5 Bits and Bobs You Need to Know Today to Really Get Your Batch Properly Cumbered

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5 Bits and Bobs You Need to Know Today to Really Get Your Batch Properly Cumbered

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | August 15, 2012 | Comments ()



  • I'm not even sure when it debuts on HBO, but Benedict Cumberbatch is set to star with Rebecca Hall in a six-part mini-series, Parade's End, sometime this year. The series actually begins in England later this month (you can watch what I assume is an unauthorized trailer for it here -- the official trailer is not available in America yet). Written by Tom Stoppard, it's an adaptation of the tetralogy of novels of the same name by Ford Madox Ford. It looks fantastic, and in it, Cumberbatch plays a repressed government civil servant. Cumberbatch is so stoked about it, he even made a veiled dig at Downton Abbey while promoting the series in England.

    "You rarely see a piece about this class of people that is this accurate, funny and pointed, but also three-dimensional. We're not serving purposes to make some clich├ęd comment about, 'Oh, isn't it awful the way there's this upstairs-downstairs divide'. It's a little bit more sophisticated."

    OK. Maybe not so veiled.


  • Look: I'm going to give you a SPOILER ALERT, but you're almost certainly going to ignore it because you don't really care enough about Scary Movie 5 to turn out to see the film, so you might want to know that the first two deaths in the film will be SPOILER ALERT Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen, who will play a couple, according to THR.

  • Because Joss Whedon is awesome, he's put together a little tongue-in-cheek video urging everyone to boycott Mike Birbiglia's film Sleepwalk With Me (co-produced by Ira Glass and This American Life), asking people not to go see it because of the threat it poses to The Avengers.

    Tracking Board -- which tracks movies in the very early stages of development, many of which never actually come to fruition, and others which don't come to fruition for literally years -- is reporting that a Young Sherlock Holmes reboot is in the works. With Guy Ritchie's franchise, the BBC series, and the new CBS series, Elementary, that would officially oversaturate the market with Sherlock Holmes, which of course means it will almost certainly happen.

    Here's a 10-second teaser for the upcoming season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which tells us nothing except that the season may be Japanese-themed?

    Finally, The Price is Right is -- for the first time -- going to add a male model to their roster of display models. I'm not sure who they're thinking, but if they want to take this guy and tuck him away in a corner of the television universe where I don't have to think about him, I wouldn't object.


    Bonus: I don't know if you've heard the fantastic song, "Northside Gal," yet, but in our home, we've come up with an awesomely fun game. It's not something you can really play on the Internet, but if you know someone that doesn't know anything about the musician responsible for the song, play the song for about 60-seconds, and then show that person the video. When they see whose face that voice is coming out of, it may blow their minds.

    'Tai Chi 0' Trailer: Give Me Steam, Real As Anything You've Seen | Spoiler Alert: Random Celebrities Respond to the Final Scene of This Week's Episode of 'Breaking Bad'

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    • Bodhi

      AHHHH!! JD McPherson is INCREDIBLE! I have seen him live twice now & he & the band put on a HELL of a show. His album is so damn good. It was on my birth center playlist & I think the midwives were fairly impressed.

      When I (briefly) met him I thought about telling him that singing along to Firebug at the end of my labor helped me catch my breath enough to push the kid out, but I decided that it would a *little* creepy.

    • dsoup

      Did not know this was a new song- that it was from way back yonder when I heard it on XRT, thought it was sung by an old, scraggly man and dang he is talking about a Cub fangirl. He is crazy.

    • Lonolove

      GREAT BALLS OF FIRE! I have been playing the hell out of my JD McPherson CD and loving every second of it. I salute your choice!

    • Samantha

      I don't get the bonus 'game'. The way that you wrote it I was expecting to see a middle aged woman with a sexy voice, instead it was a hot many with a sexy voice. What am I missing?

      Oh, and please keep it up with the Cumberbatch gifs!

    • Gah. Cumberbatch looks like a wax figure, and someone's been pushing his eyes into the wax forever and they're disappearing INTO HIS SKIN.

      Am I the only one who sees this? GAH!

    • He is a natural ginger and they seem to always get the makeup wrong with gingers. They tend to make them pasty by trying too hard to even out freckles and skin tone.

