Ah-mazing 'Star Wars' Fans Send An X-Wing into Space

By Cindy Davis | Star Wars | April 29, 2015 | Comments ()

By Cindy Davis | Star Wars | April 29, 2015 |

And you thought you were excited about seeing The Force Awakens this December…well now, have a look at what a couple of Brits did in the hopes of getting premiere tickets. Amateur astronomers Matt Kingsnorth and Phil St. Pier attached a model X-Wing fighter to weather balloons, attached a GPS to track it, and a GoPro camera to film the journey, and added a little message to catch J.J. Abrams’ attention. Um…I think it just might work!

The X-Wing reportedly made it to an altitude of 36,190 meters; that’s 118734 feet, or about 22 miles. A-freakin’mazing!

May the force be with you in your quest for tickets, dudes (Tweet #HeyJJ if you want to help the guys out).

Me, I’m thinking about throwing my kid’s growling Chewbacca as high as I can while trying to snap a pic on my iPhone.

(via Space.com)

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