A Brief Open Letter to Showtime About the Final Season of "Dexter"

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A Brief Open Letter to Showtime About the Final Season of "Dexter"

By Dustin Rowles | Think Pieces | August 14, 2013 | Comments ()


Dear Showtime —

I understand that this is an unusual request, but it would really mean the world to me if you did everyone who has stuck with “Dexter” for seven and a half seasons one small favor:

Skip to the end.

Look: I understand that there are still four more episodes remaining until the finale airs, and I realize that you’re going to want to capitalize on the fact that “Dexter” is the network’s highest rated show, but I’m begging you: Don’t bother. Just air the finale this Sunday, and let’s be done with it. Let’s wash our hands of “Dexter,” and move on with our lives. It’s been a really unpleasant season, and though that can be said for most of the last several seasons of the serial-killer drama, this one is particularly brutal. It’s like a novel that has a really compelling, very strong opening that fuels you through the first half of the book before you realize that what you’re reading is complete crap, and though you stick with it for another 100 pages, you finally throw your hands in the air, say f*ck it, and skip to the last chapter just so you can finally find out what happens.

It’s like that, only it takes EIGHT YEARS to read the novel. I don’t want to watch your show anymore. It’s become such a chore. Everything is telegraphed, and obvious, and three-quarters of every episode is spelled out in the “Next on” segment. The writers, the cast, everyone is just going through the motions at this point: No one has any enthusiasm for what they’re doing, they’re just doing it so they can get to the end. I, too, just want to get to the end. I don’t care about Dr. Vogel, or Dexter’s new protege, or the season-long big-bad arc that was seemingly aborted anti-climactically two episodes ago, or even Hannah McKay, who is played by the lovely Yvonne Strahovski, and who has been given a terrible, contrived storyline.

There is no cohesion to this season. It’s as though no one had an idea good enough to sustain 12 episodes, so the storylines feel like spare parts cobbled together to fill space until the finale airs. How many people that “finally understand me” does Dexter have to meet over the course of eight seasons? The Masuka storyline with his daughter feels like just another one of those random subplots that go nowhere that the writers give to the side characters every season. Does anyone really care whether Quinn and Jamie get together, or if Quinn gets a promotion? What function does Batista even serve anymore? Why does Masuka exist in the first place? He does the same job as Dexter, and they always work the same crime scenes. Also, how many goddamn unsolved serial killer cases can Miami possibly have? Has Dexter ever help to arrest anyone and just put them in prison? Has anyone ever looked at his f*cking conviction rates? They’re deplorable! Why doesn’t the fact that every major murderer in Miami disappears before they can be arrested ever raise any red falgs? How did a woman on the lam for murder marry a highly visible billionaire without anyone saying, “Oh, hey! Isn’t that the woman wanted for murder?” No one on this show seems to care about the details.

It’s really been one terrible season after another since the Trinity Killer, and the only reason why anyone is still watching is to see what happens in the end. You, Showtime, could do us all a huge favor and just tell us now. Just air the goddamn finale. I don’t care what happens in the next four episodes, and with the way things are going in this series, the events of the next four episodes will probably only be tenuously connected to the events of the finale anyway. If you air the finale this Sunday, I promise not to cancel my subscription (after all, “Homeland” returns this month, plus I’m excited to see what you guys have done with Lizzy Caplan and Michael Sheen in “Masters of Sex.”) In fact, I will be more likely to stick with Showtime now that Dexter is finally over.

This Sunday at 9 p.m., just have Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter tape a brief message before the episode saying, “We’re really sorry. This final season of “Dexter” has not really been up to par and we apologize for trying your patience. To make up for the lousy season, Showtime has agreed to put you out of your misery and air the final episode of “Dexter” tonight. In addition, you will get three free months of Starz.”

Remember when Debra just shot a guy earlier in the season, and that case just kind of disappeared? Why don’t you do disappear the next four episodes? Is that really too much to ask?


