10 Years Trailer: Charming Potato Continues to Charm. Damnit

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10 Years Trailer: Charming Potato Continues to Charm. Damnit

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | August 17, 2012 | Comments ()


The cast of the reunion comedy, 10 Years, including Channing Tatum, his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Lynn Collins, Rosario Dawson, Kate Mara, Chris Pratt, Ari Graynor, Justin Long, Anthony Mackie, Ron Livingston, Aubrey Plaza, Oscar Isaac, Scott Porter, and Brian Geraghty, although it's damn near impossible to tell the latter two apart. What's important is that the movie looks not bad, in a reunion comedy kind of way. Plus, the yearbook photos of the cast at the end of the trailer are pretty goddamn adorable.

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  • Johnnyseattle

    10 Years is my favorite band. They should be enraged about this movie sharing their name.

  • ReturnofSantitas

    My 10 year reunion was exactly as BWeaves describes; my friend group all convinced each other it was a good idea to go and then we all huddled together in fear. I did witness an amazing moment when two guys were talking:

    Guy 1: Yeah, things are good, I'm still doing gymnastics, I've done some modeling work, I'm living in Miami, I run my own gym, I just bought a pretty cool condo.
    Guy 2: That's cool, that's cool. You here with your girlfriend?
    Guy 1:...Dude, I'm gay.

    That was worth the price of admission (it was NOT OK to be gay when we were in high school) but I will never attend another. I keep in touch with the people I liked and I want nothing to do with the other ones. However I do love the fantasy fun of a reunion movie (there are so many good ones) so I will definitely see this.

  • denesteak

    I'm pretty young, so no 10-year for me yet. But my high school had a 5-year reunion, which is just so typical of my school -- overachieving and overenthusiastic.

    When I received the facebook invite for it (yep. yes, I know), I just thought, What the hell are we gonna talk about? Graduating college and drinking a lot there and our various majors and the jobs we have applied for but have not yet gotten?

    There was a reason why I went across the country for college. Of course I didn't attend that stupid "reunion."

    I'd probably watch this on DVD though. Also, anyone else notice the resemblance between the guy who's a rock star and Mr. Universe? I spent the entire trailer thinking it was David Krumholtz.

  • PDamian

    I went to an international college prep school in Latin America -- we won't say which country, but it's a country that used to be very welcoming of Americans when I was in high school, and now, not so much. Because of the change in that country's political and economic fortunes, all reunions are now held in Miami, and we do them by decades (1980s, 1990s, etc.). I've never gone, but the sole HS friend with whom I've remained in touch goes regularly, and tells me that they're all about money: who made it, who had it and lost it in the revolution, who made it back, who's living in genteel poverty as a refugee, who moved to the USA/Canada/Europe and rebuilt, and so forth. Children are not discussed, nor marriages/divorces, schooling, careers, nor anything that isn't net worth. I'm a professional educator, so I have very little money, and thus have no reason to go. For some reason, this makes me inordinately happy.

  • laylaness

    What is his hair though?

    Oh, Jason Street. Would that you could actually act.

  • Michelle


    I want Scott Porter to be a good actor, but... it's just not a thing. Same thing with Minka Kelly.

  • Archie Leach

    My high school years were not good. When I got my 2nd reunion notice, I contacted the person/number of the event and told the person that (my name) was deceased so they should stop trying to contact (my name).

    My college years were quite enjoyable though very stressful (18units/semester + working).

  • Fabius_Maximus

    The Tater should reconsider that toilet seat beard.

  • Snath

    I didn't go to my 10-year reunion, but it saddens me to know I'm of an age where that has already come and gone.

    No one I liked was going, anyway. They all came to the funeral of my best friend, instead. Silver lining?

  • Adam

    I was thinking the same thing while watching this. I was the class of 2001, but no one I wanted to see was involved... Plus, I haven't really "accomplished" anything of note. Single without kids, check. Underemployed, check.
    Although, I'm fit, have a college degree, and I've read a lot of books...

  • Snath

    I was class of '01 too. My class size was in the 500/600+, yet something like 100 people RSVP'd for it. Sad.

  • bibliophile

    Don't feel bad - my 20 year reunion is this year. And I'm not going to this one either. I have stayed in touch with the people I wanted to, and don't give a shit about any of the rest of them. Is that too get-off-my lawn?

  • Snath

    Maybe wave a shotgun around too.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    Yes. They turned up for the important event.

