The Station Agents Ep. 32: F*cking Todd Edition
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The Station Agents Ep. 32: F*cking Todd Edition

By Joanna Robinson | Station Agents | August 27, 2013 | Comments ()

F Todd.png

Josh, Dustin and Joanna are back together again to discuss their dangerous attraction to Jane Fonda, the very best of the “Suits” convention and, well, Todd. F*ck that guy. If you’re spoilerphobic, please make use of the show notes we’ve included at the bottom of this page to help you navigate spoilers. You can find every episode of the podcast at, you can suscribe via RSS or via iTunes and you can shoot us an email any old time at to let us know what you think of the show.

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Show Notes For The Spoilerphobes!
1:26 “Weekly 5”
2:23 “Childrens Hospital”
3:37 “Suits”
6:57 “Broadchurch”
9:43 “The Bridge”
17:00 “The Newsroom”
25:40 “Breaking Bad”
40:34 “Dexter”

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  • Patrick Devitt

    Where is episode 34?

  • Did we skip last week because Labor Day? That would be sad. :(

  • Lanaaaaaaaaaaa!

    Aren't there 3 episodes left in newsroom? 8, 9, and 10, right?

  • pajiba

    It was abbreviated. Sorkin cut an episode.

  • Ofir Fishkin

    that picture makes me laugh every time.

  • marigi

    Spoiler for the Newsroom.

    The Jane Fonda scene was great!!!! My only pickle with the episode is that the blame is ultimately put on Will, which is constantly getting beaten with a club repeatedly in almost every episode. In both seasons we are constantly reminded how important ratings are for Will, and he only gets good ratings if he doesn't do the show he loves or if he gives a wrong scoop. What's the point???? I think Sorkin's been burnt too many times with comments regarding how his characters always win, how they're always right and he's taking it all out on poor Will. Give him a break!

  • Shannon

    This is episode 33. You skipped 32 :/

  • JoannaRobinson

    You're right! But we didn't skip 32, you can find it here!

  • $6950553

    That means last week I commented on podcast 31 on pajiba while wrongly thinking it was the one I had just listened to via itunes. I may need a flow-chart to figure this numbering out.

  • Shannon

    Thanks. I had listened to 32 and slowly started to realize it wasn't the same as what's in this post. Good episodes no matter where I listen though.

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