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Why Jon Hamm Wasn't Allowed to Do 'Gone Girl'

John Oliver Asks You To Please Not Be an Asshole This April Fool's Day

What's New, Noteworthy, and Not Worth Your Time on Netflix in April

Jamie Foxx Smeared Schlocky Transphobia All Over the iHeartRadio Awards

Happy Birthday Lucy Lawless, You Beautiful, Powerful Giver of No F*cks

Billy Zane Doesn't Understand Your Zayn Support, But He Appreciates It

'Spy' May Not Be Perfect, But Melissa McCarthy Sure Is

A Fully Debauched Patrick Stewart Is Heading For Our Televisions

Aaron Paul May Be Heading to Baby Town

'Trainwreck' Is the Thinking/Sexing/Swearing/Loving Person's Rom-Com We've Been Waiting For

All in Favor of an 'It's Always Sunny'/'Game of Thrones' Crossover, Raise Your Hands

Barack Obama Took a Break From Presidenting to Interview The Wire's David Simon

The 'Dope' Trailer Is Infinitely More Engaging and Well-Made Than Most Full Movies

Lena Headey Opens Up About Her Depression & Jeremy Renner's Divorce Took a Turn For the Horrible

David O. Russell's Abandoned 'Accidental Love' Is Not Even Worthy of an All-GIF Review

The BBC Plans to Drown Us in Colin Firth, Award Winning Profanity, and More 'The Office'

Natalie Portman Got Kanye'd in Germany By Environmentalists With a Satirical Sex Polar Bear

Sarah Jessica Parker Aimed Her Powerful Stink Eye at National Treasure Tom Hanks

This 'Mindy Project' Season Finale Could Not Have Come At a Better Time

Celebrate! That 'Key and Peele' Movie Is Really Happening

Watch Kevin Hart & Will Ferrell Tell a Gay Reporter There's No Homophobia in 'Get Hard'

Norman Reedus Would Like to Help You Free the Nipple

Lessons In Being Terrible: How to Shut Down a Q&A With the Power of Sheer Idiocy

New BFFs Leonardo DiCaprio and Justin Bieber Are a Match Made In Douchedom

Jennifer Lawrence Says Her 'X-Men' Days Are Done

Killing Time Before 'Orphan Black' Returns With Some Everyday Cosplay and Extended Clips

They're Not Gone! What Some of Your Favorite People Had Going On At SXSW

Shailene Woodley, The Rich White Wood Nymph Who Doesn't Understand Feminism, Is MTV's Favorite 'Trailblazer'

LeBron James and Vaginal Tattoos: 6 Life Lessons From Amy Schumer

John Stamos Is Really Tired of Getting Asked For Sex Selfies

This Stop Motion 'Jurassic Park' Proves You Can Do Anything With $100,000 Worth of Legos

Cymbeline Review: This Is Why People Hate Shakespeare

David Arquette Had His Ass Handed to Him By Justin Bieber

James Franco Says He's Gay 'Up To the Point of Intercourse'

Did Anyone Think Justin Bieber Could Make It Through His Roast Without Crying?

Ava DuVernay Doesn't Give a F*ck About the Oscars, Gives Lots of F*cks About Oprah

Here's the Reason Why Taylor Swift Had to Insure Her $40 Million Legs

The Women of 'Orange Is the New Black' Could Sing (And Shiv) You Under the Table

Leonardo DiCaprio Is Going to Help Adrian Grenier Find the Loneliest Whale. (The Whale Is His Penis)

Robert Downey Jr. Gave a Young Boy a 3D-Printed Bionic Arm Worthy of Iron Man Himself

Katy Perry Thinks Kim Kardashian Dresses Inappropriately, Because Pots Are Calling Kettles Slutty Now

Please Find Better Ways to Express Your 'Breaking Bad' Love Than Throwing Pizzas at Things

Nick Hornby Explains Why He Never Made 'High Fidelity 2'

Broad City's Abbi and Ilana Lose Their Sh*t Over Jon Stewart

Here's the Ultra Disturbing Reason Why Tom Cruise and John Travolta Can Presumably Never Leave Scientology

In One Perfect Rant, 'The Mindy Project' Nails All the Weirdest Elements of Catholicism

How We Learned More About Mike Ehrmantraut In One Night of 'Better Call Saul' Than In Five Seasons of 'Breaking Bad'

Hannibal Buress Is Getting His Own Comedy Central Show! Rejoice, Fans of Good Things!

Robin Wright Says Sean Penn Taught Her How to Love... By Being an Unlovable Monster

Amy Schumer Is a Damn National Treasure. A Sexy, Honest, Foulmouthed Treasure

Sarah Jones' On-Set Death Finally Gets a Tiny Bit of Justice

Here's the 'Mindy Project' Scene With Stephen Colbert That Was Too Funny To Air (For Real)

Sam Simon, 'Simpsons' Creator and All-Around Hero of Life, Has Passed Away

Madonna Thinks Kanye Is the 'Black Madonna' and Sean Penn Thinks We're All 'Flagrantly Stupid'

The Women We're Looking Forward to Meeting in This Year's Movies

The 'Veep' Season 4 Trailer Gives Us a Hilariously Incompetent President Meyer

Something Kind of Amazing Has Actually Come Out of All That 'The Dress' Mania

Taylor Swift Has Permanently Won the 'I Just Woke Up Like This' Selfie Game

Broad City's Abbi & Ilana Address the Issues So Many Women Have With Porn

Aaron Paul Wants What We All Want: To See Him Cameo on 'Better Call Saul'

How Do We Make Patton Oswalt's 'Unbreakable' Sequels Happen?

Here's the First Look at Gillian Flynn's Creepy, Murdery 'Gone Girl' Follow-Up

Leonardo DiCaprio Is Not Taking a Break From Sexing Models to Sex Rihanna

'Maps to the Stars' Review: David Cronenberg May Have Elevated the Shallow Hate-Watch to Actual Art

Watch Edgar Wright Drool Over the Criterion DVD Closet

You Definitely Want to Watch This Super Weird, Offensive 'Back to the Future' Deleted Scene

'New Girl' Continues to Make You Feel Better About Whatever Version of Adulthood You May Be Living

Amy Pascal Can't Move Into Her New Office Because of Seth Rogen's Permanent Weed Cloud

Paul Scheer Generously Shared a Terrible Sketch From Way Before He Was Famous

Here's the Original Short 'Whiplash' With J.K. Simmons Still Being Feature-Level Terrifying

Aya Cash Talks About the Frustratingly Secretive Plans for 'You're the Worst'

Justin Bieber's Obsession With Seth Rogen is Reaching Sad Lost Puppy Levels of Embarrassment

'The Last Man on Earth' Is a Surprisingly Fantastic Post-Apocalyptic Story

'Bob's Burgers' Has Given Us the Absolutely Perfect 'Game of Thrones' Parody

Breaking 'Spectacular Spider-Man' News Gives Us a Whedonverse Director and Possible RDJ Involvement

Taylor Swift Gives Us All a Lesson In How to Pose Awkwardly With Your Friend's Naked Stomach

The Best and Worst of What's New on Netflix This Month

Watch Meryl Streep's Cut Original Song From 'Into the Woods'

Leonard Nimoy's Advice to a Young Girl Is a Heartbreaking Example of Everything He Was

Dancing Sam Rockwell Gives Us The Sexiest Music Video In the History of Music Videos

David O. Russell Pulled a David O. Russell, Got Into a Screaming Match With Jennifer Lawrence

All The Weirdest Sh*t That's Gone Down at 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Screenings

What the Hell Is Happening In Amy Poehler's Unaired '90s Hacker Pilot?

Apparently a Lot of People Didn't Hate Neil Patrick Harris' Oscar Hosting Performance

Lindsay Lohan Can Add 'Restraining Order' To Her Legal Trouble Bingo Board

The 'Jane the Virgin' Cast Picks Sides: Team Michael vs. Team Stupid Rafael

Amy Schumer Is The Worst Hipster Drug Dealer In the Worst Cop Procedural

One of Your Favorite 'Community' Directors Will Be Taking On The 'Lego Movie' Sequel

The Taylor Swift Belly Button Mystery Is Solved, Plus Jamie Dornan's Publicist Reins Him In

All the Times the 'Parks and Recreation' Finale Made You Cry Your Face Off

A Brief History of Abysmal Oscars Hosts

The 'Snow White and the Huntsman' Sequel Is Casting Way Out Of Its League Now

Katee Sackhoff and James Van Der Beek Will Make You Love the Power Rangers

Jamie Dornan Joins the Long List of People Who Don't Want Him to Play Christian Grey Anymore

Richard Pryor's Widow On the Hypocrisy of Bill Cosby: "He's a Piece of Sh*t"

A Look at the Early, Possibly Embarrassing Breakout Roles of Last Night's Oscar Winners

Last Night's Biggest Oscars Snub Had Nothing to Do With the Nominees

Kanye West Needs Your Help to Get His Mom Into Heaven

Watch Kyle Mooney Mumble All Over New York In This Cut SNL40 Sketch

The Emmys Have Changed Their Arbitrary Rules to Be Differently Arbitrary

Give This Sesame Street 'Birdman' Parody All the Oscars

Hugh Grant Says He Hasn't Watched Porn in Three Years

'Fresh Off the Boat' Had One of the Greatest Sex Talks in TV History

'Wayward Pines' Could Be a Return to the M. Night Shyamalan We Remember

'Parks and Recreation's' Harris Wittels Was Found Dead Today

Henry Winkler Says We're Definitely Maybe Getting Another Season of 'Arrested Development'

Iggy Azalea Quit Twitter Because People Made Fun Of Her Ass, and Michael Che Quit Because He Acted Like an Ass

'The Last Five Years' Is the Most Painfully Honest Recent Love Story That Also Happens to Be Told Through Song

Dan Aykroyd Is All For 'Female Empowerment' But Still Isn't Ready to Let 'Ghostbusters' Go

Here's the Full 'Johnny Karate' Legal Disclaimer From Last Night's 'Parks and Recreation'

Nicholas Brendon Was Arrested Again For Felony Grand Theft and Being a General Mess

Last Night's 'Parks and Recreation' Was a Parade of Farewell Cameos

Analyzing the Adorableness of the 'Jane the Virgin' Cast's Twitter Accounts

Get Ready For Some Awkwardly Executed Bondage Jokes: Dakota Johnson Will Host the Next SNL

Billy Eichner Just Keeps Getting Weirder and Weirder, Doesn't He?