Dustin Rowles
A Longtime Viewer

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  • Pinky

    This last season of Dexter is THE WORST!!
    There must not be a budget for writers any more. This last seaons is the absolutel WORST!!!
    John Goldwyn should be ashamed of himself for letting this great project of his for allowing this least season go straight to the TOILET.
    When we think of Dexter now, we'll think of this horribly embarrassing last season.

  • roodle

    A FREAKIN MEN!!!!!

  • MarTeaNi

    I can pinpoint the exact moment where I went through "trudging hopefully through a spectacularly bad season" to "fuck this forever goodbye." It has been an ongoing joke amongst my friends that Deb will fuck her way through the entire male cast except Dexter, because he's her brother. The MOMENT they brought that up I was done. I finished off that chore of a season as the episodes limped by on half a half-formed idea and then never looked back.

    I do actually like season 5, and in my head order the continuity 1+2, 4+5, because these tell complete arcs for Dexter. I like Lumen and I just rewrote the end so that rather than being written out in a cheap "there goes our guest of the season" out, she and Dexter liver happily ever after and I never ever had to see the ridiculously telegraphed, mangled seasons that followed.

  • St

    Yeah, I’m happy I abandoned it years ago. Just at one point lost interest in Dexter and his troubles. Shows must end when it’s their time. Just like House was amazing few years and then people got tired of House’s problems. Desperate Houswifes was amazing few first years and then we got tied of their problems.

    Same with Dexter. It should have ended few years ago.

    How Grey’s Anatmy is still on air is beyond me. Why people watch it?

  • I used to think Dexter's voiceovers were great, because they were coming from the mind of a killer. Then I realized it's just bad writers trying to cut corners by having him explain everything.

    "I need to pick up my son from daycare, but this is more important."
    "Deb is calling me. Probably wondering where I am. But I can't answer right now."

  • Davidson394

    LOL. I agree. They are using his voiceovers lately almost as a commentary track rather than an internal monologue. When he was at the Hamiltons house and Zach first appeared I thought the comment from Dexter's mind - "The Hamiltons' son" - was hilarious. TV is a visual medium, we don't need to be told what we're seeing on screen, it really comes across as them speaking down to the viewers and treating us as idiots.

  • Davidson394

    Ranking the seasons IMO:

    Season 4 - Excellent (Lithgow steals the show, a few dull side plots but overall amazing)

    Season 2 - Excellent (a little OTT at times but INTENSE all the way, the most riveting)

    Season 1 - Excellent (solid, suspenseful, a great debut)

    Season 7 - Very Good (a little ropey here and there, and a few poor choices made but a very good comeback after season 6, Deb finding out breathed new life into the show)

    Season 5 - Good (starts great, loses itself a little in the middle, and suffers from following the amazing season 4, but overall not as bad as some people make it out to be)

    Season 3 - Good (good on paper, still in the early stages so show is still fresh, but the suspense and intensity of first two seasons is gone, for some reason this one is a little dull)

    Season 6 - Bad (really awful, but I did find it entertaining in some respects second time i watched it on DVD, in a so-bad-it's-good bad movie kind of way, parody of itself almost)

    Season 8 - Very Bad* (so far, this is dull, lifeless, started out great and began to nosedive, and has been spiralling out of control, filled with too much filler, lots of goofs, errors, inconsistencies, even more so than season 6, hope they can still pull it up)

    *based on episodes 1-7, one great episode (first one) and some great moments in episodes 2-4 (but lots of bad filler too), episodes 5-7 were awful. Still hope that this season can go to "Good" if last 3-4 episodes are great.

  • John G.
    How many people that “finally understand me” does Dexter have to meet over the course of eight seasons?

    A-fuckin-men, Dustin. That pretty much captures the whole thing right there.

  • Iggy

    i agree
    i am now through all 8 seasons and i think the creators are just bored

    it has run about 3 seasons too long

    as far as the deb shooting goes, take a deep breath
    dexter reaches new heights of implausability every season
    no other show comes close for just plain ignoring the law of common sense

    i think the whole thing has basically been kept aloft by the incredibly compelling michael c. hall who also now looks bored

    that equals the end ...

  • Lemoncakes

    I shamefully agree with almost everything you've written.

