5 Things SO Important that the Internet Has Seen Fit to Devote Its Limited Space to Them
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5 Things SO Important that the Internet Has Seen Fit to Devote Its Limited Space to Them

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | July 16, 2012 | Comments ()


  • Comic-con took place over the weekend, and as always, it made me terribly anxious because all the buzz and activity and chaos gives it the illusion of creating very important news, when in fact, it's mostly just cool filmmakers and actors talking about cool stuff that they're doing. Don't get me wrong: My stance on Comic Con has evolved over the years from a cynical perspective that it's just a marketing opportunity for studios into less of a killjoy perspective: It's still a marketing opportunity, but man, it's cool to see people you like, admire, and respect shooting the sh*t with people who love their stuff (sorry, folks. Old age has made me less of an asshole).

    Nonetheless, after all the dust settles, there's not a lot of hard news to come out of the convention. But there are cool marketing posters like this new teaser poster for The Man of Steel.


    Warner Brothers also debuted a trailer for The Man of Steel at the convention, and while you could go to any number of blogs to read a description of what happened, you could also wait and see it attached to The Dark Knight Rises, which you'll all be seeing anyway.

  • One of the awesome people attending Comic Con (and congregating with the unwashed masses) was Joss Whedon, who has decided to take all his goodwill and massive popularity from The Avengers and .... star in a web series. According to THR, he'll play the agent of the first out baseball player in Husbands, an Internet series from friend and long-time collaborator Jane Espenson.

  • The "Fringe" panel at Comic-Con also saw the release of a trailer for the final 13-episode fifth season of the show. I'd tell you about it, but I absolutely refuse to watch it. I'm currently catching up on the fourth season (I'm on episode 19 of 22), and I dare not spoil myself. I do have to say, however, that I am enjoying the hell out of the fourth season.

  • Last week, after we'd put the site down for the weekend, it was announced that Jessical Biel had been cast in the Wolverine sequel. According to Twitch, she'll be playing Viper, the enemy and love interest of the title character.

  • Finally, as I reported over on UPROXX this morning, CBS is in preliminary talks with Carter Bays and Craig Thomas to extend "How I Met Your Mother" yet another season, because CBS HATES us. Plus, if The Office is cancelled after next season, someone has to fill the vacuum on broken-down shows that have survived past their expiration date. Full details over on UPROXX.

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  • Comments Are Welcome, Bigots and Trolls Are Not

    • hapl0

      it was announced that Jessical Biel had been cast in the Wolverine sequel.

      Thank you. This is exactly what the franchise needed after Origins.

      The franchise will now surely implode and we can (gladly) wait another five years for a different take with an actor who is much, MUCH closer in height to the character.

      I love Hugh but enough is enough. Let James go already.

      You would think that all the people who are crying over Tom's casting in Jack Reacher would have done the same to Hugh but noooo, we love our tall, non- Scientology, traditionally handsome looking actors too much to care.

      I've always wondered when Tom will suit up (it almost happened with Iron Man and what a world that would have been despite RDJ's brilliance) and I wonder if this could work.

      For once no one will talk about his height and if anyone can pull off characters they shouldn't logically be able to, it's him.

      p/s: So they actually went with a literal translation for the suit? Holy shit! Well, at least the suit will be something to look at if the movie crashes.

    • Psychicdog

      You all pleaded and clamoured to leave the feeding tube in HIMYM's stomach when we could have put it out of its misery, and now we all get the displeasure of cleaning up the drool and watching its eyes roll aimlessly around.

    • Stephen Nein

      Jane Espenson is is one of the unsung heroines of modern geek entertainment. I'd watch anything she touches.

    • space_oddity

      She isn't infallible, but she does have an amazing track record. She wrote one of my favorite Game of Thrones episodes from season 1, "A Golden Crown."

    • Ugh. Jessica Biel. Ugh. Is it possible to have ONE X-Men universe movie that doesn't fuck up the casting??

    • Fabius_Maximus

      Yes. X-Men 2 and First Class (with the minor exception of January Jones).

    • You are far kinder than I, Fabius. Halle Berry was horribly miscast as Storm, so she ruined X-Men 2 for me (and X-Men 1 and 3, of course). And January Jones totally counts in my book.

    • Fabius_Maximus

      I don't know. Jones' role was kind off minor. And Storm was the one character that developed the most over the three movies. Berry was - along with Grammer - the best thing in the 3rd one, because she actually had something to do for once, not being background noise like in the other two.

    • lowercase_ryan

      The world deserves a kick-ass superman movie .Please let this one be it.

      And Fringe is awesome, I love that show. Eternally grateful it got a fifth season.

    • zeke_the_pig

      This won't be it, dude. Deep down you know it.
      Snyder'll balls it up, slo-fast-slo-mo style. Unless he somehow recreates the magic of Dawn of the Dead, which - I don't care what others say - kicked arse.

    • lowercase_ryan

      I'm afraid this won't be it either. I don't get why it's so hard. I mean, it's Superman....

    • Green Lantern

      I ALSO want the kicking-assiest Superman movie, and like Zeke fear this will not be it.

      Oh, Kal-El...we done you wrong, buddeh!

    • space_oddity

      Dustin, if you're on episode 19, you should be able to watch the trailer without any other spoilers, since 2/3 of the footage is pulled from that episode. I was all "Yes! More Henry Ian Cusick!" until I realized the trailer had no new footage of him... still, fingers crossed.

    • bimboden

      So.... I could watch Barney for the rest of eternity, but SCIENCEDAMMIT! Tell me who the fracking mother is already!

    • I know I'm one of six people still watching Fringe, but that trailer made me very happy. Thank you!

    • Drake

      Me too. I think I might have squeed, just a bit.

    • Sarah Kosheff

      I love HIMYM, but enough is enough. Shows that survive just because they can (The Office being a perfect comparison) are exhausting and unfair to their fans.

    • Pat

      More HIMYM? Please no, I'd give up my first born if someone would just end the show.

    • Maguita NYC

      Euuuhh, I know I'm not worthy of this site's amazing geekiness, but I'll allow myself this tiny moment of pop-culture fangirl-ism:
      ... But I want to see Barney Stinson and Robyn Scherbatsky get back together!!! I will NOT hang my head in shame for this.

    • zeke_the_pig

      I'll take it, and end it. Exchange time and place?

    • mrcreosote

      Did Superman make his costume out of welcome mats?

    • Maguita NYC

      Looks more like chain mail from the crusades. No matter how hot I find Cavill, it still is too soon for yet another Superman reboot.

      Digesting the blandness of the last one, still needs another decade to wash off...

    • Fabius_Maximus

      That wasn't the movie's fault. It's the character.

    • Miss Laaw-yuhr

      These posters just make me feel continually bad for Brandon Routh. I think that stinker was not his fault but through some (surely) Faustian deal, his career has been the one that suffered,

    • Maguita NYC

      I agree on that part. I felt emotional the first time he said Hello to Lois Lane. He sounded so much like Christopher Reeve. But the whole story line, as well as the blandness of that particularly frail Lois Lane, did not make me fall for the reboot.

      Every time I've watched the Grimm series, the actor in it reminds me of Routh...

    • Miss Laaw-yuhr

      Agreed on all accounts!

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