Why I Drink: Masculine Guy Lists Reasons to Date a Girl with an Eating Disorder

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Why I Drink: 'Masculine' Guy Lists Reasons to Date a Girl with an Eating Disorder

By Cindy Davis | Think Pieces | November 21, 2013 | Comments ()


You know how sometimes you come across something that makes you so angry, you don’t know whether to scream or cry? This is one of those times. On the one hand, a cursory review of the main site Return of Kings where this list popped up leaves one feeling like it must be satirical; do these ridiculous people really exist? On the other, there’s only so much a person can tolerate without feeling an imperative to speak out. RoK is run by “Roosh V”, who extols “heterosexual masculine men,” and “facts” about the biological differences between men and women, which according to him, renders we of the female persuasion sluts if we sleep around (as opposed to men—who are just being men). But as of yesterday, Roosh’s ideals aren’t the worst the site has to offer—that honor goes to some complete and utter asshole known as “Tuthmosis.” I refuse to link to the article (you can easily find it yourself); it’s that despicable—I just need to know what kind of hateful loser advocates preying on women because they are “fragile and vulnerable.” Tuthmosis’ 5 Reasons to Date a Girl with An Eating Disorder is not only vile in title and content; this is the header photo:


Here are a few quotes:

“1. Her obsession over her body will improve her overall looks.

While they may have a “distorted body image” on the inside, that usually means staying trim and fit on the outside.

2. She costs less money.

You can go out to nice restaurants and order take-out with the confidence that your expense on her will be minimal.

3. She’s fragile and vulnerable.

An eating disorder often translates into the direct opposite: a girl who’s modest, fragile, and vulnerable. Instead of having to constantly wrestle with a difficult and obnoxious girl, you’ll be dealing with a tastefully insecure girl, who’s eager to please, and wants nothing more than your approval.

4. Probably has money of her own.

They aren’t too many poor girls with eating disorders.

5. She’s better in bed.

A girl with an eating disorder has just the right cocktail of pent-up insecurity, neuroses, and daddy issues to ensure that your whole building knows every time you’re beating it up.”

Reading Tuthmosis’ list first made me want to spew every expletive I ever learned; to scream over every repulsive word he typed out. It’s difficult not to just give in to that inner urge to rattle off insults that might make me feel better for about thirty seconds, and be left standing breathlessly—red-faced with rage. But I feel like that’s just what a guy like Tuthmosis gets off on; he’s motivated by his most base drives, and he likes reducing women to mere things, put on Earth to satisfy his needs. He clearly doesn’t care about us as individual people or human beings, rather, we should be hunted in our weakest, most vulnerable state so he can take what he wants—apparently unavailable to him under normal circumstances. I’d like to ask Tuthmosis if it’s considered “masculine” to be unable to date a strong woman or even—the horror!—an average one? Are you incapable of the challenge of women with self-esteem? Are you so weak, you require a competitor’s handicap? And, are you seriously suggesting that women who have eating disorders that can and do cause them to be hospitalized should be victimized so you can get laid? I mean, if it’s that bad for you, blow-up dolls might be a good option—you can add just the right amount of hot air for the body type you desire, and her head will be just as empty as you’d like. Because what you really want isn’t a woman, it’s just a way to make yourself feel more important while you’re jacking off. And all your talk about “distorted images, inflated ego, unearned high self-esteem,” and rendering into an “insufferable turd”—that wasn’t about vulnerable women; that was just you looking into a mirror. Because a guy who can only find his self-worth in seeking out a woman he considers weaker than he, and treating her like an object is in fact no “masculine” man. He is a coward. You, Tuthmosis, are a coward.

(H/T Quatermain)

Cindy Davis, (Twitter)

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  • Matt Baen

    Pick-up artist sites are hate propaganda against women, the Malleus Maleficarum of our time.

  • Rob Danson

    Are you angry because you think it's untrue? Or just the fact that it's been said?

  • TheAggroCraig

    I hope I never engage in conversation with anyone who refers to having sex as "beating it up."

  • Al Borland's Beard

    "When you're beating it up"? We're still talking about sex, right?

  • HMDK

    To any and all who claim that it's just "trolling" and that no one "really believes it". Get real. Read manboobz.com

  • Robert Sanchez III

    Where do you find this Shit?!

  • As mentioned above, one of the regular commenters here brought it to my attention.

