7 Things You Need to Know Before You Get High On/With President Obama

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7 Things You Need to Know Before You Get High On/With President Obama

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | September 4, 2012 | Comments ()


  • It's now official: Michael Strahan has been announced as the new permanent co-host of "Live with Kelly," and while that sounded like an awkward choice, given all the other celebrity contenders, I'm told he's been fantastic co-hosting the show in the past. Also, he does a mean Magic Mike, if you're interested in seeing Strahan in his skivvies.

  • Jimmy Kimmel is having one hell of a year. His show is moving from midnight to 11:35, where he will go head-to-head with Letterman and Leno, and he'll also be hosting the upcoming Emmy Awards. Here's the first TV promo.

  • Meanwhile, another Kimmel competitor, Conan O'Brien, is starting his own web series, "Serious Jibber Jabber," in which he will participate in lengthy interviews with "interesting people." Here's a promo for that.

  • Kal Penn is hosting the livestream coverage of the Democratic National Convention this week, and in the promo for it (which includes John Cho), President Obama reaches a new high (BAD PUN ALERT) for Presidents by implicitly OKing marijuana use.

  • Julia Ormond doesn't quite reach the level of one of the 12 Missing Actors Who Were Located on a Lifetime Original Movie, if only because we've seen her recently on "Mad Men" (where she received an Emmy nom for her guest performance) and Temple Grandin, but she is resorting to a Lifetime cable series about a woman who has to tell her two adult daughters that they're all witches. Oh, Julia. Even though she was played by Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, in my head, you'll always be the Queen in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves to me.

  • "Downton Abbey" will be introducing a new manservant, Alfred, this season. According to TV Guide: "He is a contentious figure right from the start because he is the nephew of O'Brien, the ladies' maid, who has shoe-horned him in," says creator Julian Fellowes. Adds executive producer Gareth Neame, "Alfred worked silver service at a hotel and tries to serve that way, which would never be done in a home. It really rattles Carson." Further complicating matters, Lord Crawley (Hugh Bonne­ville) has lost the family fortune and fears he can't afford the new hire."

    The character will be played by Matt Milne, who looks like this:


  • Finally, I leave you with a trailer for This Must Be the Place, featuring Sean Penn as a washed-up rock star searching for a Nazi criminal in a stellar performance damn near guaranteed to annoy you.

    Keith Gordon's Disastrously Awkward Interview with Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell | "Doctor Who" -- "Asylum of the Daleks": Sympathy For The Daleks

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    • Enrique del Castillo

      Why would that kid think that This Must be the Place is an Arcade Fire song? What kind of kid listens to Arcade Fire? It's not like they are a top 40 band for a kid to listen casually. Still, the promise of David Byrne is always interesting

    • John

      Hahaha, Obama gets to look cool by association with the (implied) mj use. Too bad the head of the Choom Gang is persecuting medical cannabis users worse than Bush did.

    • Semilitterate

      I get annoyed jusr seeing the words "Sean Penn"

    • If Kal Penn and John Cho were younger then yes, I'd say it was a drug reference (White Castle! Yes, we get it), but they're not so its not. It's just two older guys eating a butt load of pizza and laughing at some inane shit in TV. That's what we old dudes do now. Don't laugh, your time is coming.

    • erich

      I'm confused
      Is Sean Penn supposed to be a bad Cher impersonator?

    • lowercase_ryan

      fucking comma.

    • lowercase_ryan

      This must be the place looks great imo. But I reeeeally want to see the Conan thing.

    • stardust

      Nope. Still want to punch Sean Penn in the face.

    • ...just trying to think of a recent sean penn role that didn't make me want to slap him upside the head...

      nope, can't do it.

      sweet christ, what an incredibly talented, charismatic, and fucking annoying actor.

      ...and how DARE they steal talking heads? fuck you.

    • Jezzer

      They're remaking Charmed? Wasn't once bad enough?

    • ,

      he’ll also be hosting the upcoming Emmy Awards.
      He can't very well go back and host a past Emmy Awards show, now, can he?

      Just noting "upcoming" as another pointless buzzword, along with "multiple" and "event," used by people who think it makes them sound smart. (I'm pretty sure someone will soon manage to use all three in a sentence about "upcoming multiple events." I bet the ladies would be on board with that! Wink wink).

    • Sara_Tonin00

      Also: how pissed is Tiki Barber right now?

    • andrewsipe

      (This Must Be The Place credits:) Music by David Byrne... Lyrics by Will Oldham. Sounds like this movie will sound great.

    • Sara_Tonin00

      Even though she was played by Mary Stuart Masterson, in my head, you’ll always be the Queen in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves to me.

      What Queen? Do you mean Marian, played by Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio? (who looks more like Ormond than Masterson, but with a neck?)

      I watched that This Must Be the Place Preview when it was posted on Pajiba last week. I don't know if it's a stellar performance. It's a deliberate performance. But it is not striking any genuine notes for me.

    • Maguita NYC

      Why does this give me the feeling of "I Am Sam", the lost Robert Smith years?

    • zeke_the_pig

      Somebody put that hat in a sitcom with the Heisenberg hat.

    • Bert_McGurt

      And they can call it Hat's Enough!

    • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

      Robert Smith must be honoured by Sean Penn's striking portrayal of Robert Smith.

    • Forbiddendonut

      Oh, Julia. Even though she was played by Mary Stuart Masterson, in my head, you’ll always be the Queen in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves to me.

      Wait. Wasn't that Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio?

    • pajiba


    • DizMixen

      No no no no no. Julia Ormond and Juliette Binoche are the same woman (and the fact that Julia Ormond played a francophone on Mad Men further confused the hell outta me).

    • Fabius_Maximus

      What do you mean? They don't even look alike.

    • valerie

      I'm pretty sure everybody's just confusing it with Julia Ormond as Guinevere in First Knight...

    • zeke_the_pig

      [a la Chandler] I KNEW IT!

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