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7 Days Remain Until "Community" Leaves Us: The Countdown Continues with the "Inspector Spacetime" Movie Poster

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | December 1, 2011 | Comments ()


As we wind our way down until next week's "Community" fall finale, a friendly slash aggressive reminder that "Community's" second to last episode (ever?) airs tonight. Watch it. It's not too late. It's never too late. Let them graduate: An education is the most valuable thing in the world. No one wants to see Troy and Abed flipping burgers for the rest of their lives because NBC wouldn't let them graduate from Greendale Community College. And nobody wants Annie turning tricks ... er ... Jeff really needs to get back to the practice of law.


Oh, and check this out:


(Source: Community Official Tumblr and RamblingsofaYoungMan)

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