  • Robert Sanchez III

    Meant it rhetorically really. There seems to be a bi weekly misogyny post and I'm always disappointed in my sex between this site and buzz feed.

  • Janine Aiken

    These are the same idiots who declared the week of Oct 15 "Fat Shaming Week". They were saying that fat women were "changing the face of beauty" and that "a whale of immense proportions" can't be a psychologically well-balanced person". There are quite a few more gems of misogyny in the article on their website. I wonder when Douche-shaming week will begin?

  • Malware

    Pajiba got trolled.

  • Some Guy

    Not knocking the message, but...

    Can you all at Pajiba just go ahead and change your slogan to "Pajiba: Because Misery Loves Company" ?

    It'd best reflect the changing tone of this place.

  • The Mama

    Le sigh. These jerkoffs have evidently been getting a lot of flack, so they posted a letter in response.

    In part: "It is unfortunate that sufferers continue to be stigmatized by society, so it surprises me that Tuthmosis’ article has been angrily received when it attempts to reduce stigma by encouraging our male readership to give women with anorexia and bulimia an opportunity for real intimacy. ...We are educating our masculine readers not to pass on eating disorder victims just because they have an illness, yet instead of receiving thanks, we’re receiving hate instead. ...I think a bit more graciousness is in order for our unorthodox method of outreach."

    Yes. Because we're supposed to believe that the same jackasses who are saying that women with eating disorders are better in bed because they're fragile and needy and it's a pain in the ass to deal with, you know, obnoxious women are also saying that they want to HELP these women?

    If they wanted to help them, they'd talk about real solutions and real help, not teaching boys how to take advantage of these women.

    Also? I should never, ever, ever go back to that site. We're not supposed to be sluts, we're not supposed to be divorced, we're not supposed to be single mothers, and we're not supposed to watch porn, we're not supposed to use birth control, we're not supposed to use online dating, and we're not supposed to be feminists.

    Prrrrrretty sure none of those boys are going to date me, since I've done all that stuff.

    Oh well. Their loss.

  • Jifaner

    Hahahaha just when you think it couldn't *possibly* be worse they get all mansplainy about why it's really for the woman's own good.
    G R O S S.

  • Uriah_Creep

    Most of these "dudebros" wouldn't know what to do with a real woman even if she came up and grabbed them by the balls. They're so pathetic for attention, it's almost sad. But not really.

    Also, most of them will eventually get married and some of them will have daughters. Think about that.

  • Some Guy

    So are these guys who don't know what to do with real women who then having kids...Does that mean the women who do sleep with them and marry them and have their kids aren't real women, since, you know, they don't know what to do with real women when they meet them?

  • Uriah_Creep

    I feel like you're giving my little comment more thought than it's worth, but I meant that these guys usually can't handle the attentions of a strong, confident woman, hence the M.O. of getting them drunk. And yet eventually, even guys like this will meet women who will like them enough to teach them how to act around them. I'm sure we've all seen it.

  • alannaofdoom


    Nope, I can't. I'm done. Please excuse me while I burn down the world, salt the earth, and burn it down again. It's been real, folks! Catch ya next time!

  • Just Leaving a comment

    I am so fucking sick of this article trending as one of the major blogs I follow just commented on the article and took it seriously. You people are fools for buying into this shit, the whole blog is a troll post. It is run by a guy named roosh, google him and the first few pics that come up on image search and pictures of a guy with a beard should be him. he was a punching bag on jezebel for a long time.

    the tuthmosis guy is a moderator on his forum. not too sure about who that is but you can bet ur asss roosh put him up to the whole thing. we are all sick and tired of this attention whore. thanks for giving him the attention he wanted.

  • Ugh. I don't even know what to do with that. If someone wrote this and meant it, I have to seriously wonder how capable they are of things like basic empathy. How could someone look at someone's eating disorder and not only see positivity, but also personal gain and EXTOLL it?

  • Ben

    I know the list is awful and all that but uh... did you just nick a stock photo and include it in the header image, watermark and all?

  • gorge jung

    Wow just looking at the names of other articles on the site it's hard to believe that its not satire.