  • Morgan_LaFai

    clap ... clap ... clap ... clap ...

  • PW

    I love dexter. Maybe it's because I only got into it recently and have binge-watched everything during the last month. This post of dustin's makes me sad. It's so self-righteous. Any show that was ever as good as dexter has been at times deserves to end with some dignity. Don't take that away. If you want to crap all over it that's fine, but write your own hit show for 8 seasons before you start preaching about quality and blahblahblah.

    For the record, that's all this piece was. Preaching and bitching. Everything you had to say could have been conveyed in 5 sentences. No reason it had to be 5 paragraphs relentlessly beating your reader over the head with the same point over and over.

    You're tired of dexter? I'm tired of self-righteous sermons. You know those guys who flex nonstop in the mirror at the gym and can't seem to get over how awesome they look? This piece = that guy. And nobody, NOBODY, likes that guy.

  • Lemoncakes

    I'm so, so sorry you feel the need to defend this terrible season of Dexter.

  • PW

    Defense of series. Not season.

  • Lemoncakes

    At this point, that too.

  • Uriah_Creep

    I like that guy. His righteous anger gives me strength.

  • dizzylucy

    I've quit many shows over the years, but still keep sticking with Dexter. And still keep being disappointed by it. It just all feels like filler - there's the occasional really good or tense moment, but then the next scene washes it away. How Hannah was portrayed in this one, after how she popped up in the one before, is probably the worst example of that to date.

  • stryker1121

    I liked Season 7 of Dexter after that utterly awful and superfluous religious season. How does this newest season stack up to last year?

  • Lemoncakes

    At this point it's worse than Season 6.

    Yes, I said it.

  • Davidson394

    Agreed. Season 6 was BAD but at least it was sort of entertaining in an over the top and so bad it's good kind of way. This season has been dull, lifeless, and full of dreadful filler. Season 6 wasn't a final season, but this is, the first episode was excellent, episodes 2-4 had some great moments but began to have too much filler, episodes 5-7 have been AWFUL. So far, this is the worst season of the show.

  • stryker1121

    Say it ain't so. I'm going to have to watch it for completionist purposes some day. i wanted to write Fox a letter like Dustin's for the last 3 seasons X-Files, and those were network-length seasons I suffered through .

  • kushiro -

    Well, to be fair, Dexter does blood-spatter and I think Masuka is DNA, and those are two different I can't believe I am defending this show please let it end oh god please.

  • Shaunahhhhhh!


  • e jerry powell

    I'm more interested in the Jenner/Kardashian implosion than I am in the final season of Dexter at this point, and I fucking loathe all things Kardashian, so...

  • johnkzin

    You already have a means of accomplishing this exact thing, without having to get Showtime, the actors, etc. to change a thing:

    Stop watching for 4 weeks.

    Same result, for you. No required whining at the network.

  • GDI

    Spot on. I have avoided the entire season and will only watch the finale, if that. I might just read about it. Rather not waste time so lightly.

  • lamaga_hyun

    Oh my goodddddd I feel the same way. The thing is, Dexter was brilliant as a show when we empathized with a dude who also did terrible things and the writing carefully unmasked his f-ckdupness. But there's no edge, and I hate what they did to Deb. FALLING IN LOVE WITH HER F-CKING BROTHER WAS NOT MIND-BLOWING.

  • Tonkachi

    Hard to disagree

    Episodes 1-4 always Interesting, 5-9 Fillers, 10-12 The Actual Show.

    I was exciting for Hannah McKay coming back, because she was a killer.... but as victim of abuse, from someone who says its "survival of the fittest", is awkwardly dumb...

  • Chlojack

    The writing for Hannah McKay has been atrocious so far this season. Portraying her as a victim in the last episode made no sense. Yvonne Strahovski deserves way better.

