The Station Agents Ep. 23: Who The BLEEP Are You, Bob Benson?
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The Station Agents Ep. 23: Who The BLEEP Are You, Bob Benson?

By Joanna Robinson | Station Agents | May 29, 2013 | Comments ()

Bob Benson.png

Hey folks! Josh, Joanna and Dustin are back to gush and groan about the state of television. If you're spoilerphobic, please make use of the show notes we've included at the bottom of this page to help you navigate spoilers. You can find every episode of the podcast at, you can suscribe via RSS or via iTunes and you can shoot us an email any old time at to let us know what you think of the show.

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Show Notes For The Spoilerphobes!
1:17 "Weekly 5"
2:27 "Modern Family"
5:22 "The Middle"
7:58 "Orphan Black"
15:23 "Behind the Candelabra"
18:35 "Mad Men"
24:45 "Rectify"
32:14 "Arrested Development Season 4"

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  • BWeaves

    Oh, duh! I just finally got the Bobby 5 joke on Mad Men.

  • mairimba

    In season 3 of AD the family already acknowledged that they made gay jokes about Tobias when the Nelly situation was going on.

  • mairimba

    The car dealership scene: Ted was provoking Daniel by making fun of him regarding him being raped in the prison bathroom. He told him why didn't he just take it. So I imagine Daniel wanted to make him feel humiliated maybe?

  • InternetMagpie

    Wait. Stop. Is that Myax's boyfriend Grant? Do I have to start watching Mad Men again?!

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