  • $78742978

    Can you stop? As a favor. I agree with you completely. I have agreed with you completely every time you roll out an example of heinous misogyny from the interwebs. But I can't not click, and it contributes to a growing, daily bitterness that is hard to deal with. I am not trying to insulate myself and pretend this stuff doesn't exist. It would not be possible. I see it every day. I am subjected to it every day, in many splendored and traumatic forms. This doesn't make me feel better about it. It doesn't change anyone's mind. It does not stop the problem. It just makes it harder to deal with the stuff in life that I don't have the option of blocking, and turns my mind into a psychological echo chamber of I have no fucking chance in this life, do I? I blocked Feministing and Jezebel from my browser because this constant assault of reported misogyny was having a real impact on the quality of my life. You could say don't click, but I can still read the headline, and when you deal with sexist jokes and attempted rape and being ousted from a relationship because your boyfriends drinking buddies don't like you, you have this bizarre urge to rub salt in the wound. You can say you should have an outlet for your frustrations and you'd be right, but I wish you would take it to Jezebel, or put it on your blog and link to it on Pajiba Love, or somehow minimize what has become a weekly surprise rage, because this is becoming a site that makes me feel about as bad as I feel good, and I don't want to block it on my browser.

  • Here ya go. This might make you feel better. Maybe bookmark it and come back to it every so often: http://www.buzzfeed.com/daves4...

  • $78742978

    Haha, thanks.

  • SelenaMac

    I'm not gonna downvote you, because I understand your fatigue. I have a whole ladyblog I look after myself, and this shit just keeps on coming, right? It's exhausting. I totally get it. I think your feelings are justified, even if your request isn't, necessarily.
    That being said, I think it's great that sites like Pajiba, places that aren't totally about the Lady Experience, are talking about this nonsense. Shining a light into these dark little corners of the Internet is what takes away their power. Pajiba is chock full of thoughtful, wonderful people who might very well be able to help this chucklehead's Internet fame as brief and unsatisfying for as possible, by recognizing his completely ridiculous assertions as what they are, pure bullshit. In his own little corner of the Internet, he gets to preach to the choir. Out here, we can point out that the hymn they're singing is really out of tune.
    I get my catharsis by pointing and laughing, you get yours by protecting yourself from it. That's great, and I'm glad it helps you! But just like my way isn't your way (and I'd never tell you it should be) your way isn't my way. At some point it's up to you to filter this stuff for yourself, yeah?

  • $78742978

    I can see what you're saying and I agree to an extent, but I do a lot of filtering myself. At a certain point it's impossible. I can't unread the latest gang-rape headline or guys like girls with eating disorders headlines. But I also want people to think about what seeing this stuff so constantly does to us as well. That's why I'm fighting so hard on this post. Cindy's at a place where she can be very eloquent and find some kind of satisfaction taking this guy down verbally. I think people need to realize that there are people out there who aren't at a place where we can not look and not be upset and filter. I think you need to stop asking us, forcing us to be there. I think you need to stop asking everyone to filter and realize that some of us, inevitably, can't or won't. I've tried to say this several times but it hasn't been clear enough. It's not about what's on the internet. It's about what's in my life. It's because the 10,324th thing I read is just too much, not because of what's on the internet, but what's in my life. And I think people should maybe take a second and think on that.

    I remember in a freshman class my professor showed us this documentary about how rape is portrayed in movies, and I was not particularly bothered because I was only on my second failed rape attempt then, but a great number of girls ended up in the bathroom in hysterics, and I comforted them and went to the class and was like "Stop it already!" and everyone was like, no! It's important to talk about! Talking about things is more important than the trauma you're putting on these girls, unexpectedly. Even the girls crying in the bathroom agreed. I still don't. Apples and oranges, I know-- they could leave but there was a lot of social constraints. And I don't even necessarily agree with my request. But for all of you who say I should be able to filter, I should have control over myself, why not, other people do, it's reality and the internet and get over it? That's a fucking luxury. You are lucky psychologically and you are lucky in your life and some of us are not and every one of these posts is a pinprick and it hurts and just at least take that into account when you post or try to get some positive element out of it.

  • SelenaMac

    I am honestly sorry that you're hurting this much, and I certainly did not mean to upset you further.

  • $78742978

    No it's fine, I understand your point. But people need to understand how this stuff affects people who have very long, very traumatic real life histories. Just filter! sounds pretty much like Just don't be on the internet! to me. I mean, I get your point, truly I do, I would just like to walk through the world without thinking about how headlines relate to my real life experiences so much and the internet makes it impossible.