  • Artemis

    Sometimes I amuse myself by picturing Michael C. Hall's facial expressions as he records the Dexter voiceovers alone in a soundbooth. "I'm looking for evidence that this kid killed that lady. Maybe there is evidence in this desk. <eye roll=""> I found pictures of the lady! She is dead. <grimace> She was just murdered, which I know because there is a series of pictures in which the pool of blood is growing bigger in each subsequent shot. <confused frown=""> And now I can see the kid in the pictures, and he is holding the murder weapon! He killed her! <michael c.="" hall="" looks="" up.="" "hey="" guys,="" we're="" supposed="" to="" be="" recording="" the="" voiceovers,="" but="" i="" think="" you="" accidentally="" gave="" me="" the="" close-captioning="" script.="" no?="" okay,="" i="" need="" to="" take="" five="" and="" look="" at="" my="" bank="" balance="" before="" i'm="" going="" to="" be="" able="" to="" continue="" here."="">

  • Artemis

    Yikes. Apparently I accidentally inserted code into my comment.

  • jennp421

    I thought you were implying that the voice overs and the stupidity have broken him.

  • Sars

    I was trying to figure out if that was part of the way you articulated his thoughts throughout the process... hahah-- almost convinced myself of it too, until I saw the follower comment...

  • George Tarleton

    I really thought this was just going to say "Stop sucking" and then done.

  • Modernlove

    I think this just summed up nicely why I don't really get into those Big Event shows, the ones that everyone watch and talk about. It's because a good percent of the time they end up like this, becoming completely unwatchable and you end up sticking with it just to see what the end us (I'm looking at you, HIMYM, you dick.) I wait around, and if the show ends as strong as it starts, maybe I'll check it out. Does this put me behind the pop culture times? Sure. But at least I don't get stuck watching crappy tv and the endless frustrations tht come with it.

  • HMDK

    Are you me? Because this is what I do, mostly. And the thing is, we're not missing out. Because months or even years from now, the shows will still be available to watch. Sure, sometimes something sucks me in inadvertently, but I almost never start watching a show before it's well into the second season and I've heard good shit about it from people whose opinions aren't totally suspect. It may not work for everyone, but it works for me.

  • Modernlove

    I've often suspected I have an twin out there; I've never been able to figure out if I'm the evil one, or they are...Yeah, that's how I am with most things. I didn't start watching Scandal or GoT, for instance, until after the second seasons finished. With the overabundance of media coverage, social media conversation and just general saturation into the collective minds of America with so many of these Appointment Television shows, I don't really feel like I'm missing out at all by not watching as they happen. Maybe part of it is that I've never cared about spoilers so knowing the plot doesn't bother me.

  • HMDK

    Spoilers? I give little to no fucks. If the acting and story carries the show, spoilers aren't a huge worry; though, yeah, they can be annoying, but they won't ruin my enjoyment. Hell, don't tell anyone, but I've not even STARTED on Mad Men or GoT, yet. And I hear they're great shows and I look forward to watching them with a passion. But I like my television like I like my booze. In copious amounts all at once. That way I avoid the agony of having to wait a year for new episodes. Well, except for the shows I HAVE been sucked into.

    One of which is Hannibal, which makes me the evil twin, since I'm Danish like Mads Mikkelsen. Call it comment section logic.

  • Modernlove

    I'm sitting here wondering where you've been all my life! That's how I feel. I've seen the first two seasons of GoT at this point, haven't touched Mad Men. YES THAT TOO. I love being able to sit down and just marathon the crap out of some TV (as I'm currently doing with Supernatural and Castle), because it feeds into my need for immediate gratification. The only shows I can think of that are exceptions to this are Orphan Black and Who.

  • HMDK

    Oh, Orphan Black needs to return right now!

  • Modernlove

    I don't even want to think about how long of a wait this is going to be. It hurts my heart.

  • HMDK

    You and me both. Longdistance internet solidarity highfive of impatience!

  • Artemis

    Oh, I'm so glad you wrote this. This show is fascinatingly bad. I can't tear myself away from how bad it is. I probably thought about this week's episode as much as I did Breaking Bad's premiere (OBVIOUSLY FOR TOTALLY DIFFERENT REASONS). In the dreamworld where talking about TV with friends/posting on Pajiba is, like, a career, my detailed internal monologue deconstructing this show every week is someday going to get me hired as CEO of WTF, Inc., a Fortune 500 company than mainly produces writing cliches and plot holes. We're listed on the NASDAQ.

