5 Bits and Bobs You Need to Know Before the Daleks Exterminate You
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5 Bits and Bobs You Need to Know Before the Daleks Exterminate You

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | July 17, 2012 | Comments ()


  • I'm really happy that "Fringe" got a final season to finish out its story, as I'm currently nearing the end of season four and somehow, I've fallen back in love with a show that I'd dismissed after the soul magnets debacle. At Comic Con this weekend, however, John Noble teased about the possibility of a film. "The film is very possible down the line," he said, while -- according to The Playlist -- Joshua Jackson asserted that "the show will live on in some form or another."

    No. It's not going to happen. It just won't. The X-Files movies demonstrated that there's not that big of an appetite for movie spin-offs from sci-fi series, and The X-Files had a considerably larger audience. In fact, if every single person that watches "Fringe" (1.7 million) turned out, the movie would make less than $15 million, which is how much it would probably cost to market it alone.

  • I don't know when the first time we mentioned the possibility of a movie based on the Ouija board game was, but I can find posts on it dating back to AT LEAST 2009. The damn thing is still in production (despite the failure of Battleship). It's moved from Universal to Paramount and back to Universal, and in the meantime, the budget has dropped from $100 million to ... $5 million. With a budget that small, according to Variety, apparently the only writers they could afford were Juliet Snowden and Stiles White, the folks behind Knowing, one of the most awfultacular sci-fi flicks in recent memory. The important thing, however, is that the Ouija movie exists in development for another several years so that we can continue to mock it.

  • We don't know much about Wes Anderson's follow-up to the magnificent Moonrise Kingdom, but we do know that its title is The Grand Budapest Hotel and now, according to Slashfilm, it's been confirmed that Johnny Depp will star. This idea, I like. I like it a lot, because it may represent the next phase of Depp's career, as he ambles into Bill Murray territory. I hope Depp turns into that adorable drunken whackjob that crashes strangers' parties, fires his agent, and only takes wackadoo roles in Wes Anderson films and small indies.

  • In Pajiba Love yesterday, Joanna brought you video of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan doing a mean"Bohemian Rhapsody," and today, from that same Comic-Con panel, here's Karen Gillan's fantastically spot-on Dalek impression.

  • Finally, according to EW, "Breaking Bad" returned on Sunday night, and it looks like it picked up a whole slew of new viewers over its hiatus, as the series earned its highest ratings ever. The 2.9 million people who watched was significantly higher than the 1.9 million people who, on average, watched season four. However, it's still about six million viewers less than "Jersey Shore."

    Check out Dan's "Breaking Bad" recap or put on your listening ears and check out Joanna's "Breaking Bad" podcast.

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    • thenchonto

      Um... I remember there being a Ouija Board movie already, from the late 80's or early 90's. My older cousin rented it from the local video place whilst on a family visit back when I was a kid. I think it's called Witchboard? I remember next to nothing of the plot, if there was one, but I'm pulling for the gritty reboot nonetheless.

      Dear Snowden and White,
      If you, say, throw in Tara Reid in the "comeback role of a lifetime", make the board itself sentient, and blow half the budget on unlikely neon gore a la Evil Dead,, I'll shell out the extra bucks for the 3D experience, no questions asked. $5 Million can still go a long way if you're crafty and talentless.To the storyboards with you! Away! Make my malt-liquor-clouded discount cinema dreams come true!


    • 724wd

      Yes, Witchboard with Tawny Kitaen - 1986. scared the ever-living-shit out of me as an 8 year old!

    • Jezzer

      If Johnny Depp starts working with Wes Anderson, I'm pretty sure the film set will just collapse into a pretentiousness singularity.

    • fracas

      I think I saw that Ouija board movie. It was called The Exorcist. It was good.

    • Jannymac

      Somewhat random question: I'd like to become a Dr Who fan...what's a good season to start with that's not too far back?

    • Tinkerville

      The great thing about Doctor Who is you can start up whenever there's a new doctor being introduced and it's easy to jump right in. Then you can go back and watch any previous seasons if you love it. I always recommend starting with Eccleston or Tennant (either Season 1 or 2 with the 2005 reboot). However you can definitely start with Matt Smith's doctor as well, which is Season 5.

    • Jannymac

      Season 5 it is then. Thanks for all the recommendation.

    • foolsage

      Yup. Any of the above work equally well really. It's a show about time travel after all, so if you enjoy it, you can go back and watch the earlier episodes, and pretend that they came later. ;)

      Each of the Doctors has a very different feel, so if you don't like the first one you try, check out another. I prefer the modern stuff, all of which is on Netflix now. Eccleston never really clicked for me but I love Tennant and Smith.

    • shardik

      Season 5 is the one I started on, and then I went back and watched 1 - 4 before going onto 6.

    • Bert_McGurt

      That Ouija movie development mess is probably making the producers wish they had some way of, I don't know, predicting the outcome before going into it. I'm thinking some kind of board, with a...pointery-thing on it, that you maybe use to contact spirits, or something?
      I'm just spitballing here. That would just be crazy, right!

    • branded_redux

      the budget has dropped from $100 million to … $5 million.

      So it's going from blockbuster/CGI budget to Paranormal Activity 5: Electric Ouijaloo, which will no doubt lead to Paranormal Activity 6: Light as a Feather, Bored as a Board.

    • Khal Mifune

      However, it’s still about six million viewers less than “Jersey Shore.”

      Reading this sentence just hurt my eyes a little.

    • Uriah_Creep

      Reading this sentence just hurt my eyes soul a little.

      Fixed that for you.

    • spljt

      I wish Karen Gillan would brush her hair, or is that part of her appeal. It drives me crazy.

    • shardik

      Looks brushed in that video...

    • Arran

      The FIRST X-Files movie made $190m worldwide, which is pretty good. Of course, at the time it was attracting a weekly TV audience (in the US) of about 10 times what Fringe's currently is. So I'd say a gross of $15m is probably about right.

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