  • Twillahiss

    I stopped reading at Jezebel as well. The articles were *usually* bearable but reading the comments was torture. Shrill sermonizing and an attacking mob when someone posted an opinion that didn't strictly follow the hive mind's approved viewpoint. I'm seeing that kind of behavior at more and more sites, I've been insulted more than a few times and had my intelligence questioned when I disagreed with the herd. Frustrating and rage-inducing. I can sympathize.

  • Twillahiss

    One positive and seven negative votes sort of proves my point, folks. Keep 'em coming.

  • barcia

    I stopped reading Jezebel as well--and feministing and several other supposedly feminist sites for that same reason and because of the racism I saw displayed there. There are real feminist sites out there (Twisty Faster's IBTP, for example, back in the day), but they are very few and far between. That's why I'm happy to see feminist friendly articles here on this site.

  • Slim

    I understand why Pippa is downvoted here (because you can 'not click', no one has removed your self control) , and yet I really understand the sentiment expressed - because I can't do a damn thing in the world about this horrible person. But I will say awarenes of this awful articel and website reminds me of the conversations I can have in my own life. With my brother. As I raise my son.

  • Return of Santitas

    I also understand the sentiment; I appreciate a bit of social analysis on this site when it pertains to a movie or, I suppose, general pop culture stuff. I'm not sure why we needed to read about this particular rando. I wind up feeling like Pajiba itself is trolling me.

  • $78742978

    I understand it too, and freedom of speech and all. My problem is I come here to relax, read about movies, books, etc., and this stuff blindsides me. Which is part of the reason I click (once again, the title is enough to upset)-- and yeah yeah, I have self control, but it's like seeing a car wreck and knowing that your friend is in it, if that makes sense. I just want a place that's safe-- and I get that it's selfish. But it honestly feels like I can't get through one fucking day, just one fucking day, without experiencing shit for being a woman in my life or seeing vile, vile shit on the internet that really wasn't necessary to bring to my attention. I try to minimize it by blocking sites, but when it pops up in unexpected places and looks to become a weekly thing? It's just a bit much for me, today at least. I'm just really exhausted.

  • $78742978

    Also, it just doesn't seem productive. You've basically just taken this guy's shit and thrown it to a bunch of other people-- I am sure he'd be THRILLED. How about what do we do to change this? Maybe take the guy's negativity and use it to incentivize change-- link to a kickstarter that aims to celebrate more diverse bodies, hopefully done by a woman. The reason I stopped reading those atrocity blogs is I got the genuine feeling that it was unproductive. Just think about what you're doing, you know? This guy sucks, so let's use it as an opportunity to create positive change in the world, because just hating on hate is not going to cut it.

    For instance:



    At least provide some guidance as to how to direct the rage, you know?

  • $78742978

    I just want to point out as the expected downvotes accumulate that I didn't say "You should stop" just "Can you" and explained how these articles affect me.

  • logan

    If y'all are gonna get outraged every time a dumbass says something stupid on the internet it's gonna be a full time job.

  • semiotheque


    Let's stipulate, for a second, the patriarchal framework within which this "masculine heterosexual" is no doubt operating. Men are big and strong and protectors and providers, and women are weak but crafty and nurturing. Let's imagine, for a moment, that we believe these categories to be true and good and right.

    So, this dude is so very very masculine that women without eating disorders are too big and strong for him.

    He's obviously a financial baller, too, because he's worried about buying two entrees, two whole entrees, on a date.

    He's so good in bed that he needs a girl with a healthy dose of self-loathing. Because body insecurity is what leads to a healthy and enjoyable sexuality.

    What a prize. Like, this guy's a failure even on his own fucked-up terms. Please form an orderly queue, ladies.

  • Conor

    This complete and utter, despicable shitcunt (not much of an excuse, but I'm Irish, so the term has no misogynistic connotations, just angry ones) is why I am all too frequently ashamed of my sex.

    The complete disdain and lack of respect he has for women (and people in general, as he clearly insults the intelligence and decency of men by merely existing) disturbs me to the core.

    I rarely wish harm on anyone, but this prick needs a bus to inexplicably fall on him.

  • emmalita

    I recently heard a definition of 'trolling' which appealed to me - mis-framing the issue so that the conversation never gets anywhere and the issue is never resolved. What issue can we have a conversation about that will bring us to a resolution? Masculinity? We're mostly on the same page on this website that a man doesn't need a weak damaged woman to be a man. Strong women? We've got lots of them around here, and not many Pajibans seem to have a problem with that. All joking aside (my knee-jerk response is to do a soft-shoe and tell a joke), we need to identify the issues and reclaim the conversation. Whether these guys believe this shit is irrelevant. Pick an issue, develop some talking points on which you feel educated, and take back the conversation.

