5 Bits and Bobs About Pretty People That Will Make You Say Allons-y

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5 Bits and Bobs About Pretty People That Will Make You Say Allons-y

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | August 13, 2012 | Comments ()


  • Speaking with The Sun, Matt Smith revealed that he will play the 11th Doctor at least through the 2014 season. That's two more seasons, at minimum. That's great and all, and as much as I love Matt Smith, these images kind of make me miss what could've been.


    I'm not entirely sure the Tennant Era could've continued without a constant reminder of Rose, but I think he could've done a bang-up job with Gillan.

  • You gotta give NBC some credit for TRYING REALLY HARD. They're rebooting The Munsters, they hired Ryan Murphy, they're adapting Hannibal to the small-screen, and now? Now they're bringing Cleopatra to series. According to Deadline:

    The NBC project is described as an epic romance set in a world of sorcery, gods and monsters that centers on Cleopatra, Mark Antony and Julius Caesar. The young queen makes a sacred pact with a goddess to win back her throne, igniting a curse and an infamous love triangle that changes the course of history, forever ending the 4,000 year dominion of the Pharaoh.

    That series might work on cable, but on NBC? I'm not holding my breath. The network doesn't exactly have a stellar record with period pieces (The Playboy Club), and without the sex and violence necessary to tell a good Cleopatra story, I don't see it working on the Peacock network.

  • According to Movies.com, there will be a Christmas Story 2. It's going straight to DVD. It comes out this year. It will be directed by Brian Levant (Snow Dogs). Daniel Stern will play the father. Dear People Responsible For This: Kill yourself.

  • Remember Stacy Keibler? Because I don't. I think I'm missing a section of my brain responsible for holding all memories of her. I know her name was at one time a very prominent one on meathead blogs, but I could not tell you what she did. For the longest time, I thought people were simply referring to the woman from Full House. ANYWAY, Keibler is hosting a reality series on Lifetime called Supermarket Superstars, a 10-episode series will feature aspiring food product inventors vying for a chance to have their product launched nationally in a major grocery chain. Good for her!

    I swear to God, I don't even recognize her face. Is she from beer commercials?

    Stacy Keibler.jpeg

  • Finally, former Pajiba love-toy Ryan Reynolds -- who just wrapped R.I.P.D. and will soon start on the Highlander reboot -- is set to star in Atom Egoyan's next film, Queen of the Night, which is not about a cross-dressing prostitute. BOOO. According to Deadline, it's about a father (Reynolds) whose daughter was abducted. Eight years later, he finds a series of clues that leads him to believe his daughter, now about 17 years old, is still alive.

    At least Reynolds is still showing some love for Canadian film.


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    • "The young queen makes a sacred pact with a goddess to win back her throne, igniting a curse..."

      So the NBC focus groups wouldn't countenance 'Cleopatra: Vampire Killer!' ?

    • b003

      Enough of this Rose Tyler business. Amy rules!

    • laylaness

      Rowles, you're a goddamned tease with those Tennant/Gillan pics. *scroll-scroll-scroll-*OMFG FOR REAL?!?!? Oh.

      While The Doctor-Donna is obviously the best pairing of all time in all the universes, I bet Ten-Amelia Pond would've been good too.

    • Sara_Tonin00

      I'll grant that I don't think NBC will do a great job with Cleopatra, but that's more because they aren't doing a great job with anything, let alone historical series. But I don't think you have to go full sensationalist to do a good historical series. Not all the sex and violence needs to be shown. I, Claudius was plenty scandalous, and though it had nudity, it was low on the actual gore and much more was implied than actually shown.

    • Quatermain

      Stacy Keibler was a wrestler. She was Miss Hancock for WCW and when that folded and got bought by Vince McMahon, she wrestled for WWE. She sustained a bad back injury in a Hardcore match and subsequently retired.

    • Quatermain

      Also, Matt Smith has grown on me, sort of, but I still prefer David Tennant and would have liked to see him continue. It would have been fun to see him play off of Rory, especially.

    • Jezzer

      I'm sure NBC will constantly be interrupting episodes of "Cleopatra" to show "Animal Practice."

    • BWeaves

      There's no point to A Christmas Story: Part whatever, since all the good people are dead (Jean Shepherd, Darin McGavin).

      Amy Pond and Tennant's Doctor makes a lot more sense, actually. Amy was always trying to hump the Doctor, and Smith's Doctor just isn't that hot looking. I actually like Smith's portrayal of the Doctor, and he's certainly more alien looking, but Tennant makes more sense as a love interest.

    • If she had been Tennant's companion, she would have suffered the same fate as Martha: in love with the Doctor but not Rose. Poor Martha wasn't given nearly enough to do except pick the scab that was left behind after he lost Rose, and it would be a shame for Amy to have suffered the same disservice. That's why 10 and Donna worked so well: They were best mates, plain and simple.

      Besides, Amy already has Rory. She can't have everyone.