No, John Oliver Won't Be Taking Over 'The Daily Show'

Warning: If You Shush Women During '50 Shades' They May Stab You

Matthew Vaughn, Dream Crusher, Wanted to Recast Hugh Jackman's Wolverine

Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney Played "Shake It Off" Together at the SNL Afterparty

Celebrate Presidents' Day With the 10 Best Fake Presidents

Lena Headey Confirms She's Pregnant, Has Not Yet Confirmed If This Is a Baby Viper

Vin Diesel Would Like to Melt Your Pants Off With a Valentines Serenade

Good Old Guillermo del Toro, Always Good For Some New Nightmare Fuel

Happy Anniversary to Us: 'The Breakfast Club' Is Coming Back to Theaters

Reese Witherspoon Doesn't Allow the Plebs to Look Her In the Eye

SNL Keeps Adding to Their 40th Anniversary Special. Here Are All the Guests So Far

Here's What 'Game of Thrones' Looks Like Before They Add In the Dragons

How Can 'The Americans' Be So Repulsive and So Sexy At the Same Time?

Rich White Dude Vince Vaughn Wants to Tell You How 'Racist' Affirmative Action Is

The Latest Middle-of-the-Pack Romantic Comedy Giving the Genre a Mediocre Name: 'Love, Rosie'

Are You Ready to Have Cameron Crowe Back In Your Life?

Did Netflix Really Release 'House of Cards' Early By Accident, Or Is This All Part of Frank's Plan?

Miley Cyrus Ends Her Short-Lived Non-Porn Career

Last Night's 'Parks and Rec' Took On the Disgusting Idiocy of the Men's Rights Movement

Is That 'Happy Endings' Reunion Actually Happening?

Louis C.K.'s Rants Are Disturbingly Natural Coming From the Mouth of Comics' Cathy

Neill Blomkamp Is 'Not Giving Up' On His Awesome 'Alien' Project

What the F*ck Are You Even Doing, Urban Outfitters?

Yup, Miley Cyrus Is Officially Doing Porn Now

8 Times Television Did Long Tracking Shots As Well As the Movies

'Neighbors' Is Getting a Sequel and It's All About the Ladies

Rumor Time: Ryan Gosling May be Our Disney Beast

Way to Go, Chris Pratt. Now THIS Is How You Lose a Bet

Brad Pitt Doesn't Want to Be Friends With 'Embarrassing' Man-Child George Clooney Anymore

Let's Talk About That 'Broad City' Strap-On, Shall We?

The '50 Shades of Grey' Legos Have More Chemistry Than Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson

Damon Wayans Jr. Is Leaving 'New Girl' ...Again

Everyone In the '50 Shades of Grey' Cast Hates Each Other & Amy Pascal Steps Down at Sony

'Amira & Sam' Review: Martin Starr's Non-Rom-Com

Pat Sajak Is Not Who We Thought He Was

Your Least Favorite 'Gilmore Girls' Character Joins Your Least Favorite TV Show

Val Kilmer Would Rather Bleed From the Throat Than Get Medical Treatment Because... Religion?

There Were a Lot of Weird Dance Parties on TV This Week

Here's Why We're So Sad to See Adam Pally Leave 'The Mindy Project'

Ryan Gosling's Terrible Movie Has a Terrible Trailer

You Can Never Unsee The Resemblance Between Eddie Redmayne and Jennifer Garner

Jeff Bridges Admits He Was As Disappointed With That 'Giver' Adaptation As You Were

Lindsay Lohan Is Suing Fox News For Saying the Things Everyone Was Already Thinking

'Transparent's' Jill Soloway Is Bringing Feminism to MTV

As a 'Card-Carrying Feminist,' Terry Crews Is Really Excited For the New 'Ghostbusters'

Carrie-Anne Moss Will Kick Ass On (Or Maybe the Ass Of) 'Jessica Jones'

The Best and Weirdest Moments From Adam Pally's Abysmal 'Late Late Show' Guest Host Gig

Justin Timberlake and His Nameless, Headless Baby Vessel Are Pregnant!

An Open Letter to the Douche Bros Who Heckled a Woman's Murder on 'The Americans'

Tatiana Maslany Is Joining the Ever-Expanding 'Star Wars' Galaxy

It's Here! The 'Game of Thrones' Season 5 Trailer Is Bowie-Level Awesome

Yes, We Would All Watch Kristen Wiig's Whackadoodle Talk Show

Meet 'Jurassic World's' Terrifying New Genetically Bastardized Dinosaur

Johnny Depp Is Getting Hitched & Justin Bieber Shares a Pooping Selfie

Ernie Hudson Changed His Opinion On the New 'Ghostbusters' Really Damn Fast

Watch Amy Schumer Get Awkwardly Handsy With Anna Kendrick

Netflix Has Given Jessica Jones a New BFF and Boy Is She a Hellcat, Ba Dum Tsh

On a Scale From 'Don't Care' to 'Shark-Eating Dinosaurs': Ranking the Super Bowl Movie Spots

Sean Penn Was Just Kidding With His First Two Marriages, Says Charlize Theron Will Be His First Wife

The New 'Supergirl' Has Found Its Surprisingly Sexy Jimmy Olsen

Joe Swanberg Gives Us the Gift of a Full Frontal Chris Messina

Emile Hirsch Assaulted a Woman at Sundance & David Oyelowo Defends Cumberbatch's Stupid Comments

Prep For the Return of 'The Americans' With the Show's Best and Worst Wigs

Let's Speculate Wildly on the New Ghostbusters Characters

John Oliver Finally Tells Us Why Jamie Dornan Is #NotMyChristian

Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Your New Ghostbusters

Chris Pratt May Be Our New Indiana Jones

Howard Stern Called Sam Smith an 'Ugly M*ther F**ker'

Ms. Marvel Punches Real-Life Bigoted Hate Speech Garbage Straight Out of San Francisco

Who Will Chiwetel Ejiofor Be Playing In 'Doctor Strange'?

Dreamcasting the Rest of Emma Watson's 'Beauty and the Beast'

Benedict Cumberbatch Issues Apology for Saying Something Really @#$ing Dumb

8 Terrible SNL Episodes Hosted By Musicians (That Were Still Better Than Blake Shelton)

John Stamos Is Proof That the Universe Loves Us and Good Things Are Possible

Prep For Your Weekend 'Transparent' Binge-Watch With Some Behind the Scenes Videos

Sebastian Stan Is Going For the Gold in Sex-Gymnastics

Introducing The Frank Reynolds Guide to Dating

'Pirates of the Caribbean 5' Continues to Be a Thing That's Happening

Now You Can Watch The Best (Naked) Part of Last Night's 'Broad City' On Repeat Forever

This 'Parks & Rec' Deleted Scene Gives Us Ben and Leslie, Awesome Parents

Justin Timberlake's Fancy Restaurant Is Covered in Actual Sh*t

'Match' Review: 90 Minutes In Heaven With Patrick Stewart

Ava DuVernay Knew She Wouldn't Get an Oscar Nomination

Chris Evans and Chris Pratt Made a Super Bowl Bet to Melt All Hearts and Pants

Marilyn Manson Says He Coined 'Grunge,' Refused to F*ck Courtney Love

Let Ron Swanson and Leslie Knope Show You What True Friendship Looks Like

Steven Knight Promises a 'Clean Slate' For That 'World War Z' Sequel No One Wanted

Not All of Mark Wahlberg's Victims Think He Should Be Pardoned

Does Sarah Palin Understand What 'Hollywood' Means?

How 'Jane the Virgin' Snuck a Powerful #ImmigrationReform Message Into Last Night's Episode

Actor-Musician Johnny Depp Is 'Sickened' By Actor-Musicians

George Lucas Talks About His 'Star Wars' For Girls

Billy Crystal Clarifies: He's Not Opposed to Gay Sex Scenes, He's Opposed to ALL Sex Scenes

Will Arnett Is Making Sure You'll Never See a Shortage of Will Arnett on Netflix

Lena Dunham Knows What You Think of Her

Lena Dunham Finds the Only Woman Capable of Fixing Her Image

No One Asked, But Here Are Some Suggestions For NBC's Dolly Parton Movie Series

The Cast of 'West Wing' Got Together Again to Make Puns About Cheese

Neil deGrasse Tyson Takes This Child's Impossible Question VERY Seriously

Jessica Williams Takes on Alabama's 'Crazy-Ass' Fetal Attorneys

It's Been a Few Days Since We Had a Pregnancy Rumor. Cameron Diaz, You're Up.

