The Station Agents "Girls" Finale Controversy Edition, Episode 13
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The Station Agents "Girls" Finale Controversy Edition, Episode 13

By Joanna Robinson | Station Agents | March 19, 2013 | Comments ()


We're back this week with some heated disagreements about the "Girls" finale, some hot and heavy love for Justin Timberlake and, seriously folks, why aren't you watching "The Americans"? If you're spoilerphobic, please make use of the show notes we've included at the bottom of this page to help you navigate spoilers. You can find every episode of the podcast at, you can suscribe via RSS or via iTunes and you can shoot us an email any old time at to let us know what you think of the show.

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Show Notes For The Spoilerphobes!

Show Notes For The Spoilerphobes!
1:30 "Weekly 5"
2:48 "The Americans"
6:56 "Justified"
11:41 "Parks and Recreation"
16:18 "The Office"
19:51 "Survivor"
21:38 "The Good Wife"
24:20 "The Walking Dead"
27:40 "Bob's Burgers"
28:37 "SNL"
32:51 "Girls"
44:36 "Cougar Town"
46:00 "Veronica Mars"

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Comments Are Welcome, Bigots and Trolls Are Not

  • May

    I love The Good Wife too! You're not the only one, promise.

  • Austie

    Just so you guys know, there's an option on the VM kickstarter page to just donate without accepting any of the reward prizes.

    So seriously, go do your part and donate some money!

  • Three_nineteen

    You guys apparently didn't see this The Dead Zone ep.

    Anthony Michael Hall: We have to solve this mystery fast! But first, I'm getting a drink at the bar.

    Sidekick: But we didn't have time to go to the bank, so you have no money!

    AMH: Don't worry, I'll use my Credit Card.

    Sidekick: But using your Credit Card will take too long!

    AMH: For purchases under $20, you don't have to sign anything - just swipe and go. It won't take long at all. Plus, I'll get rewards points!

    Sidekick: Wow, that Credit Card sounds great! Get me a drink too.

    That's pretty much what I remember of the actual scene from an actual broadcast episode.

  • Mike D

    The reason the nueva ring sketch seemed familiar is because they have done a similar one in the past. i.e. a commercial about nueva ring. I don't remember the premise, but it was there. So one original sketch.

  • David Danger Robinson

    loved this podcast, i felt like girls was talked about in a good way (and yes those tumblr people are weird) and because of this i'm starting to watch the Americans...

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