10 Things You Should Know In Order To Be a Productive Member of Today's Pop Culture Society
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10 Things You Should Know In Order To Be a Productive Member of Today's Pop Culture Society

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | March 29, 2013 | Comments ()


Here's some quick bits of news this Good Friday morning.

  • Kristen Bell gave birth to her and Dax Shepard's son, and there's thankfully nothing weird about the name.

    Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 11.01.44 AM.png

    Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 11.01.50 AM.png

    Dax Shepard's father would be proud.

  • Lindsay Lohan, who is the featured cameo along with Charlie Sheen in Scary Movie 5, is now doing a one-episode stint on Charlie's Sheen's "Anger Management." The header image is what that is from.

  • In case there's not enough going on in your lives on Sunday nights, with the debut of "Game of Thrones" this weekend, as well as the season finale of "The Walking Dead," Plus "Shameless," plus "The Good Wife," plus the return of "Mad Men" next week, PBS is also introducing a new series on Sunday featuring Jeremy Piven as "Mr. Selfridge," a period drama apparently about the man who changed the way people shopped.

  • The G.I. Joe sequel opened with a huge $10.5 million yesterday, and looks to be a gigantic hit going into Easter Weekend. I saw it yesterday, too, and agree with everything TK said about it in his review.

  • Lifetime has cancelled "American's Most Wanted," which finally ends its run after 25 seasons.

  • ABC's "Once Upon a Time" spin-off has a title, "Once: Wonderland," and a lead, Sophie Lowe, who will play Alice.


  • Mattew McConaughey has been offered the lead in Christopher Nolan's next film, Interstellar, which is about a heroic interstellar voyage to the farthest borders of our scientific understanding. The script comes from Nolan's brother, Jonah.

  • This man, Eric Laden, will play J. Edgar Hoover in a recurring role on "Boardwalk Empire" starting this fall.


  • Vanessa Lachey has been cast in Seth MacFarlane's live-action multicamera comedy, which will center on two successful guys in their 30s, Eli (Seth Green) and Warner (Tommy Dewey), who have their lives turned upside down when their nightmare dads (Peter Riegert, Martin Mull) unexpectedly move in with them. Lachey will play Camilla, Warner's (Dewey) wife and, the mother of their two children.

  • Finally, I leave you with the trailer for Big Wedding, which answers the question: "Where has Topher Grace been hiding?"

    Here Come Peter Cottontail, Hoppin' Down the Murder Trail! 'You're Next' Trailer. | Happiness Can be Found in the Darkest of Times

  • Comments Are Welcome, Bigots and Trolls Are Not

    • Buck Forty

      I just wanna see how many kids in 2013/14 are named Django.

    • ViciousTrollop

      What in the seven hells is going on with Lindsay Lohan in the header picture?

      Sailor Moon has something to say about it:

    • Maguita NYC

      One of Charlie Sheen's worst looking goddesses to date.

    • Uriah_Creep

      Finally, I leave you with the trailer for Big Wedding, which answers the question: “Where has Topher Grace Rainbow Killer been hiding?”

    • Fredo

      Chris Nolan's brother is named Jonathan, not Jonah.

    • Grendel

      It's his nickname.

    • kirbyjay

      Matthew McConaughey has been offered the lead in Christopher Nolan’s next film, Interstellar, which is about a heroic interstellar voyage to the farthest borders of our scientific understanding.
      If it's to the farthest borders of my scientific understanding, he's not going very far. Freakin science is what trips me up in Trivia.

    • Yocean

      Big Wessing should be renamed Where They Have Been

    • babykangarootribbiani

      i would go see that wedding movie solely for topher grace... although if the trailer;s anything to go by he just raises his eyebrows and smiles knowingly throughout the whole thing

    • Mrs. Julien

      I love it when he does that, also when he goes back to zero. I have high hopes for him.

    • Ted Zancha

      Why does Sophie Lowe look like she is in so much pain? Is it because she knows her spin off show is going to be awful and she is bracing for the back lash or is it constipation?

    • Aratweth

      It's because she realizes she's 2013's answer to Jennifer Grey, and has a dismal career playing shrewish elder sisters looming ahead of her like the road to Mordor...

    • Ted Zancha

      Well I have no idea who Jennifer Grey is, so this girl is doomed.

    • janeite1900

      Big Wedding trailer: Who is paying to see this romcom horrity? (I have adopted the new word "horrity" from a paper submitted to me as a freshman composition instructor. The horrity, the horrity.) Why is it funny for people to punch family members in the nose? And that is the trailer?

    • Kristen Mc

      My neighbor has a daughter named Precious. I hope to Godtopus she wasn't based on the novel Push by Sapphire.

    • Three_nineteen

      What if she was named after Precious Ramotswe from the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series? She is great.

    • Mel C.

      I went to school with a girl named Tequila.

    • competitivenonfiction

      This is the thing with character names - what if your little Precious isn't precious or if (god forbid) Chastity isn't chaste? Why do we do these things to our children?

    • ,

      They've got that covered. Mostly now that name comes out Chasity. Which, other than the fact it makes me think of chassis, makes no goddamn fuckin' sense.

    • Cazadora

      Payne and Madison...now say it fast. This is what I heard when I was introduced to someone's twins.

    • Kristen Mc

      It's just mean to name your kid Payne. Why not Myvaginahurts instead?

    • Maguita NYC

      Rob Payne is not happy. He's downright cramping right now.

    • DeltaJuliet

      That, to me, is as bad as Neveah, which drives me CRAZY.

    • Mrs. Julien

      Is that pronounced like the skin cream?