Twitter Responded to the Oscar Nominations the Only Way It Knows How

Here's the All-Female 'Archer' Porn Parody You Never Ever Wanted

Everyone You Love Loves Sleater-Kinney

'Suicide Squad' Just Got a Lot Less Beautiful

Jennifer Aniston Got a Solid Lesson In Things Not Always Being About Her

Michael Keaton's Next Role May Be a McDonald's Hamburger Tycoon

Sarah Silverman Stopped By Deadpool, Is Way Too Filthy For Comic Books

Gwyneth Paltrow Says Brad Pitt Was 'Too Good' For Her

Behold the Majestic Wonder That Is Lee Pace's Epic Ponytail

Time Traveling to 2017 With 'Parks and Recreation': Where Are They Now?

Is It Wrong to Be This Excited About David Fincher's 'Strangers On a Train' Remake?

Celebrate the Return of 'Parks and Rec' With a Tribute to Ben's Butt

Martin Scorsese's New Casino Commercials Are Basically the 2016 Oscar Frontrunners

Zooey Deschanel Is Growing a Manic Pixie Dream Baby Inside of Her

Gillian Flynn Says She's Open To a 'Gone Girl' Sequel. The World Says No Thank You

The New 'Supergirl' Just Dropped a Big Ol' F-Bomb. As In Feminist

Matthew McConaughey's 'Dazed and Confused' Audition Was Alright, Alright, Alright

Paying Tribute to Hayley Atwell's Phenomenal Live-Tweeting, Over-Sharing Twitter Account

Amy Adams Is NOT Having Babies Via a Surrogate, She's Just Kinda Awkward

Our Golden Globes Wish List

The 'Parks & Rec' Cast Reveals the Scenes They Wish They'd Filmed

Key & Peele's Super Bowl Special Will Hopefully Be Heavy on the Crotch-Pumping

Aubrey Plaza and Robert De Niro: A Match Made In Ick

Amal Clooney Is Tired of George's Friends Because Of Course She Is

'Inherent Vice' Review: A Hell of a Ride, But You're Gonna Have to Work For It

Analyzing the General, All Pervasive Terror of J.K. Simmons

The 'Bojack Horseman' Creator Gives an Incredible Explanation For Comedy's Underrepresentation of Women

Ryan Reynolds Is a Cat-Talking, Anna Kendrick-Loving Murderer

New 'Fargo' Casting News Gives Us the Young, Lustable Lou Solverson We've Been Waiting For

Jessica Chastain and Meryl Streep React to Russell Crowe's Idiocy In Very Different Ways

'A Most Violent Year' Review: Never Seen a More Beautiful Mess

The Guys Behind 'Silicon Valley' Are Already Working On Your Next Favorite Show

Sia Enlists Shia LeBeouf to Fight a Young Child in Her New Music Video

The Highs and Lows of Marvel's 'Agent Carter'

Benedict Cumberbatch Knocked Up His Fiancée & Brangelina Meet the Pope

The 8 Gaby Hoffmanniest Things Gaby Hoffmann Has Ever Said

The First 'Ant-Man' Teaser Trailer Is Here!

Did Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's New Artisanal Baby Cost Someone Their Job?

'Fargo's' Noah Hawley Drops Some Season Two Details: It'll Be 'A Lot Bigger'

'Ant-Man' Keeps On Keeping On With That Teeny Tiny Ant-Sized Joke

Anna Kendrick Says She'd Have No Career Without the 'Weirdos.' It's Our Pleasure, Really.

Channing Tatum Just Dropped an 'X-Men' Release Date on Us

Zooey Deschanel Hates the New 'New Girl' Opening, Too

Pedro Almodóvar Reveals the Reason He Turned Down 'Brokeback Mountain'

The Stupidest Things Celebrities Said About Feminism in 2014

Gwyneth Paltrow Continues to Make It Really Difficult to Take Her Seriously

The Best Everything of 2015 List (So Far)

The New 'Cinderella' Looks Exactly Like Every Other Cinderella Ever Made

Neill Blomkamp's Abandoned 'Alien' Project Needs to Be an Immediate Reality

'The Imitation Game's' Oscar Campaign Is Taking an Interesting, Less Cumberbatchian Approach

Kaley Cuoco Says Those Feminism Comments Were Taken Out of Context

Gwyneth Paltrow Says She's Earned Everything She's Gotten. You Know, Except the Stuff That Was Handed to Her

R.I.P. 'Selfie' (Again). Here Are All the Things We'll Miss

This Behind the Scenes Video Shows Off the Many Fabulous Wigs of 'Agent Carter'

Benedict Cumberbatch Finally Speaks About That Alleged Fassbender Dance-Off

Kaley Cuoco Joins the Long List of Celebrities Who Think You Can't Be a Feminist If You Like Baking

Christine Baranski Defends the Worst Part of 'Into the Woods'

'Shaun of the Dead Live' May Be The World's Next Theatrical Spectacular

This 1988 Stan Lee Interview Is a Weird Prophecy of Comics Future

The Best of What's New on Netflix on January 1st, 2015

Five Ways 'Into the Woods' Could Have Been a Whole Lot Better

Judd Apatow Goes on an Epic Anti-Bill Cosby Twitter Rant

9 Movie New Year's Eves More Exciting Than Yours Will Be

The End of An Eccentric Era: Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter Are Splitsville

Russell Crowe Says There Are Plenty of Roles For Women In Hollywood, We're All Just Doing It Wrong

11 Terrible Christmas Gifts From TV and Movies

How Do We Feel About Our New Luke Cage: A Deep Introspection

A Brand New Pee-Wee Herman Movie May Be Coming to Netflix

This DC/Marvel Crossover Trailer Is Better Than Most Actual DC or Marvel Movies

Celebrate Christmas the Super Depressing Way: With This Weird 'Bob's Burgers' Carol

What Are Your Holiday Binge Watch Plans?

Jena Malone Says Being Homeless as a Child Was "Glorious"

What You Should See (And What to Avoid) If You Go to the Movies on Christmas

Poor Slacker College Dropout Gwyneth Paltrow Is Having a Hard Time Finding a Job

All the Reasons Why You Should Definitely See 'Annie'

2014's Most Kickass TV Power Couples

Introducing Jonah Hill: Even Seriouser Actor

Does Sarah Silverman Seem Old Enough For a Midlife Crisis?

"Academy Award Winner Jennifer Aniston" Is Happening, Whether We Like It or Not

Hollywood is Losing Its Sh*t Over the Cancellation of 'The Interview'

The Other Film Casualty of This "Interview' Mess

'Jane the Virgin's' Gina Rodriguez Reassesses Her Views on Feminism

Jennifer Lawrence Is Eating Pizza With a New Guy, Which May or May Not Be a Euphemism

7 Of the The Dumbest Things Aaron Sorkin Has Ever Said

Adult Swim Has Found Their Supremely F*cked Up Follow Up to 'Too Many Cooks'

The Daily Show's Jessica Williams Is Breaking Into the Gossip Blog Business

Neil Gaiman's 'Sandman' Dream Casting Is Absolute Perfection

Scarlett Johansson Thinks She Has an "OK Body" & Jennifer Aniston Would Like You to Stay Out of Her Vagina

Seth Rogen Swears He Didn't Think 'The Interview' Was Controversial Enough to Incite a Hacking

Amy Adams Says 'Batman v Superman' Will Not Include a Lois Lane/Wonder Woman Catfight

Billy Eichner Got Amy Poehler to Bully People Into Caroling With Them

Sony Wants Ryan Gosling To Be In Every Movie Ever, So Here Are Some Suggestions

Lindsay Lohan Is Too Classy For America, And Anna Kendrick Drapes Herself in Velvet

8 Festive Winter Movies For the Non-Christmasers Among Us

Happy Friday! Here's a Video of Chris Pratt Being Weird

The 'Parks and Rec' Cast and Crew Are Making the Internet Cry on Their Last Day of Shooting

Marvel DOES Want Spider-Man, Doesn't Want Andrew Garfield

The Singer From Creed Thinks the CIA Is Telling Him to Assassinate the President

This Year's Golden Globes Nominations Could Have Been a Lot Worse

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Reveals a Few Character Details in a Spectacularly Cool Way

Best Buy Tries and Painfully Fails to Get In On the 'Serial' Game

What Is Happening on Simon Pegg's Face?

Can Someone Teach Evangeline Lilly How Words Work?

'Life Partners' Review or 'Gillian Jacobs Can Carry the Sh*t Out of a Movie'

Shonda Rhimes Rejects the Idea That She Shattered Hollywood's Glass Ceiling

Nick Offerman Sings About the Many NSFW Uses of the Classic Handkerchief

Angelina Jolie Is Just Pissing Everyone Off, Isn't She?

