(500) Days of Weezy

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | July 28, 2010 | Comments ()


  • Today, I love Lil Wayne. A lot. This is why. (500DaysofWeezy)

  • The UK is scrapping the UK Film Council. Fuck 'em. Stop the motherfuckers. This is why. (The Playlist)

  • Documentary filmmaker Amir Bar-Lev is directing a biopic about Jerry Garcia, focusing on Garcia's early life before he joined The Grateful Dead, i.e., before anyone cared. (The Wrap)

  • Michael Bay is producing a low-budget film about an alien abduction. Man, I don't care. And what's low-budget for Michael Bay? $90 million. What's he trying to do? Rip off District 9? Get your own concept, jackass. (THR)

  • So, I'm actually kind of sick of The Old Spice guy now. I didn't realize that a commercial spokesperson could create a backlash, but here it comes. And just in time: He's been cast in Horrible Bosses. (Cinemablend)

  • Warning: Unnecessarily inflammatory remarks made about a national treasure ahead: Bob Barker -- that bitch -- is dissing on Drew Carey's hosting abilities on "The Price is Right." "I tried to make the show really exciting, and he doesn't do that," he said. "He just plays the games." God, what a petty, petty man. No wonder his girlfriend sued him. (Movieline)

  • Prisco made reference to this the other day in his write-up of "The Guild" panel, and he's right. It is spectacular.

    <a href="http://www.bing.com/videos/browse?mkt=en-us&from=&vid=8cb424dc-cbdb-40be-90c5-8fb450462d2f&from=en-us" target="_new" title="Season 4 - Music Video - &quot;Game On&quot;">Video: Season 4 - Music Video - &quot;Game On&quot;</a>

  • Steve Carell is attached to produce and star in Raised by Wolfs, an original comedy pitch from Les Firestein. There are no details, but that's OK. Carell is attached to more projects than he can possibly make, so this will probably be the last we ever hear of this one. (THR)

  • I wouldn't recommend that anyone trying to quit smoking watch this. It's every single cigarette ever smoked on "Mad Men." Surprisingly, it's less than two-and-a-half minutes long. (WarmingGlow)

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