  • DeistBrawler

    No. Not really. No.

    That's really depressing.

  • Snath

    It was at the time, too.

  • For the record, I think most of us feel that way about Rosario Dawson.

  • ,

    I don't associate with, keep track of or care about in any way, shape or form anyone from my high school and haven't for 35 years, except for being engaged for a couple years to a classmate while I was in college. If I could go Carrie on the motherfucking lot of them I probably would. Except her. She wasn't the brightest bulb in the pack but she was pretty and could suck a bowling ball through a straw, and it would be unsporting to deny whatever man she happens to be with now that pleasure by setting her on fire.

    "High school is a prison."

    -- Mojo Nixon

  • ,

    HEY! Which two of you motherfuckers don't like Mojo?

  • Captain_Tuttle

    We asked for Mojo Nixon
    They said he don't work here
    We said if you don't got Mojo Nixon then your store could use some fixin. . . .
    - Dead Milkmen

  • Carrie/Teabelly

    I was sold when the guy smacked his face in the taxi, and then again when the other guy fell through the '10'. Cos I am all about people injuring themselves. It looks sweet though.

  • Captain_Tuttle

    I cringed when that guy smacked his face in the taxi. I handled a case where a lady lost an eye on the change thing in the divider because she wasn't wearing a seatbelt. Please, please, please wear seatbelts in cabs.

  • hapl0

    No double standard here at all. Not one bit.

  • Lipton

    Huh, my high school class didn't have a 10 year reunion. Is this a thing? Should I be worried that they didn't invite me and then spent the whole time talking about how awful I am? OMG why do they hate me?!

    *hyperventilates into a bag* The horror never ends!

  • Snath

    How many fucking movies has this dude done this year?

  • branded_redux

    This makes five, proving once again the nation's addiction to starches.

  • Snath
  • Maguita NYC

    Juuust about enough.

    Next up, Charming Potato should team up with Charming Crumpet (RPatz), and do a remake of Laurel & Hardy "Chickens Come Home".

  • The Other Agent Johnson

    Oh, Kate Mara. Your one facial expression is so pretty.

  • Is that one look her bitchface? 'Cause she rocked the hell out of it on "American Horror Story."

  • Maguita NYC

    I don't know why, but there are times where I mistake her for Jessica Simpson (Daisy Duke years). Especially in that movie with Mark Walberg, Shooter.

  • BWeaves

    I remember my 10 year reunion. It consisted of a bunch of people standing around in the same cliques they had 10 years before and staring at everyone else. There was no hugging, no dancing, just lots of awkwardness.

    My 20 year reunion was more relaxed. My 30 year reunion was pretty much like the first one, except they canceled it due to lack of interest and we all showed up at a sports bar to stare at each other. I probably won't go to my 40th. The problem is, the people from MY clique never show up, so it's just me.

  • Our 10 year got cancelled, which didn't matter really because a) the majority of my class still live in my hometown so if they want to gather, they can at any time, and b) Facebook keeps us in touch with the people we want to see and lets us keep tabs on those we don't, so... why spend $50 per person PLUS cash bar for something you can do on your own?

  • DeistBrawler

    They asked my classmates, on facebook, if they wanted a ten year reunion. Only three people signed on for it. Thus, we didn't have one.
    To be honest there's no need. Like you said, facebook keeps us up to date. Which is exactly the point of a reunion. It's to touch base with all of those people that you've lost connections with. Only now I get to see every moment of their childs life on my monitor. I get to see all of their wedding and engagement photos. I get to quickly defriend them.

  • Anne At Large

    Dude. That is when you get onto the Facebooks (possibly their only legitimate use) and have your own with the people you want to see. I flaked on my 10th but was still in town coincidentally so I went to pizza with half a dozen good people and it was much less annoying.

  • Snath


    You're depressing me; I turn 30 in two months.

  • Even Stevens

    Me too, my friend, me too. Le sigh.

  • Mrs. Julien

    30? AMATEURS!

  • BierceAmbrose

    The good people in my high school class decided to have a /mumble mumble/ -year reunion before we started dying off in earnest. True story. They pitched it that way.

    So, that happened, with several kinds of drama and cliquishness while getting organized. The rich kids who owned a resort hosted the thing, some people ended up in the pool, some people ended up asked to leave, and then there were the cops.

    This is what I heard. I was where I usually was when highsickle things went down - somewhere else. It was a good strategy then, and it's working just fine now.

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