The Week's Most Heartbreaking Moment of Television Was Provided By 'Selfie'

9 Celebrities Who Are Secretly Using Their Powers For Good

This Behind the Scenes 'Boyhood' Featurette Is the Next Best Thing to the Movie Itself

Prepare to Have Your Hopes Skyrocket For 'The Little Prince'

The Real (Terrifying) Reason Mark Wahlberg Wants That Pardon

Someone Figured Out the Problem With the 'Terminator: Genisys' Trailer

The Sony Hackers Have Released an Unintentionally Hilarious Warning Letter

13 Other Great 'Saturday Night Live' Sketches That Never Made It to Air

Leonardo DiCaprio Had a 21-Way in Miami & The Desperate Search For a Keira Knightley Baby Bump

'SNL' Made the Perfect Commentary on Ferguson... And Then Cut It Out of the Show

The Weirdest Crap You Can Buy In Burt Reynold's Personal Auction

Kirk Cameron's 'Saving Christmas' Is Making History! (With How Bad Its Ratings Are)

Sony Really, REALLY Hates Adam Sandler

Patton Oswalt Turns His Unparalleled Troll Powers on His Grammy Competition

Mark Wahlberg Wants to Be Pardoned for Blinding a Man In a Fight

'Before I Disappear': I Would Give Anything to Live in a World Where This Movie Doesn't Exist

Why 'Fargo' Won't Win Any Writers Guild Awards This Year

12 Celebrities More Deserving of a Cult Than Andrew Keegan

It's Official: Krysten Ritter Is Our Sexy, Snarky, Foul-Mouthed Jessica Jones

When 90 Minutes of Heartache Isn't Enough: 'Dear Zachary' Is Being Made Into a Miniseries

Miley Cyrus Has Outdone Even Herself, and the Very Weird Friendship of GOOP and Meryl

'The Imitation Game' Is a Damn Good Impression of a Great Movie

The New 'Orphan Black' Promo Knows What We Want: More Alison Being a Badass

What We Can Expect From Round Two of Jimmy Fallon: New Dad

Chris Rock's No-F*cks-Given, No-Punches-Pulled Essay On Hollywood's Race Problem

Daniel Craig Says Mike Myers 'F*cked' the Bond Films, and Taylor Swift Bans a Mean Girl

New Girl May Have Given Us the Best Ever Definition of Inclusive Feminism

Why You Should Be More In Love With Kumail Nanjiani Than You Are

Relevant to Our Interests: Alexandra Daddario Teaches Us How to Date Her

Jane Krakowski's 'Peter Pan' Audition Will Be 100x More Entertaining Than the Actual Show

George Clooney Fits In Perfectly to 'Downton Abbey.' A Little TOO Perfectly

Natalie Dormer Refused to Do a Certain 'Game of Thrones' Scene, and (Surprise!) Rosario Dawson is a New Mom

'Parks & Recreation' Guest Stars We Insist On Seeing In the Show's Final Season

A Complete List of Netflix's New December Releases

This Original 'Friends' Script Reminds Us Not to Judge a Show By Its Pilot

ScarJo Got Secret-Married, Officially Killing All Chances You Definitely Still Had of Making That Happen

Introducing the New Pajiba Oscar Bait Ranking System

The 'Hunger Games' Bad Lip Reading Give Us Katniss and Peeta: Pop Sensations

Johnny Depp Doesn't Give a F*ck What You Think of His Terrible Movies

Indisputable Proof That Canceling 'Selfie' Was ABC's Greatest Mistake Ever

What the Faces Attached to Our Favorite Television Voices Actually Look Like

Joel McHale Is Turning the Internet's Toilet Into (Probably) Hilarious Television

Ah, So THIS Is Why Jennifer Aniston Has Been So Aggressively Cool Lately

This Mario Brothers-Themed 'Dancing With the Stars' Routine Is Way Better Than It Has Any Right to Be

JLaw and Liam Hemsworth Are Acting on the 'Insane Chemistry' That No One Who's Seen a 'Hunger Games' Knew Existed

Everyone In the World Has a Big Ol' Fat Crush on Meryl Streep

Why 'Brooklyn Nine Nine' Continues to Win the Guest Star Game

Miley Cyrus Dances Topless and Rides a Mechanical Penis, While Ansel Elgort Vanquishes His Own Sex Appeal

Everyone You Forgot Was In the Entire 'Scream' Franchise

Stanley Kubrick Really, REALLY Loved the Color Red

A Frisky Riker and a Cursing Picard: The 'Star Trek: TNG' Gag Reel Has It All

Has James Franco Finally Out-Pretensioned Himself?

Remembering Mike Nichols the Pajiba Way: With Clips and GIFs

Key and Peele Expose the Dark, Darkest, Way Too Dark Side of Competitive Aerobics

The 'Game of Thrones' Video Game Trailer Is Here and It's Amazing

A Sparkly New 'Into the Woods' Featurette Gives Us More Singing, More Meryl

'Foxcatcher' Is Not So Much a Movie As It Is a Really Impressive Talent Show

'Gotham' Is Giving Us the "Prenatal" Robin Backstory That No One Ever Wanted, Ever

Why on Earth Was Aidy Bryant's Spectacular Spectacular Cut From Last Week's 'SNL'?

The Week's Sexiest Television Moments

9 of Television's Most Lopsided Love Triangles

Jessica Williams Can't Stop, Won't Stop Kicking 'Daily Show' Ass

Janice Dickinson Adds Her Own Story to the Bill Cosby Rape Accusations

Oh Come the Hell On, Hollywood. Mae Whitman's Least Believable Role Ever

Broadway Audiences Simply Cannot Handle Being In the Presence of Hugh Jackman

Kristen Bell Is Smearing Her Peppy Christmas Spirit All Over Your Tiny Grinch Hearts

Leave It to 'The View' to Be F*cking Terrible About Bill Cosby's Accusers

All the Reasons Why Dan Harmon Wins For Best Wedding of All Time

Pinpointing the Exact Moment Johnny Depp Became a Human Cartoon Character

Everything We Insist Upon For Lee Pace's 'Mindy Project' Guest Spot

Seth Meyer's Aaron Sorkin Double-Parody Sketch Is Pure Meta Brilliance

Watch Hannibal Buress' Scathing Restaurant Reviews

Benedict Cumberbatch Is the Best At Impressions. At Everything. At Life

Looking For a Way to Get Your 'Serial' Fix In the Long Weeks Between Episodes?

Why is No One Talking About The Shameful Inspiration Behind That Kim Kardashian Photoshoot?

'The Theory of Everything' Review: In Trying to Be Everything, You Usually End Up Being Nothing

Proof That Marion Cotillard Can Sell Us Anything. Anything At All

Bryan Cranston In the Role He Was Born to Play: Narrating an Expletive-Ridden Children's Book

Listen to Emma Stone Belt the Sh*t Out of 'Cabaret' on Broadway

Can We Talk About How Weird Last Night's 'New Girl' Was?

Sorry Rap Industry, You Will Never Produce Anything Better Than This Incredible Transgender Child

Look Mulaney, Leave 'Bob's Burgers' Out of Your Shit

It Looks Like Weird Al Found a Way to Balance Out All Those Free Videos

Taylor Swift, Amalia Ulman, and The Art of Owning Your Perception

Adrianne Palicki Is Open to a (Fictional, Character-Based) Relationship With Jeremy Renner

Congratulations, Bill Cosby! Your Meme Generator Is Officially the Worst Idea Anyone Had Today

Get Ready. The Funniest, Crudest B*tches on Television Are On Their Way Back

'Serial' Discussion: Why Are We So Quick to Believe Adnan Syed Is Innocent?

The New 'Orphan Black' Promo Is Here and It Is Creepy as All Hell

How Did a Movie About a Mediocre Snack Food Get Ian F*cking McKellen In Its Cast?

Adult Swim's 'Too Many Cooks' Should Come With a Trigger Warning For General Insanity

'Selma' Looks to be 'Very Important Story' Done Right

This British Christmas Ad Will Melt Your Cold Heart With Love and Presents and Penguins

The New 'Hobbit' Trailer Is Everything You'd Expect and Then Some (More of That Same Thing)

'Horns': The Perfect Movie For People Who Hate Themselves and Want to Be Miserable For Two Hours

Can We Just Shoot Artie Lange Into Space Like the Human Garbage He Is?

Hooray! 'Marry Me' Has Been Ordered to a Not-Quite-Full Season

Wes Anderson Is Planning a Theme Park, the New Destination For Ever Vacation You Will Ever Take

Thank You, Wayne Brady, For Speaking Out About Your Depression

In a Shocking Turn of Events, Winston Was the Least Weird Character on Last Night's 'New Girl'

Sophia Loren Finally Explains the Greatest Picture in the History of Side-Eye

Idris Elba Doesn't Care About Spoilers, Is Over This Marvel Green Screen Sh*t

Christopher Nolan Throws the Shadiest of Shade in Marvel's Direction

7 More Child Villains We Don't Want to See On 'Gotham'

Cameron Esposito, Your Next Favorite Comedian, Answers All Your Scissoring-Related Questions

Tom Hanks Is Writing a Book. Yes, It Sounds Boring. No, That Doesn't Matter

John Oliver and Nick Offerman Give Us the World's Best Home Depot Employee

11 TV Couples Who Taught Us the Art of Arguing

In the Weirdest Cross-Promotion Ever, Fandango Wants to Send You to Space

The New Season of 'Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee' Has a Kickass Trailer to Tide You Over

'American Hustle' Is Being Sued for Sh*t-Talking the Microwave

Behold, the Single Greatest Creation to Ever Come Out of Halloween

Hurry, to the Internet! Here's Everything Leaving Netflix This Weekend

Jian Ghomeshi and Why We Need to Require More From Our Celebrities

The Fall's Best New Show Is About to Get Even Better

Cartoon Network Showed Its First Gay Kiss... Sort Of

The Coen Brothers' Cast For 'Hail, Caesar!' Is So Good, It Just Feels Like It's Bragging

Is 'Benched' More Horrifying or More Hilarious? It Can Be Hard to Tell

I Don't Care What Benedict Cumberbatch Is Selling With This Shakespearean Soliloquy, I'll Buy Three

Jordan Peele's Horror Project Looks to Be the Best Movie of Whenever It Eventually Comes Out

Amy Poehler's 'Parks and Rec' Finale Fantasy Plans Involve Arson, Awesomeness

Daniel Radcliffe Refuses to Not Be a Perfect Human Being In Every Interview Ever

'Nightcrawler' Continues to Kill It In the Trailer Department

You Don't Have to Care About Baseball to Appreciate This Beautiful Robin Williams Tribute

10 Terrible Horror Movies to Avoid at All Costs

Behold, the Power of the Internet: Here's the 'Avengers: Age of Pinocchio' Mashup We Desperately Needed

How 'A to Z' Might Benefit From More Realistic Episode Titles

'St. Vincent' Review: 'Bill Murray: The Movie'

Meryl Streep Is Tired of Winning Oscars For Great Performances, Will Now Win For a Terrible One

Happy Nightmaring, Courtesy of 'Key and Peele's' Terrifying Make-a-Wish Sketch

Mr. Incredible vs. Batgirl: Exposing the Cutthroat World of Hollywood's Costumed Characters

'Birdman' Review: Where the Hell Has This Movie Been All Our Lives?