    As you say, Dustin, the thing that really sets this season apart from all the bad that came before it ("Hello, whore") is how clear it is that everyone involved is phoning it in. The Travis Marshall season was probably more aggressively bad, but you could tell the writers thought their big plot twist was GENIUS and that the directors thought the tableaus were really shocking and compelling (and that the word "tableau" was as well, if the number of times a character said it that year was any indication). And Colin Hanks, bless his heart, was playing a terrible character with complete gusto. He was like that kid in high school drama who is horrifically miscast as a Shakespearean character whose name he can't pronounce, but gets up on stage every night and enthusiastically yells his way through all of the words he doesn't understand.

    This season, though? It seems like the writers get bored halfway through each episode. To wit:

    So Hannah drugs Dexter and Deb and then.... leaves Deb where she is and dumps Dexter out on the side of the road? Gee, we better come up with some explanation for that total anti-climax. Maybe she changed her mind! Yeah, she was GOING to ask him to do her the big favor of killing her husband, but then she decided not to, so she just pushed his unconscious body out of the car and pretended it never happened. Sounds good, let's get lunch. Shit, new guy, why you gotta ask questions like "why would Hannah drug Dexter and his sister (the one he's so protective of that last time he thought Hannah drugged her, he turned Hannah into the police) if what she really wanted was for him to do her a favor?" It's burrito truck day, I don't have time for your nonsense!

    Alright, now we need to explain why Hannah married this abusive jerk... how about she needed help to buy a new identity and hide away from the various police agencies engaged in a very public manhunt for her? Yeah, that's good. But wait, if she's a very well-known fugitive, do you think we should give her new husband a career that isn't "international mogul that's constantly featured in gossip pages"? Or if we go with that, maybe Hannah shouldn't be blithely traipsing around Miami, the location of her crimes, going to the hottest night clubs and shopping all day in expensive stores? Nah, let's just put her in a dark wig, a lazy disguise will solve everything! Oh, did we already send the wig guy home now that we're done with flashbacks to Dexter's teenage years? No biggie, I'm sure that as long as she has a new name on her driver's license no one will notice if Hannah walks around the place she needed a billionaire to help her escape while looking exactly as she did before and frequenting crowded public places on the arm of a tabloid-magnet.

    Okay, now we just need a reason to bring these two crazy kids back together. Newbie, I know you cam to us from the Lifetime Original Movies production company, but I like your idea about Hannah needing her serial killer ex-boyfriend to take out her abusive new husband. But how do we explain the fact that Hannah is herself a serial killer and doesn't really need Dexter to do her dirty work? Oh, I know! She can just explain that the husband's family knows she has a shady past and would be suspicious if her husband got sick and died suddenly. That's perfect, because if Dexter makes her husband disappear without a trace, none of his family members will be at all suspicious about what happened to him.

    Basically, I think the bad, inconsequential plots involving secondary characters are just boring, and the show has skipped through about four "this is the main plot... oh wait, we got bored, let's try this instead!" changes, and on their own that would just anger me. But the level to which the writers literally do not even try to make major plot points coherent within the same damn episode elevates the whole enterprise to a new level of do-not-give-a-shit-ism. It's seriously really interesting to me. Do you think there's like, one guy in the writer's room who is just banging his head against the wall trying to get the rest to care about this stuff? Maybe they banged out the entire season on take your daughter to work day, by letting their 12-year-olds write all of this season's episodes? Maybe they're all on drugs, but not the amphetamine kind that made Sorkin write interesting things, the high-doses-of-pot-just-want-to-stare-at-the-wall-and-eat-cheetos kind? Inquiring minds (well, me) want to know!

  • Lemoncakes

    You had me until Sorkin, but I'll leave some of my darkness with you...

    ...I call it my Snark Passenger.

  • Kip Hackman

    My theory is they wrote twelve or thirteen or however many big moments for the end of each episode, and then they write the rest of the season like a really terrible connect-the-dots.