  • ZbornakSyndrome

    Ok, but can I do that after I finish making my husband a sandwich?

    I'm sorry, couldn't help it.
    I agree with you though that pretty much everyone here is on the same page as far as misandry and misogyny go, so I guess that there's some comfort in coming here and not reading comments that make me want to throw my computer through a window. So I guess you guys are my safe and snugly corner of the internet.

  • emmalita

    Your position on sandwich making might change after you hear this. Somebody somewhere did a study showing that men prefer curvy women when they are hungry. Someone else did a study showing men prefer skinny women when they are full. So what I'm taking away from this is that you should base your sandwich making activity on how you want your husband to feel about you.

  • ZbornakSyndrome

    Hmmm...so basically, I can eat what I want as long as I starve my husband.

    I like it!

  • dizzylucy

    I love your questioning of why he isn't masculine enough to date a strong woman, and I think it hits right at the heart of the issue.

    All these types of guys think they sound so bad-ass or whatever, but they're pretty much just announcing to the world that they are too damaged and insecure to handle a relationship with an actual human being.

  • rn3

    In regards to reason #2
    As someone who previously spent a couple years with significant eating issues, I was the opposite. I consciously over-ordered every chance I got. Coffee with a friend? I'll take a slice of cheesecake. Dinner with my parents? I'll have two entrees "so I can get a taste of it all." Anything to hide what was really going on.

    So, general douchdickishness of his whole "article" aside, please plan for a girl who costs less money. Joke's on you. Now pour me a cocktail.

  • kbenton

    Vile. So vile.

    And "beating it up"? I just... there is so much embedded wrongness in that euphemism I can't even.

  • fracas

    "beating it up" ?! Ugh. Ew. What? This article succeeded in bringing out my masculine side, the part that wants to punch people.

  • lowercase_ryan

    I'm tired of being outraged about these sub-humans. Until we can figure out a way to mark them (face stamp?) so they are easily identified and run down in the street, I have to stay away from this stuff.

  • competitivenonfiction

    I just signed on to say the same thing. I'd say that while we wait for the invention of a face stamp, we at least can be happy that these guys are likely to be proud of this writing and will likely let us know they're assholes pretty fast.

    This is why, when some old fashioned family members told me to tone down the feminism to attract a man, I just laughed it off. I am not, in any way, interested in the kind of guy who finds me "difficult" because I'm interested in being treated like an equal.

  • lowercase_ryan

    exactly. I want a partner, not a subordinate. Plus I suck at making decisions, I need all the help I can get.

  • Antique (webelos8)

    I hear you there, lack of decisiveness!

  • Return of Santitas

    After a recent Pajiba post on men's rights activists, I somehow found my way to a corner of reddit called theredpill, and I am not even ashamed to say that I became totally addicted to reading it. It is my go-to time waster (I should add that I recently quit facebook, so I was in the market for a good internet black hole).

    They were flipping their lids with joy last night on redpill. Basically delighted that this site (which I think is pretty prominent in the online world of running game) had trolled the entire universe with this article. In particular they enjoyed reading the feminist outrage that ensued.

    It's a bit of an echo chamber, the internet...how many of these guys ever even leave their basement? Oh, sorry, they're out dealing with "shit tests" and "slaying pussy" every night. HAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAAAAAAA.

    But anyway, why bother getting upset about this. Hating feminism and blaming it for ruining society (yes, that is real) is an integral part of their worldview. So they are never going to listen. In fact, outrage just proves their point that women be crazy, and makes them smugger.

  • John G.

    you may be right that totally ignoring them is better, but beyond the core members, there may be good people who get sucked in when they're in a bad place, and then get converted to douches.

  • ohwhitneykay

    If this website was a building I would burn it to the ground. Then I'd join the volunteer group to rebuild it so I could burn it down again.

    Edit: I mean the brosite, not Pajiba.

  • BlackRabbit

    Naw, run the people inside away then repurpose it into something useful.

  • ohwhitneykay

    Are you not the least bit worried about the residual douche residue? Heaven forbid our repurposed community center be haunted by the ghost of daterape past.