Marvel Had the Perfect Response to That Leaked 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Trailer

Air New Zealand Has Made the Self-Proclaimed 'Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made'

Is There a Competition Going On for Worst Remake? Because 'Bewitched' Just Took the Lead

Why 'Marry Me' Needs to Make It to Its First Season Finale

Werner Herzog Yelling at Patton Oswalt is Educational AND Amazing

The 12 McConaughiest Quotes That Ever McConaugheyed

Chris Pine, Vampire Lawyer: The Role He Was Born to Play

The Woman Behind This Year's Most Controversial 'SNL' Moment Has Been Added to the Cast

The New 'Marcel the Shell' Video Is Like a Tiny Hug Straight Your Heart

Some Hopes for the Cast of 'Mulaney' When It Is Eventually, Deservedly Canceled

Russell Brand Is the Equivalent of Political Celebrity Herpes

Elisabeth Moss Is the Master of Verbal Ass Kickings

Are These 'Batman v Superman' Spoilers Really Worth $5 MIllion?

Chris Rock Just Dropped a Career Game-Changer on the Table

Christopher Nolan Just Keeps On Raising Our 'Interstellar' Expectations, Doesn't He?

Megan Amram and Nick Offerman Are Making Science Sexy as Hell

'Kill the Messenger' Is Better Than Nothing, But So Much Less Than We Want It To Be

Frances McDormand Has Some Very Strong Feelings About Plastic Surgery

'Hunger Games: Mockingjay' Gets a #Hashtag-tastic New Trailer

Neil Patrick Harris Is Hosting the Oscars! Here's Why You Should Be Even More Excited

'New Girl' and the Problem With Moral Absolutes

This Honest Trailer Is the Best Thing About 'Fight Club'

Why In the World Is Javier Bardem Considering Doing 'Pirates of the Caribbean 5'?

Benedict Cumberbatch Hates Homophobes, Will "Fight Them to the Death"

Bill Murray Is Making a Musical Christmas Special Because Dreams Do Come True

Christina Hendricks' Has Her Next Role Lined Up, And It's Very Un-Joan

John Oliver Finally Finds a Target Worthy of His Rage

Why It's Okay For Us to Be Upset For Cecily Strong, Even If She Isn't

You Can Never Have Too Much of Nasim Pedrad's Aziz Ansari Impression

How Is Every Single 'Game of Thrones' Character Not Dead From Alcohol Poisoning?

Watch the Trailer For 'A Merry Friggin' Christmas,' One of Robin Williams' Last Movies

Remembering the Late Jan Hooks With Some of Her Greatest SNL Moments

'Tomorrowland': Just Another Disney Dystopia, Now With 100% More Clooney!

The Marvel Experience Tour Will Take All Your Money, And You Will Say Thank You

'Men, Women & Children': A Case Study in Not Giving a Sh*t

Louis CK Was Really Weird On Twitter Today

Oh Yay, Internet Cretins Found a New Way to Be Gross About Jennifer Lawrence

'Dear White People' Can Finally Tell You Off Red Band Style

All the Super Weird Things We Learned About Winston During Last Night's 'New Girl'

In a Triumph Against Evil, the 'Say Anything' Reboot has Been Canceled

Please Let There Be Room For One More in This Meester/Jacobs Life Partnership

Edgar Wright Tries His Hand at Directing Pharrell Williams' Hat

In the Single Greatest Act of Reality TV Pandering Ever, Carlton Does the Carlton

The 'Bob's Burgers' Perfect Porn Parody Has Puns, Zombies, and So Many Butts

Watch Jeff Goldblum Inexplicably Play Good Cop/Bad Cop With Inanimate Objects

Nine Great Movies That Deserve to Be Made Into Terrible Musicals

The Insane True Story of What It Takes to Work With Bill Murray

Your Friday Freak-Out: David Lynch Is Teasing a Return of 'Twin Peaks'

Jessica Williams Is Back With More Tips on Avoiding Catcalling

A Shot for Shot Breakdown of Why David Fincher Is the F*cking Master

Bradley Cooper's Got That Oscar-Grabbing Weight Gain in 'American Sniper'

Robert Downey Jr. Shares How He Went From Human Cautionary Tale to Ultimate Family Man

Finally! It's the Tina Belcher Butt-Centric Techno Remix We've Been Waiting For

Watch Letterman Give Bill O'Reilly a Foolproof First Date Compatibility Quiz

The 'Angry Birds' Movie Cast Has Every Funny Person You Can Think Of, Will Still Be Utter Sh*t

How 'New Girl' Finally Managed to Make Jess Interesting Again

Bill Burr's Views on How Women Are Ruining Football Make Conan O'Brien VERY Uncomfortable

Go Screw Yourselves, Jeopardy. I'll Take 'Majorly Offensive Embarrassments' for $500, Alex

Hooray! The 80s Reboot Revival Absolutely No One Asked For Is Headed Our Way

Stop Whatever You're Doing Right This Second. The 'Inherent Vice' Trailer Is Finally Here!

David Fincher Could Have Directed 'Star Wars,' If Only He Were Capable of Not Making It Totally Disturbing

Prepare to Have John Oliver Terrify the Sh*t Out of You: Drones Edition

The 8 Best Reasons Why You Should Be Watching 'Transparent'

New 'Horns' Stills: This Is What Harry Potter Hellspawn Looks Like

Here Are All the Potential '22 Jump Street' Sequels

'The Fault in Our Stars' Was Banned From Schools for Daring to Make Kids Think Sad Thoughts

How Bad Do You Think a Movie About a Ouija Board Could Be? Yeah, This Is Probably Worse

'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' Is So Confident in Their Show, They'll Put Adrianne Palicki In a Big Wool Coat

Key & Peele: The Movie. It's Happening

Liam Neeson Officially Gives Up on Respectability, Joins the Cast of 'Ted 2'

This Cross-Gendered Sia/Star Wars Mashup Is Everything the Internet Was Made For

If Simon Pegg Is Not Being Blackmailed, There Is No Possible Excuse for 'Hector and the Search For Happiness'

This Supercut of Bruce Wayne's Parents Dying Is Like the Most Depressing 'Groundhog Day' Ever

On That Time Ben Schwartz Got Jane Fonda to Join His Improv Troupe

Key & Peele Give Out Some Much-Needed Gay Wedding Advice

Michael K. Williams Is Super Excited to Play Black Panther. Not That Anyone's Asked Him Yet

Jeffrey Tambor Got Really, REALLY Into Character For 'Transparent'

Finally, an 'Everyone Poops' For Grownups

New 'Kingsman' Trailer Goes Light on Plot, Heavy on Colin Firth Dapperly Kicking Ass

Jada Pinkett Smith's "Magic Mike XXL" Role Was Originally Written For a Man Because Why the F*ck Not?

How to Keep 'Agents of SHIELD' From Completely Sucking This Season

Dax Shepard Talks About His 5 Freebies List. Spoiler: Every Spot Is Filled With Brad Pitt

Let the Sexiest Among Us Speak Out Against Sexual Assault

Michael Che Gets the Brief, Almost Kinda Emotional 'Daily Show' Farewell He Deserves

'This Is Where I Leave You': Topping the List of Most Utterly Bland Movies With the Best Ensemble Casts

Still Upset About That Mandatory U2 Album? Conan Has the Solution

Benedict Cumberbatch Wins For the Best Al Pacino Impression of All Time

Trigger Warning for Cuteness: Tina Fey Talking About Her SNL Baby Playdate May Destroy You

Jimmy Fallon Confronts the State of the World the Only Way He Knows: By Ignoring It

Watch Bill Hader Be a Master of EVERYTHING in This Supercut of All His SNL Impressions

Jason Reitman Is Here to Show Us How 'Men, Women & Children' Are All Equally F*cked Up

'The Skeleton Twins' Takes Clichés and Turns Them Into Perfect Golden Nuggets of Actual Life

Craig Ferguson and Peter Capaldi Were Once in a Punk Band Called 'The Dreamboys' Together

'The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby' Is a Cutting Room Floor Mess of Disjointed Charisma

Watch a Young Jordan Peele Ask Then-President Bill Clinton About Deadbeat Dads

Neil Patrick Harris' Book Trailer Chooses All His Own Adventures at Once

Bryan Cranston On His Greatest Acting Challenge: This Terrible One-Man Show About Baseball

Conan Reveals SNL's Nasim Pedrad's Unaired, Boner-Erasing Aziz Ansari Impression

'Listen Up Philip' Trailer: No One Does 'Depressed Insufferable Indie Beardo' Like Jason Schwartzman

Ellen and Kristen Wiig Attempt to Sing the Worst Ever 'Frozen' Tribute

Gerard Depardieu Drinks 14 Bottles of Wine a Day, Kills Lions, Is Generally Better Than You

Alright, Alright, Alright. We've Got a 'Dazed and Confused' Sequel Headed Our Way

Why Is Late Night Television So Afraid of Diversity?

