABC owns: The post-"Modern Family" time slot. "Neighbors," as you may recall, is about a family that moves to a gated suburban community only to find out that all their neighbors are ... aliens. It was one of the more dumb-looking pilots among a slew of dumb-looking pilots. According to Hitfix, ABC has since come to their senses, realizing that "Neighbors" likely won't last more than three episodes before cancellation. As such, they have moved the considerably better "Suburgatory" into that timeslot, which should help as a lead-out into Connie Britton's country-music drama, "Nashville."


  • Meanwhile, after the exodus of Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, "American Idol" is shelling out $18 million to Mariah Carey, making her the highest paid reality show judge.

  • Per Buzzsugar, here's your first unexciting look at the next season of "Downton Abbey." You can spy Shirley Maclaine there in the middle.


  • In Mindy Kaling news, her new show, "The Mindy Project," will debut online in advance of the pilot's television broadcast, and she will at least be on the season premiere of "The Office," before she skips out on the show.


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    • meh

      Michael Trucco from "Fairly-"

      What now? You mean Anders, beautiful beautiful Anders who found out that he helped create the species that had hunted him for ears, then got shot in the head, merged with a spaceship and piloted an entire fleet of spaceships into the sun as grandiose meta-awesome music played in the background and his estranged wife (who was in fact dead herself already, whispered "See you on the other side"?

      Fairly pfffft. BSG all the way baby.

    • I might be the only one excited that they're bringing Michael Trucco back to HIMYM. I wanted to see that storyline fleshed out... and they're already dragging it out for another season, so why not? At this point, I'm along for the ride no matter what.

    • QueeferSutherland

      /Reads article
      /checks informed viewer meter on wrist
      /confirms CERTIFIED TV BALLER status
      /drops mic

    • Sara_Tonin00

      ...at a party celebrating the removal of Schmidt’s penis cast.

      I haven't been watching New Girl. And that right there is enough to convince me I've made the right choice.

    • John W

      Suburgatory is getting the post Modern Family slot.

      Neighbors is the lead in to Modern family.


    • competitivenonfiction

      Considering that everyone on How I Met Your Mother has been engaged then split, then at the altar and then not married etc. (with the exception of Robyn), I'm not convinced that they're even going to make it down the aisle. I refuse to get emotionally attached until I get a clip of an old lady Robyn sitting around with old man Barney, talking about how awesome their lives have been. I refuse!

      However, if Parks and Rec messes with Leslie and Ben unnecessarily, I will cut someone. Hear that writers? I will cut someone. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go and start cutting letters out of magazines.

    • Sara_Tonin00

      I would only believe a happy old lady Robyn/Barney scenario if they agree to an open marriage.

    • competitivenonfiction

      If the writers had the courage to go this route - unmarried, no children, open relationship life partners - I would be so impressed. Often, shows like this will bow to the will of the minivan majority (you can change him, and you secretly want children yourself) rather than being true to their characters.

    • Sara_Tonin00

      Even if they were married but open relationship - I could get on board with that. Because seriously: it's not reasonable - even in the world of sitcom romance - to expect Barney to commit to one woman. It's not much more reasonable to expect Robin to settle down. Imagine if they allowed her the high-flying career she's always wanted, with a Barney to come back to, and they could have whatever affairs were appropriate while away?

    • competitivenonfiction

      I totally agree. I'm still not convinced that a couple like this would bother with a wedding, but I'll give the sitcom people their white dress and awkward toasts. However, we can probably pretend that this is how things wind up because the series will end before the honeymoon period does for these two. So maybe we can imagine that after the wedding, and after Ted's wedding, Barney and Robyn have a long chat and make the decision to have an open relationship, and live happily ever after.

    • Green_Eggs_and_Hamster

      Just wait till they decide to give HIMYM yet another season. So, they can make this season all about how Barney ends up with Robin, and they can both leave the show at the end of the season. Lily and Marshall can take there Spawn, and move away so they don't show up on the show anymore, and we can finally get to the last season with just Ted, and how he Met his wife. And since none of us remotely care about Ted, we can all finally stop watching, and they can end the show without Ted ever revealing how he met the Kids mother.

    • Drake

      That last P&R pic rather blatantly reveals Chris Pratt's religion.

      I think it's Penistarian.

    • Maguita NYC

      OMG!!! I had to go back and look, I really did not notice at first.

      Hmmm, wonder what got him so... religious all of a sudden: Amy or whatever cockamamie... uh... stunt they got him prepared for.

    • mrcreosote

      I think it's a bad sign that the two male leads on Mindy's show are just about interchangeable. Are they brothers? Cousins? Clones from an unethical experiment? Perhaps from an ethical experiment? One that produces guys with really ugly shoes?

    • competitivenonfiction

      They should probably have one of them get some sort of facial scar in the first episode, or a cane, or have a penchant for funny hats. I think the writers can work around this.

    • Irina

      Nooooooooo don't pick on Chris Messina, he's great! (dunno the other dude, he seems like a nice enough fellow).

    • we can all finally stop watching, and they can end the show without Ted ever revealing how he met the Kids mother...StartProjectMillionaire.blogspot.com

    • BWeaves

      Not only are the two male leads on Mindy's show interchangeable, but they are whiter-than-white (TM). This is proved by the fact that the wall looks white behind Mindy, but purple behind the whiter-than-white (TM) guys.

    • Anna von Beav


    • Groundloop


    • Xtacle Steve

      What's the point of introducing relationship obstacles for a couple that we already know is going to end up together? Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of the whole "will they or won't they?" thing?

    • Alex0001

      I'm thinking her being with someone else will be used as a reason for Barney to break up with Quinn and do a whole love confession thing.

    • space_oddity

      You mean, other than as an attempt to pad out episodes on a show that is already past its prime?

    • *Swarkles-related nostril flare*

      They're trying to kill me, Dustin.

    • Ley

      So, is Amy Poehler short or is Chris Pratt just taller than I thought he was?

    • L.O.V.E.

      Did you just have one of your kids photoshop Maclain's head on to another body? I'm waiting for her mouth to start chomping a la a Python skit.

    • BWeaves

      The entire photo looks photoshoped. It's like everyone was photographed alone and cut and pasted into a zig zag. I think it's the lack of shadows falling on people from the people standing next to them.

    • L.O.V.E.

      Its just begging for the heads of Dustin and Taylor Lautner to be photoshopped onto it.

      (Actually, so are the alien picture and the Kaling picture, now that I think about it.)

    • chad

      Amy Poehler is a tiny thing.

    • mswas

      According to IMDB, Chris Pratt is 6' 2" and Amy Poehler is 5' 2". I'd say they're right!

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