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February 23, 2009 |

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | February 23, 2009 |

Another year, another Oscar ceremony. And to be honest, the best thing about the 2009 Academy Awards is that it’s finally over. Despite the fact that they’ve moved the ceremony ahead by a month, it still feels like it’s entirely too late in the year. As for the ceremony itself: Shallow, vapid, self-congratulatory, and predictable. Same as it ever was. Although, it was somehow a little better this year. Hugh Jackman was charming and charismatic (and handsome), even if the musical numbers were a little lame and overlong (particularly the Beyonce number).The awardees in the major categories, though predictable, were nevertheless deserving and, for me personally, it was nice to see Sean Penn take the win over Mickey Rourke, and not just because I thought Penn’s performance was better. Penn is slightly less insufferable, and he gives good speech. Also, the stage looked great, and having previous winners hand out the acting awards was a nice touch (although, I felt bad for both Robert Downey Jr. and Richard Jenkins for getting stuck with Cuba Gooding and Adrian Brody, respectively).

As empty, blathery, and overlong as the ceremony is, ever year, there was one thing that bothered me in particular about 2009’s Awards, and it had nothing to do with the ceremony. It was the attitude of some folks toward the Awards show. If it’s not your bag, that’s cool. If you don’t like awards shows, if you think the Academy Awards are a meaningless waste of time, I hear that. The biggest appeal for me is the opportunity to bellyache and snark and take umbrage. But what I found obnoxious were certain people who thought they were too cool to watch it. That’s asinine: You might hate it, and you might even be above it, but give me a fucking break if you think you’re too fucking cool to watch the Academy Awards. That’s nonsense. That’s just dumb, and you need to get the fuck over yourself.

And that’s all I’m going to say about that, unless you think you’re cooler than Bill Maher. I’ll give you that.

Also, down with Benjamin Button! And here are your important winners: ‘

BEST PICTURE: Slumdog Millionaire
LEAD ACTOR: Sean Penn in Milk
LEAD ACTRESS: Kate Winslet in The Reader
DIRECTOR: Danny Boyle for Slumdog Millionaire
SUPPORTING ACTOR: Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight
SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Penelope Cruz in Vicky Cristina Barcelona
ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: Dustin Lance Black for Milk
ADAPTED SCREENPLAY:Simon Beaufoy for Slumdog Millionaire

The 2009 Academy Awards Telecast / Dustin Rowles

Industry | February 23, 2009 |

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