    • laylaness

      Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng, Cumberbatch.

    • zeke_the_pig

      Speaking of Cumberbatch... Presented here without comment is a bit of a furore he's been causing back here:

    • Bistro

      The same game could be played with William Elliott Whitmore: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...

    • Mrcreosote

      How is "Young Sherlock Holmes" not "Encyclopedia Brown?" Man, that kid from Two and a Half Men would make a GREAT Bugs Meany. You know, if it's a gritty reboot where Bugs gets brutaly murdered with a rake.
      I do not advocate rake-based murder. If rakes are outlawed only outlaws will have nice lawns.

    • emmelemm

      That comment was all over the place, and I liked it.

    • lowercase_ryan

      Oh and check out Wolf Teeth by McPherson. I like it better than North Side Gal.

    • lowercase_ryan

      Joss Whedon....is it creepy that I would take a bullet for that man?

    • damnitjanet

      I remain completely obsessed with the ORIGINAL Young Sherlock Holmes. (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt00... Mad crushes on Holmes and Watson. PLEASE LEAVE THIS ALONE (unless, somehow, the makers get a time machine and go back and get the teenage RDJ and Jude Law.--then I'm in...perverted and possibly a pedo, but in)

    • TheOriginalMRod

      Okay... from that trailer for Always Sunny, I would say that someone is going to compete in Ninja Warrior.

    • BWeaves

      Yup, the Cumberbatch definitely does it for me in motion, but still photos make me want to puke.

    • BWeaves

      Ok, I don't get the music video. That voice sounds like it's supposed to come out of his mouth. Then again, I remember when nobody knew what Boy George looked like, and then we saw him. If you joined his fan club, they sent you a photo of Clint Eastwood to keep in your wallet.

    • AudioSuede

      That's a pretty slick video, Rowles. I heard that song and forgot about it, but it's quite good. And yeah, I would have expected someone....uh, less.....pale?

    • I know I'm in the minority here, but I'm just hoping that we can all just go about our business and pretend the Fat Mac season never happened (despite the fucking triumphant high school reunion episode).

    • Samantha Klein

      Ahh, I love young white guys with old black men's voices. See also: Marc Broussard.

    • After watching the trailer for Season 3 of Downton Abbey, I think it might deserve that scorn. Oof, it looks *terrible*.

    • KatSings

      There's a trailer for Season 3?

    • Watch it soon - it was already taken off YouTube. It's a bit bootleggy.


    • KatSings


    • Kala

      Young Sherlock Holmes? What, is he going to be fucking prepubescent?

      God, yes on Parade's End. More Cumberbatch love scenes, please. It would be so much more dignified than scouring Youtube. Not that I do that or anything. Because that would be lame.

      //Skitters From Room//

    • Tinkerville

      "..Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen, who will play a couple.."

      Excuse me while I go throw up in this here wastebasket.

    • Aw, they can borrow each others coke pants!

    • Maguita NYC

      But... They soooo belong together!!!
      They're the Bonnie and Clyde of meth labs and porno valley productions!

    • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

      Put if two trainwrecks ever deserved to derail together, it would be these.

    • Ignatz

      Holy Moley, I love me some JD McPherson!! Thank you for for the pick-'em-up!!

    • Hot damn! That hello gif made me weak in the knees. I saw a hashtag calling him Cumberbrag earlier this weak.

    • ed newman

      I never noticed that Cumberbatch resembles Dennis Quaid until I saw the header picture. Innerspace remake anyone?

    • annie

      I both love and hate that the 'Batch has invaded one of my favorite blogs. And I think someone from HBO said it wouldn't air there until next year. Boo.

    • Fredo

      I hope they don't reboot Young Sherlock Holmes. That's one of those quintessentially "Of my childhood" movies that I'd be so disappointed to see it brought back to life.

    • Maguita NYC

      I love JD McPherson. The biggest surprise when I had first seen the clip, was him looking like Lance Bass..!

    • David Sorenson

      Never heard of him before today. Wouldn't have heard of him if not for the internet. Now I'm gonna go buy all of his music and merrily deafen myself listening to it.

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