Chris Evans' New Movie Can't Actually Be This Bad, Right? Is It Performance Art? Please?

Boobs Beat Blood: A Brief But Infuriating History of Film Censorship

David Letterman Could Not Be More Thrilled to Have Billy Eichner Screaming in His Face

Ryan Hansen Promises More Dick Than We Can Handle, But It Seems Like Just the Right Amount

Andrew Garfield's Beard Has a Secret Special Talent and it is Disgusting

Netflix's 3D Printing Documentary 'Print the Legend' Looks Equal Parts Amazing and Terrifying

Kevin Smith Has Decided to End His Feud With Film Critics (As Long As They Give Him Good Reviews)

Janelle Monae Just Rocked the Ever Loving Sh*t Right Out of 'Sesame Street'

Cronenberg's 'Maps to the Stars' Trailer is Too Much Crazy For One Little Movie to Handle

Yes, Alison Brie IS Coming Back for Season 6 of Community. Calm Your Butts, Internet

There's a Trailer for the New 'Mockingjay' Trailer. We're at Threat Level Overkill, People

Jeff Goldblum Has Some Lyrics to the 'Jurassic Park' Theme Song That He Would Like to Sing for You

Even If You've Lost Interest in 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' a FitzSimmons Deleted Scene Is Never a Bad Thing

Mel Brooks Talks About Joan Rivers and Makes Nazi Jokes. Because He's Mel Brooks

Watch Jimmy Fallon's 'Family Feud' Segment Go Completely, Spectacularly Off the Rails

'Kelly & Cal' Is the Boring and Creepy 'Harold and Maude' Remake You Never Wanted

You Don't Seem Angry Enough. John Oliver Will Fix That With This Segment on Student Debt

Broadway Is Upping Its Creepy-Sexy: Michael C. Hall Takes Over As Hedwig

Ranking the Third Amazon Pilot Season, From Boring to Slightly Less Boring

Channing Tatum Shares His Special Penis-Based Way of Saying Hello

Anna Kendrick Has Unsafe Sexy Times in the First 'The Last Five Years' Clip

I'll Take My Burger With a Side of Nightmares, No Fries

What Bill Murray Day Looks Like To Bill Murray

Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel Honor Joan Rivers the Best Way Possible

World of Warcraft's Tribute to Robin Williams Is Full of Feelings

Comedy Legend Joan Rivers Dead at 81

Terry Crews Has a Lot of Feelings Buried Under All Those Muscles

Unlikely Spokesman Rust Cohle Will Burrow Into Your Soul to Sell You a New Car

How Are You Still Not Getting This? 'The Daily Show's Jessica Williams Tells Us Why Catcalling Is Never a Compliment

One Scary, Scraggly Benicio Del Toro, One Tiny Josh Hutcherson, and a Whole Bunch of Drugs: Now THAT'S How You Make a Movie

Because He Loves Us and Wants Us to Be Happy, Sir Ian McKellen Will Play Sherlock Holmes

'Life of Crime' Manages to Be a Damn Fun Caper In Spite of Itself

Mandy Patinkin Tells Stephen Colbert He Plans to 'Balance His Participation In This World' By Running For Prime Minister of Israel

The 'ABCs of Death' Trailer Is Educational AND Disgusting

The First Shot From 'Magic Mike XXL' Features No Banana Hammocks, Plenty of Pseudonyms

John Oliver Visits the Rancid, Leaking Bowel of the Internet: A YouTube Comments Section

The Man You Either Love to Hate or Hate to Love: New 'Harmontown' Trailer

Is the World Feeling Like an Extra Sh*tty Place to Live This Summer? Here's a Singing Volcano

Jimmy Kimmel Had to Explain to America What Acting Is and How Television Works

It's a 'Party Down' Gag Reel! Hulu Is Determined to Make Sure We ARE Having Fun Yet

How Will 'The Mindy Project' Have Time For Its Regular Characters With All the Guest Stars They Have Lined Up?

Then They Came For Gael García Bernal: 'Rosewater' Trailer

Getting to Know SNL's Sasheer Zamata

Just a Heads Up, We Now Live In a World Where David Fincher Is Directing Gap Ads

Kristen Stewart Says You Don't Know "Dick Shit" About Her (Or Anyone, Really)

Kirk Cameron Is Going to Save Christmas From You Dirty, Dirty Heathens

From the Mouth of a Babe: Jessica Chastain Wants to Know "Where Is the Scarlett Johansson Superhero Movie? "

Amy Poehler Gives the Best Possible Description of What It's Like to Be a Woman

'Love Is Strange.' And Beautiful. But No One Warned Us It Would Be So Sad

Colin Trevorrow Tweeted the Perfect Tribute to Richard Attenborough

During His Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony, Today Was Officially Declared 'Phil Hartman Day'

Tyler Perry Says He Never Would Have Signed On to Do 'Gone Girl' If He'd Had Any Idea Who David Fincher Was

We're Finally Getting the Donald Glover Spider-Man We've Been Waiting For

One More 'Breaking Bad' Casualty: Aaron Paul's Emmy Speech Crashed the Kind Campaign Website

Watch a Stoned Sarah Silverman Fondle Herself on the Emmy Red Carpet

Is It Ever Okay to Catcall a Woman? Playboy Has an Answer For You

9 Lessons Tonight's Emmy Awards Should Take From Years Past

John Oliver's Incredible Takedown of Piñatas Will Blow Your Mind, Change Your Life, and Other Hyperbole As Well

Vince Gilligan Is a Damn Tease: A New 'Better Call Saul' Promo Has Lots of Questions, Zero Answers

It's a Zack Attack on Your Senses: Here's An Extended Clip From the Unauthorized 'Saved By the Bell' Movie

Vincent D'Onofrio Throws Very Mild Shade at 'Jurassic Park.' Let Us Now Blow His Comments Out of Proportion, Shall We?

Haters Gon' Hate: Lena Dunham('s Stunt Double) Is Back With a 'Girls' Season 4 Teaser

Watch the 'Parks and Recreation' Cast Laugh Their *BLEEP* Faces Off in the New Season 6 Gag Reel

The 'Harry Potter' Spin-Off Closes in on a Well-Known, Well-Versed Director

Eva Green's 'Mommie Dearest' Meltdown in 'White Bird in a Blizzard' Looks Amazing

Aaron Paul Will Never Let Us Forget How Very Grateful He Is

The New 'Gotham' Sneak Peak Shows Us All the Plot We Already Know

Let Us Take a Moment to Honor That Ancient Chinese Hero, Nic Cage

Proof That Nick Offerman Can Make Any Dumb Words Sound Like Indisputable Curmudgeon Gospel

An Extensive Investigation into Emma Stone's Qualifications for her new 'Cabaret' Role

Mark Duplass' High School Paper Review of 'Before Sunrise' Is a Snarky Teen Dream

In the Battle of the 'Jungle Books' Only One Can Claim the Cumberbatch

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul's 'Barely Legal Pawn' Is the Greatest Fake Reality Show to Ever Not Actually Exist

Bill Cosby Stole Fallon's Show, and We'd All Be Okay If He Didn't Give it Back, Right?

'Life After Beth' Has Invented Its Own Terrible Genre: Zomblecore

The 'Powers' Cast Starts to Shape Up. Still Stuck on PlayStation, Though

The 'Saved By the Bell' Trailer Is Just as Terrible as You Want It to Be

Amy Schumer's Ice Bucket Challenge Video Is... Weird. And Gross. And Awesome

Andrew Keegan Now Has His Own Religion. If That Sentence Did Not Give You a Brain Aneurysm, You Deserve YOUR Own Religion

Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood as Bill Clinton: That's Three Levels Deep Of Weird

Look, I Don't Give a Crap About Football Video Games, But I DO Give a Crap About Dave Franco

Today in Honest Interviews: Stallone Didn't Want to Be In 'Star Wars' and Yes, He Really Does Hate Schwarzenegger

David Fincher Discusses Those 'Gone Girl' Ending Changes In the Grossest Way Possible

The 'Wetlands' Trailer Is Not Suitable For Work. Or Home. Or Life

William H. Macy's Directorial Debut Looks Like a Crudup-Filled Cry Fest

Yahoo's New Teaser Promises 'Community' Season Six Will Be Better, Stronger, Faster

Mickey Rourke Let Seth Meyers Dump a Garbage Can of Ice on Him, Possibly While Wearing Jeggings

Using Only the Power of Great Banter, 'What If' Has Breathed New Life Into the Entire Rom-Com Genre

Your Evening Heartmelting: Watch Robin Williams and His Wonderful Mother Laugh Their Asses Off

Jimmy Fallon Has Taken His Silly TV Parodies to a New Level With 'House of Cue Cards'

Suck It, Haters. 'The Leftovers' Renewed for Season 2

Michael Cera Has Released a Lo-Fi Folk Album Because Of Course He Has

Zosia Mamet Opens Up About Her Personal Struggles With Eating Disorders

It's Official! The Entire Veronica Mars Cast Will Return for Ryan Hansen's Meta Spin-Off Show

It Had Been a Few Hours Since FOX News Had to Apologize for Anything Stupid, So They Called Michelle Obama Fat