  • shrinkwrap

    I love this comment so much. I would laugh more at your incredible wit if I wasn't so busy crying because everything you've said is true.

    I understand that we're in the unfortunate "filler phase" of the season... but it's remarkably worse than even past seasons... Like the writer of this article articulated... I JUST NEED IT TO END ALREADY.

  • IngridToday

    I like to pretend this show ended at Season 4, with Dexter doing a voice over of how everyone will think he killed Rita and one day he'll be the one strapped to a table.....

    This way I can ignore the rape season (we don't have enough women being threatened/actually raped with minimal long term trauma/psychological issues. But hey it's *shocking*) the religious season, I liked Hanks in Mad Men, he good as the laid back Priest and I thought he did a good job giving Peggy a creep "Hell is very real." speech. He was just terrible on Dexter. I stopped watching halfway through the season.

  • shrinkwrap

    I stopped watching during S6 too!
    But then I trudged through that mess eventually, and of course the finale drew me in again. It was like, YES! Finally! The thing we've all been waiting for! There's so much potential! and yeah... then we got S7... But then S8! So much potential! And then, yeah...

  • TCH

    Rowles sounds like an irate high school English teacher at a presentation.

  • Nako

    Really....just dont watch the show if you dont like it. I have done that with so many shows without watching whole seasons of them and then stating how awful they are. Bottomline is I strongly disagree with you despite the fact i agree on the small annoying details. But i think these small details exist throughout all the 8 seasons.

    Second and most important bottomline? You are an asshole who lost interest. Who the fuck cares ?

  • kushiro -

    You don't have a lot of pleasant conversations, do you?

  • Sars

    The Irony....The Irony

  • Bea Pants

    Wow, that took a hard turn from smug into jackass right at the end there, didn't it?

  • eaterofbirds

    kind of like the way you're responding right now to something you disagree with? dont read the opinion and respond to it if you don't like it?

  • NynjaSquirrel

    Wow, what an asshole.

  • Iman Alterego


  • Bert_McGurt

    It seems they've decided to finish things in an extremely metatextual fashion by having Dexter bore the viewers to death.

  • Bea Pants

    After working myself into a tizzy over making a Breaking Bad themed dinner and then being on the edge of my seat for the show itself, I dozed off for about 20 minutes right in the middle of Dexter and missed nothing.

  • Ryan Ambrose

    The recently promoted Sgt. Miller turns out to be a former major character's long lost sister seeking revenge on her brother's killer and the final shot of the season reveals itself to be her killing Dexter in the aptly named kill room whilst uttering the following to a very confused Dexter: "Surprise, motherfucker!".

    The End

    See, Showtime? Even I can do it, that's how predictable this show has become.

  • lowercase_ryan

    you have the power, just walk away. You really don't have to watch again until after the finale. I've seen 3 episodes since the Lithgow season and each one was worse than the previous one. I just walked away.

    I'm about to do this with The Bridge and I was this close to doing the same to Ray Donovan until those bastards teased a James Woods-Jon Voigt showdown and now I've got a hardonovan all over again. I do wish the FBI guy would go rogue and kill Ray's family though.

  • John G.
  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    I want to say that I appreciate your hardonovan pun.

  • eaterofbirds

    I made it twenty minutes into the pilot of The Bridge..what a joke that one is/was. Dexter has indeed jumped jumped a few sharks in the last two seasons, but we're full on Fonzi in waterskis this season.

  • pajiba

    Are you one of those smug people that quit "The Office" after Jim and Pam got married, too? Well, listen man: I don't know what the exact percentages are, but I'd wager that about 40 percent of the American population suffers, like myself, televisual obsessoritis. It's a form of OCD. Once we start a show, and once we become highly invested in it, it becomes psychologically difficult to walk away. We understand that we do not enjoy it, and that it is not healthy for us, but there is a part of our brain that demands completism. Certainly, there are exceptions where the detrimental quality of the show overrides our obsessoritis ("Grey's Anatomy" after Izzie left, for instance), but for the most part, it becomes difficult to abandon something we started. Certainly, I envy those of you who have no compulsion to commit, whose lives are carefree and not driven by the demands of your DVRs, but unfortunately, for many of us, simply quitting is not an attractive option.