    • BWeaves

      I agree. I always thought Martha got shafted by the writers. She was a doctor in her own right and smarter than Rose. I also like Donna with 10, because she wasn't a love interest. I still find it funny that the Doctor that Rose gets in the end is half Donna, EWWWWW!

    • Donna rules. Martha definitely got shafted. However, I still love Rose. I love her and the Doctor together. And I *hated* how they resolved all that. I would have rather it not work out than have her get the sort of Doctor. That didn't seem consistent with her character. It was a cheap cop out. Ugh, Doctor Who, why do you make me care so damn much??

    • Kala

      Finally, some Donna love around here. It was hard to get over Rose, for me and for the writers as well, apparently, which is why Martha was such a pill. But Donna? Donna was one of the best friends the Doctor ever had and for that I loved her.

    • I had trouble moving on from Rose too, which is why I disliked Martha. I know that isn't fair, but it's true.

    • Umm, Cleopatra sounds a lot like portions of HBO's Rome, which was fantastic and not safe for broadcast t.v. NBC needs to leave that alone - there's no way they could compete with the quality of that production. (BTW, am I the only one that thinks of Kevin McKidd as Lucius Vorenus and Ray Stevenson as Titus Pullo?) I thought the Cleopatra that HBO used was excellent - fierce and sexy, and conniving as all get out.

    • protoformX

      When I see Ray Stevenson in anything I generally scream "It's Titus Pullo!!!" However, I always say of McKidd "Hey, it's Journeyman... and then oh yeah Vorenus... what's wrong with me?"

    • Stephen Nein

      " . . without the sex and violence necessary to tell a good Cleopatra story, I don’t see it working on the Peacock network."

      You mean the network that last night ran Katy Perry's "Peacock" as a teaser for it's fall shows? It may have been an obvious marketing strategy, but it does show some balls.

    • dizzylucy

      Agree with most of your NBC points and don't see Cleopatra working for a network show. I will have to disagree with the hiring of Ryan Murphy ever being a good thing though, unless their goal is to get a show with a great premise and start that then quickly tanks into a mess that cannot be salvaged.

    • Bert_McGurt

      Speaking of Daniel Stern (and getting rid of him), has anyone watched the "Silent Wonder Years" videos on Youtube?
      Basically, if you remove the narration, the show is just people doing a whole lot of staring at each other. And Fred Savage face-acting to the nonexistent voiceover.

    • I will be forever bitter that Ryan Reynolds is letting the Deadpool movie die and doing fucking HIGHLANDER instead.

    • Green Lantern

      Not to mention the Green Lantern sequel.

      DON'T HIT!

    • branded_redux

      Supermarket Superstars? No. Bring back Supermarket Sweep. How would Costco not be the first to line up to sponsor and host that thing? Donate the food to charity (or the participating families) and include an event where they have to negotiate the parking lots without getting into a fender bender or suffering an aneurysm.

    • Puddin

      I had a fantastic strategy for supermarket sweep that involved meat, cheese and scented candles.

    • Bert_McGurt

      Sounds like an effective strategy for more than just a game show.

    • Puddin

      Excessive flatulence?

    • Bert_McGurt

      I assumed the candles were meant to remedy that?

    • Puddin

      Durr, that's why it's an awesome strategy.

    • Stacy Keibler is dating George Clooney. That's why you probably recognize the name from magazines.

    • ThePhantomGuinness

      She was also in WWE (I miss calling it WWF), and was on Dancing With The Stars a few years back. Now she is Clooneys "Beard Of the Season."

    • zeke_the_pig

      Somebody should launch Stacy Keibler nationally in major grocery stores. Maybe then I'd care.

    • Fabius_Maximus

      Why? Because of the non-existing taste?

    • Mrcreosote

      Wrestler. Stacy Kiebler was a wrestler. The fun make believe kind, not the Olympic unitard kind.

    • ,

      IIRC, there already was a "Christmas Story II" and if we've already forgotten all about it, so much the better, as I understand, never having seen it and never wanting to.

      This? Not unless they bring Darren McGavin back from the dead and make the kid who played Scut Farkas 9 years old again.

    • Salieri2

      It was called "Ollie Hopnoodle's Haven of Bliss," and I had never heard of it until a random co-worker brought it up last Christmas and managed to quote half of it, including something about pickle juice and urine that I have mercifully forgotten.

      We thought he was inventing the entire thing on the spot, but IMDB confirms it exists. And, as he pointed out, "You can't make this stuff up....Well. Obviously someone can."

    • It looks like Ollie Hopnoodle's Haven of Bliss was a made-for-tv-movie. There was also a theatrical release called It Runs in the Family, starring Kieran Culken as Ralphie, Mary Steenburgen and Charles Grodin,and it looks like that also went by the name "My Summer Story".

    • Also, if I'm not mistaken, the new Herman Munster plays teenage Ralphie.

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