How Are You Not Getting This, Polanski? We Don't Want Anything to Do With You

President Obama, Steve Martin, and the Entire Internet Pay Tribute to the Unstoppable Force of Joy and Love That Was Robin Williams

Watching Maisie Williams Watch 'Saved By the Bell' Will Make You Feel Older Than Mr. Belding

Nine Absurd Covers of Your Favorite Childhood Theme Songs

Amazon's Third Pilot Season Demands to Be Taken Seriously

Indisputable Proof That 'The Lego Movie' and 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Are the Exact Same Movie

Kyle MacLachlan Will Join 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' as [REDACTED FOR MAJOR SPOILAGE]

Christina Hendricks Continues Her "Hey, Shouldn't Things Be Better For Women By Now?" Campaign

Michael Fassbender Proves That Even When Hiding His Face, He's Still Too Sexy For Public Consumption

With the Secretest of Secret Weddings, Rory Gilmore and Pete Campbell Have Been Married Since June

The Trailer for the Stephen Hawking Biopic 'The Theory of Everything' Is Better Than Most Actual Movies

Eva Green Doesn't Get the Fuss Over Her Banned 'Sin City' Poster

Chris Pratt's High School Photos Are a Thing of Beauty. Awkward, Geeky Beauty

Ricky Gervais Is Getting His Own Rock and Roll-Themed 'Office' Spin-Off Movie

Watch These 'Captain America: Winter Soldier' Bloopers Because There's Nothing Like a Giggly Superhero

The Cast of 'Orange Is the New Black' Took Over 'Conan,' and it Was Marvelous

'Calvary' Review: A Ticking Time Bomb of Loneliness

Nathan Fillion Wrote the Foreword to a Whedon Biography, and It's a Beautiful Fanboy Tribute

Laverne Cox Doesn't Want to Marry Jason Biggs, But Not For Any of the Reasons the Rest of Us Don't Want to Marry Jason Biggs

Chris Pratt's Perfect Humanness Now Involves Psychic Abilities

For the Geek on the Go: Every Marvel Easter Egg Shoved into One Video

8 Female Marvel Characters Who Could Easily Carry Their Own Movies

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige Totally Wants to Make a Female-Driven Movie, Just Won't Commit to ACTUALLY Making One

'Guardians of the Galaxy,' Now in LEGO Form. Because Why Not?

'Stonehearst Asylum': Because the World So Desperately Needed a Less-Good 'Shutter Island'

Aubrey Plaza's 'Daily Show' Interview Had a Level of Weirdness Suitable to Aubrey Plaza

Funny or Die's Imagined Version of David Lynch Is Still Not as Weird as Actual David Lynch

Warning: Vin Diesel Singing Sam Smith's 'Stay With Me' May Induce Second Puberty

Only Six Months Until We Can Start Calling Him "Academy Award Winner Jon Stewart"

'Birdman' Gets a New Trailer. I Still Have No Idea What This Movie Is About, Still Can't Wait to See It

Watch Vin Diesel Tell Us He's Groot In Every Damn Language

The First Poster For Tarantino's 'Hateful Eight' Is All Blood and Font. Shocking, We Know

Let's Forget Everything Bad We've Heard About 'Into the Woods' and Look at Some Pictures of Anna Kendrick in a Bodice

Five Better Uses of Your Time Than Seeing 'Magic In the Moonlight'

Jimmy Fallon Uses the '50 Shades of Grey' Trailer to Scare the Sh*t Out of The Roots

'The Longest Week' Trailer: You Had Me at "Jason Bateman and Olivia Wilde Taking a Bath"

Congratulations, 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,' You've Crossed the Line From Sh*tty-Looking Movie to Just Generally Sh*tty

Zoe Saldana Says Awesome Things About Body Image, and Says Them While Naked

New 'Jungle Book' Casting Takes a Turn For the Disturbing

An End in Sight: 'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies' Gets a Trailer

Pajiba Time Capsule: The 10 Most Bangable Celebrities on the Planet, 2004 Edition

Watch As Daniel Radcliffe Un-Potters Himself In The New 'Horns' Trailer

Watch Your Favorite Miniature Ninja Warrior Annihilate Comic-Con's Assassin's Creed Experience

'Walking Dead' Season 5 Trailer: Brand New Season, Same Amount of Head-Stabbing

Which of These Posters Is Exclusive Enough to Make You Brave the Comic-Con Stampede?

Very Important Questions From the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' London Premier

Key & Peele Take on Stan Lee's Lack of Relevancy, Cause Comic-Con Riots (We Assume)

15 Years Later, Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch's Perfect Two-Woman Show Has Hit the Internet

Kristen Bell's Mary Poppins Doesn't Work For Free, You Ungrateful Minimum-Wage Paying Brats

As If You Needed a Reason to Love Tatiana Maslany Any More, Here She Is Doing Some 'Shaun of the Dead' Cosplay

Comic-Con: Your Source For Movie News You Don't Really Care About That Won't Happen For Another Three Years Anyway

'Nightcrawler': What the Hell Is This Movie and Goddamnit, When Can We See It?

'Wish I Was Here' Review: All Aboard the Feelings Train, It's Gonna Be a Clunky, Pointless Ride

Brace Yourselves, My Seestras. An 'Orphan Black' Comic Is Headed Our Way

Emma Stone and Colin Firth Are the Old Bickering Married Couple Vaudevillian Dreams Are Made Of

Can't Keep a Good Man Down: Edgar Wright May Have His Next Project Already Lined Up

The New 'Toy Story' TV Special Will Have What the Others Lacked: Mace-Wielding Dinosaurs

We May Have Found the Very Worst Part of the New 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' (And We Can't Blame Michael Bay For It)

Our 'True Detective' Season 3 Nomination: Conan and Franco in the Tinder Van (Bonus Footage)

'Fargo' Season Two Details Have Been Revealed, and They Are Disco-Tastic

Weird Al's Final Video Has Enough Buzzwords to Drown a Startup

Finally: Here Is the Trailer for Benedict Cumberbatch's 'The Imitation Game'

If Anyone Gives a Crap About the 'Odd Couple' Remake, It Sure Isn't the People Making It

Showtime Plays to Its Strengths: Sexy People Having Sexy Times. And Murder

Marvel Swears They Aren't the Bad Guy In the Whole 'Ant-Man' Mess, and They'd Really Like Us to Stop Picking on Them Now, Okay?

The Best Thing You'll See Today: Conan O'Brien and Dave Franco Are Just Two Bros Cruising Tinder Together

Jason Biggs Masters the Art of the Douchey Non-Apology

Remembering Elaine Stritch, A Vodka Stinger To the Very End

Weird Al Takes On Fox Business, Which Is Maybe the Weirdest Thing He's Ever Done

'A Long Way Down' Review: Congratulations, (American) 'Fever Pitch,' You Are No Longer the Worst Nick Hornby Adaptation

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Is Ready to Be Back, and Offered a Whole Bunch of Season Two Spoilers to Prove It

John Cleese Is Way More Important Than You, and Will Take Whatever Time Necessary to Let You Know It

Can't Make it to Broadway? Not to Fear, Bryan Cranston Will Bring Broadway to You

This Teeny Tiny Super Soldier Is the Warrior We Need, But I Don't Know How We Could Possibly Deserve Her

Foil Hats For Everyone! Weird Al Continues to Put Happiness In Our Hearts With His Week of Videos

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Are the Neon-Loving, Side Ponytail-Wearing Sisters You've Always Wanted

'Orange Is the New Black's' Real Larry Tells His Story... Which Is Basically The Same Story We Already Knew

Weird Al's Even Newer Video Hits Us Right In Our Pedantic Hearts

Lupita Nyong'o Is Perfection Incarnate, Even When Fearfully Scurrying From a Cobra

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Careful Technical Precision Required for a Wild 'Orphan Black' Dance Party

Weird Al Has Spent Three Decades Painstakingly Cultivating His Own Tackiness. This Is His Magnum Opus

'Big Hero 6' Casting News Keeps This Movie Heading In the 'Yay' Direction

When 'Cheers' Meets 'True Blood,' Maybe You Don't Want Everybody to Know Your Name

Keri Russell and Seth Meyers Discuss the Indisputable Similarities Between 'Planet of the Apes' and 'Felicity'

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The New 'Mockingjay' Teaser Is What The Entire Advertising Campaign Has Been Leading Up To

Christopher Nolan's Rant Against the Film Industry Is a Perfect Jewel of Crotchety, Snobby Nonsense

John Cleese Signs On to Do an Unlicensed 'Baywatched' Movie, Causing Us to Wonder... Just How Many People Does John Cleese Owe Money To?

Finally We Can See Mindy Kaling as the Cartoon Character Nature Intended

Oh, JK Rowling Crashed the Pottermore Website? Well, Emma Watson Brought Down the Whole U.N.

