5 Pretty, Pretty Casting Decisions that Will Lubricate Your Loins for the Fall Television Season
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5 Pretty, Pretty Casting Decisions that Will Lubricate Your Loins for the Fall Television Season

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | August 16, 2012 | Comments ()


  • Via EW, Jon Hamm will voice a talking toilet in the next season of Bob's Burgers


  • John Barrowman is joining the cast of The CW's Arrow. According to EW, he'll play a mysterious well-dressed man.


  • Emily Procter has been added to the cast of White Collar as the new head of the White Collar division, according to TV Guide (also, is this show really any good? Like, Suits good? Because I quit after a few decent episodes just because I don't like the procedural qualities of it. Has it improved?)


  • According to TVLine, John Slattery will appear in multiple episodes of Arrested Developments 10-episode run in an unspecified role.


    (Also, NSFW)

  • Also according to TVLine, Lucy Lawless will appear in several episodes of Parks and Recreation next season as a potential love interest to Ron Swanson.


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    • CHANK

      Sounds like they're really putting the "Arrow" in Barrowman. Bah-dum...

    • anatomycoloringbook

      See in that picture of Jon Hamm, from about the back of the knee to the bottom of the shirt? Well, that's the up there with the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

    • Sheesh Dustin, don't you read your own website? It's Lions now, not Loins.

    • pockets full of stones

      Ron Swanson + Lucy Lawless! RON SWANSON + LUCY LAWLESS!!!!!

      (That is all.)

    • ljridley

      This is the first upvote I have ever given 'cos damn right sister/brother!

    • MachineGunJeanMaurice

      Hey, remember that time when Emily Procter's forehead moved? No? Yeah, neither do I...

    • dizzylucy

      Slattery on Arrested Development? I think I just blue myself.

    • Maguita NYC

      It bothers me, in a twisted naughty way, that a man I've never met talks about lubricating my loins.

    • Captain_Tuttle

      What is this Arrow? How do I find it? And is it possible to isolate just the Barrowman parts?

    • Fabius_Maximus

      The Arrow is a new CW series about the DC character Green Arrow (I think). It'll run before or after Supernatural, on Wednesdays, I believe. Judging from the trailers, it already looks better than Smallville, but that's not very hard to achieve.

    • Cody McKee

      So... where is the NSFW gif for Lucy Lawless?

    • tlynn

      White collar is well written and acted, and of course has the extra benefit of eye candy.

    • emmelemm

      Having watched neither show more than a few times, I find the male eye candy of White Collar to be superior to the eye candy of Suits. (Although Suits has an advantage with Gina Torres.)

    • Frankly

      White Collar is good, but it's not Suits good. Suits has gotten pretty good. The writing has gotten better. White Collar is Burn Notice with fewer explosions and no Bruce Campbell.

    • alwaysanswerb

      What ridiculous proto-human downvoted eye-candy? MADNESS

    • Daniel Lewis

      White Collar is Suits good. Not every episode is Case of the Week

    • Damn, between this news and the Archer crossover, Bob's Burgers is pulling out all the stops for this season!

    • zeke_the_pig

      John Slattery + Arrested Development... Colour me a cool shade of grey curious.

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