  • MrsAtaxxia

    Treat it like a superfund sight. No groundwater or development for x number of years, then slowly you can redevelop after the residual douche has begun to dissipate and all the fancy acronym agencies come in and rubber stamp it as being douche-free (or at least x-douche parts per million or whatever).

  • ohwhitneykay

    What's the half life of douche?

  • Sometimes, just sometimes, when the wind is just right, or when the HVAC kicks in, you can smell a faint whiff of Axe bodyspray. At that moment, if you listen just right, you might hear a barely audible whisper of 'what's up, sluts?'

  • Janine Aiken

    That's when you walk through burning sage to rid the place of the residual douchery.

  • e jerry powell

    Sometimes that douche residue just won't come out and you just have to rip up the floors. Better to just raze it and start over. Build a pedestrian walkway, like they did on Cromwell Street in Gloucester. (I know, it's horrible that I watch so much Informative Murder Porn Channel.)

  • e jerry powell

    There is something to be said for leaving some areas of the Internet uncharted.

  • BlackRabbit

    "Here be Douches."

  • John G.

    in reality it reads "Reddit: the front page of the internet" but it has the same effect.

  • e jerry powell

    In one of those especially florid calligraphic styles.

  • SelenaMac

    If I ever develop super powers (come on, gamma radiation!), I would like to become The Illuminator. I will travel the world on the back of my trusty unicorn companion, No Shit Sherlock, and we will blast folks like this fella here with our powerful Self Awareness raygun.
    *pew pew pew*
    Douche: Aw, man, I'm a total shithead. I'm donating all my worldly possessions to orphans.

  • This is someone looking for lulz or hits or pageviews. No sane, normal, decent person could possibly believe any of this.

  • BlackRabbit

    I wish you were right. If nothing else, anyone who refers to "having sex" as "beating it up" has some obvious issues. I'm also disgusted by "Douche V's" manipulation of biology to enforce his feelings about sexual activity in men/women. As I understand it, men are "built" to possibly have multiple offspring with multiple partners. Sure, most animals are. Does that mean we can or should, or that a woman who chooses to be intimate with multiple partners is any better/worse/different than a man who does it? No.

    At least Lookadoo was a guy hired and paid (by stupid parents) to come in and talk to kids about what he genuinely believed in an effort to "help" them, as wrong as he was in his views. These jackholes are gleefully spewing information while assuming they'll have an appreciative audience, which they probably will, and will hurt people by giving those people ideas.

    Not to mention that linking to their sites gives them publicity and the likelyhood that someone from that site will ooze his way over here and have some jollies. Not an appealing thought. On the other hand, forewarned is forearmed about these guys. A conundrum.

    EDIT: I see that I was wrong about what "biological facts" they were twisting. That stuff is a lot crazier than what I was thinking.

  • Return of Santitas

    These guys (or, rather, their target audience) believe that they have taken the "red pill" (like the Matrix) and have seen the true reality that had been hidden from them by feminists (who have progressively infiltrated and degraded society and manhood). The bio-truth business about men and women is a central tenet of this red pill stuff.

    Some of them are strangely sympathetic to women's "plight"--ie being attracted to so-called alpha men, but needing to find a beta man to provide for the long term--and others just find women disgusting. Some want to find a long-term partner, in the "red pill" frame, and others just want to get laid.

    There are frequent posts about how they wish they could go back to the "blue pill" life, ie believing in true love. But they can't.

    It makes me want to hug them, sometimes.

  • BlackRabbit

    So, basically it's a weird version of a conspiracy theory? Like the moon landing nutters? Perhaps Aldrin needs to punch more people.

  • Return of Santitas

    Haha, can Buzz Aldrin just travel the globe, punching people? I'll email him and see if he's free.

  • abell

    quick question, I've started seeing "biotruth" getting bandied about. Could I get a definition?

  • Return of Santitas

    From what I have read, it means that they believe in a biological truth about the natural behavior of men and women. As in, women are biologically wired to be attracted to alpha males. But need a beta male to support them. biotruth.

  • abell

    you know my favorite thing about these pseudo nietzschean guys? They're pretty much never the ubermensch themselves, or the 'alpha male,' or whatever. Protip, if you have to learn how to trick 'biological imperatives' into thinking you're an 'alpha' you're not an alpha.

    Disclaimer, I do not believe these idiots are right in any way, I'm just laughing that if they were, they'd still be losers.

  • Return of Santitas

    They are all learning to "be RP". They share tips with each other. So there's this learning and support community as well. Guys post field reports describing their interactions with women. Today there was a post about how not everyone can actually be an alpha, but everyone can learn and use alpha behaviors.

