The Return Of The Station Agents: Episode 9
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The Return Of The Station Agents: Episode 9

By Joanna Robinson | Station Agents | February 13, 2013 | Comments ()

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We're back! After an extended hiatus and tinkering a bit with the format, Joanna Robinson, Dustin Rowles and Josh Kurp have returned to discuss their top five favorite TV episodes of the week. If you're spoilerphobic, please make use of the show notes we've included at the bottom of this page to help you navigate spoilers. You can find every episode of the podcast at, you can suscribe via RSS or via iTunes and you can shoot us an email any old time at to let us know what you think of the show.

Download the most recent episode or head on over to iTunes.

Before you hit play, beware. Here be expletives.

Show Notes For The Spoilerphobes!

1:30 "Weekly 5"
4:27 "The Americans"
9:30 "Justified"
17:15 "New Girl"
20:27 "Community"
22:49 "The Walking Dead"
27:24 "The Office"

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Comments Are Welcome, Bigots and Trolls Are Not

  • This is a legit comment! Please don't cancel this podcast! My fav podcast of all time was Hollywood Babble-On (Smodcast via Ralph Garman and Kevin Smith) and since I've heard of this show.. I mean, you guys have been great! I forgot the point I was trying to make since I'm drunk and all.. Anyway.. more of the Station Agents (I'm one of those hipsters who loved the titled movie before the podcast) and hopefully there will be a new season of a batch of TV podcasts with Dave Chen. Your voice is like honey to my ears quite literally, Joanna. Also you have great gang behind you and hopefuly will hear you/them again.

    PS! Bring back Justifiedcas,, The Ones Who Knock and the A Cast of Kings.

    Since I don't have a credit card, I can't do much to support you guys.
    Well, here's my virtual XOXO and a hallmark card!

    Ronn from Tallinn, Estonia

    PPS! I apologize for my spelling. I'm pretty tipsy.

  • Case Crum

    Yay! A new episode of The Station Agents!

  • dizzylucy

    Yay, glad it's back! As long as there's a Justified discussion, I'm a happy girl.

  • lowercase_ryan

    damn, no disagreement. Good stuff.

  • lowercase_ryan

    love the new format. Streams excellently. I'll be back to disagree with you after I listen.

  • Joe Grunenwald

    This will be my first episode of The Station Agents. Woo!

  • Kballs

    Community was embarrassingly awful this week. I felt bad for the cast. I got so uncomfortable during some parts I had to avert my eyes. I'm not there yet, but they need to step it up if they want to avoid talk of Bitter McQuitterpants being the real genius behind the show.

  • Case Crum

    Now that SMASH is dead, I'm making "Community" my new hatewatch of the week. It's awful without Harmon. I look forward to seeing how terrible it can get.

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