      I refused to name Little J "Finn" because it means fair-haired and genetics were heavily stacked against that follicular possibility. Time has proven me right.It would have driven me crazy.

    • ,

      ,daughter has pointed out that anyone who names a girl "Mac" or "Mc" anything is apparently ignorant of the fact that means "son of." This would include my niece, who named my great-niece "McKinleigh."

      I keep my mouth shut about it, for obvious reasons.

    • DeltaJuliet

      The pronunciation is similar. The stress is on the "veh" syllable though, I believe. The part that bugs me is that it is Heaven spelled backward. blech.

    • Mrs. Julien

      I don't hate it. I"m still on Kanine up there.

    • Kristen Mc

      When I had my daughters, there was another baby in the nursery at the hospital named Princess.

    • Quorren

      Dear Seth Green: If you continue to be in MacFarlane tripe, I will remove you from my Pajibangable List. Your pocket-sized presence will be missed, but sometimes tough love is the best solution.

    • Mrs. Julien

      Wait. Is he on the main list or on the double secret probation list for guys you don't necessarily want to admit to finding attractive and who therefore are relegated to a tertiary listing as being unworthy of lamination, but, hey, if the opportunity arose, your lions would give it a shot? You know, like me and Jason Schwartzman.

    • Quorren

      oh no. he has always been front and center on my main list. ain't not shame in my game!

      in fact, it was a comment i made about his moistening my lions that got moist lions into the pajiba lexicon. that is my one claim to fame around here.

    • Mrs. Julien

      I thought that was the case, but I was too lazy to look. It was same thread where I came clean about Schwartzman.

    • ,

      I had the misfortune of reading an honor roll for a middle school here and, among the 87 different spellings of Makayla, there were the first names Gwenyverre and (I'm not making this up) Kanine.

      The fuck is WRONG with parents today?

    • Jen_unstuck

      I work at a public library and see kids with the worst names all the time. Mason Dixon. Chyna White. Pajama (it's pronounced Pah-sha-may). Autumn Dawn. And, no shit, we had a family whose last name was Born. They named their first child "First". The next one was "America Ann", as in American Born.
      It truly frightens me.

    • Maguita NYC

      I believe "Kanine" is also the name of one of Snoop Dog's daughters.

      Yes. Very lame joke.

    • I went to high school with a girl named Shica. She pronounced it sah-SHAY.

    • MissAmynae

      Niece is Safyra Skye. For about a year, they insisted that "Safyra" was Gaelican for Sapphire. We finally decided to put them out of their misery and tell them that there's no such language. Didn't stop us from teasing them about it, though.

    • TLK

      Maybe they meant Galician? I think Safira is Galician for Sapphire.

    • Maguita NYC

      Safira I believe is actually Persian, and apparently it means yellow complexion... so... Quite far from sapphire.

    • TLK

      It's possible to have words which sound the same in two different languages but which have different meanings. Safira is definitely sapphire in Portuguese and as Galician is close to Portuguese I thought that may be where they got it from but looking at the post below it appears they mixed up Gaelic and Galician??

    • MissAmynae

      we tried that. But they insisted it was "the one from Ireland." Sigh.

    • kirbyjay

      My thoughts exactly. When Sean Penn's son Hopper had a meltdown on a paparrazza ( is that singular for paparazzi) commenter's exclaimed that he was a chip of the old ugly block, but I KNEW that he was pissed off that he is named after a toilet.

    • Mrs. Julien, AP

      The singular is "paparazzo" for the male of this parasitic species, "paparazza" for the female .

      This message brought to you Deputy Julien of the Pajiba Accuracy Police, Foreign Words Stealing Our Words' Jobs Division

    • Captain D

      The parents get a free pass from me on names/spellings we don't condone given the fact their children made the honor roll.

    • Americans embrace their God-give right to name their kids whatever they like, unlike us socialist Europeans.

    • ,

      I mean, I can see one fuckin' fool in a couple thinking names like that were clever, but to give a child such a name usually requires consent of the other parent, doesn't it? Which means TWO fuckin' fools looked at "Kanine" and together thought, out of the 1,000,000 possible names for that tiny little infant: PERFECT! Let's name baby Dog!

      One of my favorite jokes:

      One day a little Indian boy came to his father the chief and said, "Father, why is my sister named Wolfe Under Moon?"

      "Because when your sister was born, I rose and looked out the teepee, and I saw a wolf at the edge of the forest, with a full moon in the sky. I took it as a sign from the Great Creator to give your sister that name."

      "And father, why is my brother named Deer in the Woods?"

      "When your brother was born, I rose and looked out the teepee, and I saw a deer standing among the trees. I took it as a sign from the Great Creator to give your brother that name."

      "And father, why ..."

      The Chief, a little annoyed, says, "Why you ask so many questions, Two Dogs Fucking?"

    • BendinIntheWind

      GODDAMMIT Lindsey Lohan, that Sailor Moon costume is retroactively ruining my childhood!

    • firedmyass

      Related question: Is she playing Charlie's mom in that episode?

    • DeltaJuliet

      There is SOMETHING weird about the name, in that the baby is a girl.

    • Rochelle

      I'm going to assume Dustin was being funny.

    • Kayla Eric

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    • Drake

      Umm.. I believe that despite the name (Lincoln?) Dax and Kristen had a baby girl.

    • sean

      At least Martin Mull is getting work. He certainly deserves it.

    • Three_nineteen

      He doesn't have to get work, his art now sells for a shit-ton of money. He only works when he wants to.


    • Shadrach

      He's the best!

    • Monica

      It seems as if Kristen and Dax had a little girl, no?

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