    I can see how a guy who struggles to meet women could find this community really appealing. It's all about self improvement in the face of oppression (did I mention they believe that men are oppressed by women).

  • I wish, but if you take a look around that site, I don't think so.

  • The ROK site? That caters to a short and idiotic mindset (that said, one that seems to catch on with a certain demographic of young, single, desperate/disenfranchised males). While I'm sure site overlord RooshV believes this garbage, how many of his writers believe it versus how many are happy to just write nonsense and cash his checks?

  • You committed the cardinal sin of feeding the trolls... in this case you gave them a soapbox and greatly amplified their visibility when they didn't deserve any.

  • Yes and no. There's the side that just wants to walk away and ignore, but some things are too far gone to let pass. He (and the site) are getting hit from all angles and even if it makes just one of their readers walk away or rethink the messages being put out, imo, it's worth it to say something back.

  • DarthCorleone

    I'd also add that in the short run you might be amplifying it, but in the long run shining a light on it and shaming it is good.

    If there are guys that pull this sort of stuff tongue-in-cheek and dismiss it as "harmless," it's good that they're aware that there are jackasses out there that take what they're saying seriously. Maybe next time they'll think twice if they see the sort of jackassery that they're helping to perpetuate.

  • BlackRabbit

    If they're getting paid to write it, I doubt that will happen. If they're not, then they're either a) jerks and so won't change easily and enjoy the attention or b) or really believe it and so enjoy the attention.

  • Target_Blonde

    No. Just, no.

    For my own peace of mind I'm just gonna pretend this brah is hella trolling or else I'm gonna have to punch someone in the face. And I've got a date tonight so that would just make for an awkward post-dinner conversation,

  • So, how did the date go? You didn't end up punching him/her did you?

  • Target_Blonde

    No I did not, gentlemen in question was too nice for that however the date overall was merely "meh." To crib from 10 Things I Hate About You: I was neither overwhelmed nor underwhelmed. I was simply ... whelmed

    Ah well, back to the Interwebz date sites!! (Ugh.)

  • emmalita

    If the date isn't going well, you could always say something like, "don't you with I had an eating disorder?"

  • I'm so tired of so many guys. Anyone worried about how "masculine" they are probably has a fragile ego that is propped up by putting others down. And they're sexist assholes.

  • Sarah

    Exactly. If you're secure in your masculinity, you don't need fragile women to reinforce your ego.

  • I've always seen a relationship as a partnership. Someone who is or who can be an ally in an often cold and adversarial world that does not care about you. Given that point of view, I personally would much prefer the sort of woman who can stand on her own two feet, look you in the eye, jack you in the jaw and say 'Thanks for coming out.'

  • Finance_Nerd

    You had me until you said, "in the jaw" after "jack you." I totally thought you were going somewhere else w/that.

  • If you notice, none of these "masculine" experts are speaking about such a relationship. Or any relationship that could be considered mature, beneficial or positive.

    Their whole point is that the only relationship is between a man and how many women can fall under the spell of their dicks. And anyone who gets in their way is either a feminist slut (women) or a pussified fag (men).

  • John G.

    whoa...there are dick spells?

  • yes, but they only last less than 4 hours.

  • Bert_McGurt

    Here's to that.

  • ZbornakSyndrome

    Improve her overall looks? Dudebro, I'm not sure you've actually seen someone suffering from these disorders you think are so sexy.
    Also, I would say fuck you, Mr. Tuthmosis, but no one should have that misfortune.

  • sanity fair

    Between this comment, your comments about the engineering toys for girls, your avatar, and your screen name, I think I may have developed a little bit of a girlcrush on you, Ms. Syndrome. :)

  • ZbornakSyndrome

    Awwww! Thank you for being a friend!

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Sounds like Barney Stinson.

    Actually, it sounds like a serious case of trolling.

  • Which is why him marrying Robin, or really anyone, is ridiculous.

  • IngridToday

    Wasn't there an episode where he showed scrap books he had made from sex tapes? Another episode from where he got Robin to tell him with something by alluding to the fact he may have had a hidden camera?
    Sometimes that show knows how to handle Barney sleeping around and avoiding commitment and sometimes they made him seem like a creepy pervert that should be on some kind of watch list.

  • ZbornakSyndrome

    God I hope so.

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