The Actress Who Played the Sexiest Character on TV in 2012 Joins 'The Walking Dead'

By Dustin Rowles | The Walking Dead | October 16, 2014 |


Alexandra Breckenridge, who was named as the Sexiest TV Character of 2012 by some jackass over on Uproxx, has joined the cast of The Walking Dead. She will play a mysterious character who will have a recurring role later this season with the possibility that she will be promoted to a series regular in season 6.

Obviously, they have to promote her to a series regular, right?


After all, I hear she’s very good to have around the set if there are spills.


And she likes to swing!


She’s also a woman of substance. She likes her art to be meaningful and deep.


She’s also tolerant, and very open to different kinds of things.


But if you’re hoping she might reveal her character before she debuts on the series, give it up. Breckenridge’s mouth is a trapped door!


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