  • Fredo

    I've said it before, but you quitting a show you've seen since its start/for the longest time is like quitting a relationship. You feel guilty for doing it. You say "well, I've watched 6 seasons, what's one more to get the answers I want?" You ignore writing that's gotten poor since Season 3, guest actors that do nothing and contrived plot stories. All because Season1 was good and Season 2 was even better.

    Until one day, you just can't anymore. You can't put up with the "Will They/Won't They" of Ross and Rachel. You can't bear more wacky hijinks from Dr. House. You're tired of another monster of the week.

    And one day, you see the episodes piling in the DVR and go "fuck it" and finally are done with it.

  • Artemis

    I gave up on Grey's when you did but went back to it out of curiosity after Izzie's departure and am now unable to quit a second time (though Sandra Oh leaving will probably do it). It's like freezing to death, you know it's killing you but part of how it does so is by dulling your senses until you forget how to get up and leave.

  • lowercase_ryan

    I actually understand the phenomenon. I suffered through season 2 of The Killing, pretty much just because I loved Holder so much. I never got into the Office or Grey's Anatomy. I predict The Good Wife will hit this predicament eventually too.

  • HMDK

    I think a lot of this stuff has to to with HOW we all watch shows, too. I mean, I was scratching my head for days when I found out that a lot of people gave up on The Killing. Then I realized it was because they watched it as it was aired, while I pretty much devoured it all, later, in one amazing meal. And I can totally see people getting frustrated with the red herrings if they watched it as aired. It's a strange phenomena.

  • jennp421

    That's my experience with Lost - I didn't start watching until the 6th season was about to air or was already airing ... as a result, I got all my answers much more quickly, and then caught up on the 6th season online, and just had a few weeks where I was actually watching it as it aired. I can see where it would have been so frustrating to watch on a weekly basis though. Or The Wheel of Time series - I couldn't imagine waiting two years for some of the middle books ... knowing that I could just pick up the next one made it much easier to get through, and then I just had to wait on the last two Sanderson ones.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    Take that back about the Good Wife right now!

  • lowercase_ryan


  • I think the inability to quit also stems from the fact that you would really hate to miss out if the show somehow gets good again. I am fairly optimistic so I always think that a bump in quality is right around the corner. I am probably delusional to hope but it is who I am.

  • becks

    This isn't completely crazy though. I gave up on Boardwalk Empire midway through season 2 and from what I hear it's gotten a lot better since then. I actually did the same thing with The Walking Dead but then caught up once everyone started singing its praises again. Sometimes the show really does pick back up.

  • AlexaCastro

    I'm too fucking deep man. I need to see how it ends. You know you've fucked your show up when you look forward to True Blood more than Dexter. Thank fuck Breaking Bad is back.

  • Teerace20

    Watched Breaking Bad and then trudged through Dexter on Sunday night..the immediate drop in quality of programming was almost physically painful. I freaking hate Dexter so much right now for still having 4 episodes left.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    That's why you wait till Monday. I watched nothing but Breaking Bad Sunday, and it was wonderful.

  • Teerace20

    Lesson learned. Mondays are already the WORST, might as well end them on a low note.

  • Welldressed

    You think your mondays are bad? I'm still watching Under The Dome.

  • Teerace20

    I'm a HUGE King fan. I quit Under the Dome 2/3 of the way through because I hated it. So I had no hope for the show...glad to see I made the right decision.

  • phase10

    For real. Maybe I just get the book and read the last page.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    Spoiler alert-- I'm led to believe the answer is "alien teenagers for shits and giggles."

  • Iman Alterego

    Same here.

  • Xtine13

    Yes. This.

  • qivucuzusywa

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    The writing for Hannah McKay has
    been atrocious so far this season. Portraying her as a victim in the
    last episode made no sense. Yvonne Strahovski deserves way better.

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