That's What I Love About 'Sharknado' Movies. I Keep Getting Older, They Stay the Same Level of Suck

Wines of Westeros Are Here to Add Some Binge Drinking to Your Binge Watching

Here's What We Know About Those New 'Star Wars' Characters

Nicole Kidman Tries to Dig Herself Out of the Disaster Pit That Was 'Grace of Monaco,' Starting With a Generic Unthrilling Thriller

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A Lustful Tribute to Our Fallen Soldiers of Hotness

Your Favorite Authors Played Dress-Up, and It Was Spectacular

The New 'Foxcatcher' Trailer Chooses to Focus Less on Steve Carell, More on Channing Tatum in a Onesie

'Guardians of the Galaxy' Soundtrack Promised Awesomeness, and It Delivers

'St. Vincent' Is 'About a Boy' If You Replaced Hugh Grant With a Drunk Bill Murray

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Hobby Lobby Dissent Gets a Much-Needed Rock Treatment

'They Came Together,' But You'll Kind of Wish They Hadn't

Kelsey Grammer Finds His Life's Work: Correcting Grammar on the Internet

It's Like Someone Made a List of All the Things That Would Make Us Happy, and Then Put Every One of Them Into the 'Skeleton Twins' Trailer

I Didn't Realize the Pride Parade Was a Competitive Event Until 'Orange Is the New Black' Won It

Franco May Be Out of His Depths With Cormac McCarthy's Dark, Mumbly 'Child of God'

Have You Felt a Shortage of Alison Brie in Your Life Lately? Alright, Here She Is Freestyling About Shoes

Meryl Streep's Perfection™ Now Available in Animated Form

Pajiba 10 For Your Consideration: Chris Pratt

Illegitimate Theatre News: Lindsay Lohan Really Was Cast In That Play, While Shia LaBeouf Got Kicked Out of One

So Long, Suckers! I'm Off to Become a Pop Sensation, Guaranteed

Unconfirmed Hopes-Raising Rumor Time! Judd Apatow May be Bringing Gillian Jacobs to Hulu

Shailene Woodley Is a Great Example of Why We Need to Stop Interviewing 22 Year Olds

How Many Villains Does It Take to Kill a Baby Batman? A Lot, Apparently

In Celebration of Tomorrow's VOD Release of 'Happy Christmas,' Here's Some Anna Kendrick to Tide You Over

For Everyone Who Couldn't Care Less About the World Cup, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Is Here For Us

In a Totally Reasonable and Logical Move, Kim Jong-un Declares War on Seth Rogen and James Franco

'Gotham' May Get a Lot Punnier Than We Expected

The 'Today' Show Manages to Turn a 'Jurassic World' Set Visit into a Boring Mess

Kevin Kline and Dakota Fanning: A Match Made in Ick

Simon Pegg Is So Much Better Than This Tripe He Picked For His Dramatic Breakout Role

About That Time Steve McQueen Took Bruce Lee on a Death Wish Joy Ride

In a Fight Between Chris Evans and Tilda Swinton, It's Obvious Who Would Win, Right?

Christina Hendricks Proves There's No Better Way Into Washington Than to Be On One of Obama's Favorite TV Shows

'Transformers' Teams Up With Uber to Do What Autobots Were Made For: Helping You With Your Errands

John Lithgow and Alfred Molina Are This Summer's Cutest Couple, Hands Down

Guess Who's NOT a Fan of The Movie Where James Franco and Seth Rogen Try to Assassinate Kim Jong-un

The New 'Hunger Games: Mockingjay' Propaganda Posters Support One Beautiful and Eerie Panem

Watch Kate Upton Drink Buster Bluth Under the Table

The 'About Alex' Trailer Doesn't Try To Avoid 'The Big Chill' Comparisons, and It Really Doesn't Matter

DJ Clark Gregg Proves He Is the Funkiest SHIELD Agent

The 'Dear White People' Trailer Will Forever Ruin 'Gremlins' For You

'The Rover' Review: If You Lived Here, You'd Be Dead By Now

The 'Orange Is the New Black' Cast Proves That the Only Way Into Hollywood Is Through a 'Law & Order: SVU' Guest Star Role

Nick Offerman Gave the Media a Much-Needed Bill of Rights Refresher Course

David Lynch Drinks Ten to Twenty Cups of Coffee a Day, Suddenly David Lynch Makes a Little More Sense

Steven Soderbergh's New Show Gets a Trailer, and It's Full of Coked-Out Doctors, Bloody Organs, and Clive Owen's Moustache

Animated Musical Theater is the Best Musical Theater

Want to Feel Super High Without Taking Any Drugs? OK Go's Got a Video For That

How Chile Took the Gay Out of 'Modern Family'

With Guaranteed Pep Overload, Anna Kendrick Will Play a Singing and Dancing Troll Doll

George Takei's TEDx Talk Includes No Puns or Animal Pictures, But Is Still a Great Use of the Internet

New Rule: Only Watch TV Shows That Also Serve You Delicious Pastries

An Overabundance of Feelings: Watch the First Four Minutes of the Elliott Smith Documentary 'Heaven Adores You'

The Day Terry Crews Pissed Off Single Mothers Everywhere

Before Most of Us Have Even Finished Season Two, 'Orange Is the New Black' Starts Casting the Third

Chris Rock Gave Seth Meyers a Crap Attack on Late Night

LeVar Burton Turns to the Internet Wasteland of Urban Dictionary to Show Us Why We Need 'Reading Rainbow'

The World's Nerdgasmiest Headline Brought to Life: Harrison Ford Hurt His Ankle On the Door of the Millennium Falcon

And Just Like That, Pixar's 'Inside Out' Is One of the Most Anticipated Movies of 2015

'The Interview' Trailer Has Franco and Rogen Being BFFs and... That's As Far As Anyone Thought This Through

Puff Daddy Made a Game of Thrones-Inspired Music Video and It's the Batsh*ttiest Stupid Thing You'll See Today

Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels Put Their Tongues and Butts on All of Matt Lauer's Stuff

Dave Chappelle Tells Letterman He Never Quit His Own Show, Honest

Rik Mayall Was Cut Out of 'Harry Potter' For Being Too Funny

Shailene Woodley Has Found Her "I'm Not a Kid Anymore!"

Comic Book News That Is Maybe, Potentially, Optimistically Good: 'Powers' Has Been Greenlit to Series

Chris O'Dowd Handles Loss the Old Fashioned Way: With a Flask Full of Old Fashioneds

Please Cast 'Orange Is the New Black's' Matt McGorry In 'Magic Mike 2' (And Every Other Movie From Now Until Forever)

This Astronaut's Vine Is the Closest You're Gonna Get to Going Into Space, So Soak It Up

'Inside Amy Schumer' Has Been Renewed For a Third Season! Let Us Celebrate With GIFs and Videos

Lee Pace Says That Doing 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Made Him Evil, And Doing 'Marmaduke' Made Him Desperate

Charming Potato Is Lobbying For a Solo Gambit Movie. No Human On the Planet Is Complaining

The Woman Who Inspired Bronies Will Next Be Bringing Us Me-dude-sas

'The Fault in Our Stars' Review: And a New Generation of Future Hopeless Romantics Has Found Its 'Say Anything'

Weiner Update: The 'Are You Here' Trailer Is Out, and It Looks Not At All Terrible

The Dangerous Epidemic That Swept Cannes: Fake Nicolas Cage Movies

Michael Che's First Segment as the New 'Daily Show' Correspondent Makes Everyone Else Look Like Pun-Loving Chumps

Watch This Musical Number From 'Inside Amy Schumer' Tonight, Because It's Way Too NSFW to Save For Tomorrow

With Two Days to Go Till Season 2 Drops, Netflix Has Given Us 'Orange Is the New Arrested Development'

Ed Helms' Fancy Scarf Is What's Been Missing From Every Other Movie Ever Made

Matthew Weiner's Film Debut May Be Just What We Need to Fill That 'Mad Men' Hole In Our Hearts

'Lucky Them' Is a Shoe-In For the Year's Most Forgettable Movie

If You Could Pick Any Celebrity to Give You Relationship Advice, Who Would It Be? That's Right, John Stamos

Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Read an Angry Kurt Vonnegut Letter on Book Burning With the Fire of a Thousand Sexy Suns

Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally Continue Their Reign as World's Sexiest Couple on 'Late Night'

Today in Reality Television News: Everything Is Terrible

Brad Pitt Does Not Find That Creep Vitalii Sediuk Amusing, and Offers a Stern Warning to Leave All Dresses Unlifted

The All-Singing, All-Dancing, All-Naked Kristen Bell!

Patton Oswalt Is Checking Himself Into Twitter Rehab

'Hunger Games': Coming Soon to a Cell Phone, Museum, and Amusement Park Near You

It Turns Out There Was an Original Rogue-ier Version of 'Days of Future Past' That Didn't Make the Cut

Harry Potter and Adam Driver Join Forces For a Healthy Dose of Twee Romance

Meet Flula, The Awesomely Weird (Or Maybe Just Weird) New Addition to the 'Pitch Perfect 2' Cast

LeVar Burton Talks About the Beautiful Origins of 'Reading Rainbow' in His Reddit AMA

Glenn Beck Out-Glenn Becks Himself: An Even Worse Response to the UCSB Shootings

Colin Trevorrow Is Not Happy About Having to Address the 'Jurassic World' Rumors

'The Congress' Will Likely Be the Weirdest Movie of 2014

Idris Elba's Directorial Debut Is a Six Minute Pepsi Ad, And It's Fantastic

LeVar Burton, Greatest Human Alive, Wants to Bring 'Reading Rainbow' to Every Child in America

The 'This Is Where I Leave You' Trailer Will Make You Hate Your Own Family

AMC Advertises 'Halt and Catch Fire' In the Best Way Possible: With Adorable, Sassy Children

George Clooney's Wedding Will Be Held at Downton Abbey, Because That's What You Do When You're George F*cking Clooney

Sorry Macaulay Culkin, You Can't Subject People to Your Velvet Underground Pizza Parodies Without Having Beer Thrown in Your Face

Because We Know You've Been Waiting For It: Here's Your Chance to Go to Space With Leonard DiCaprio

The Elmore Leonard-Based 'Life of Crime': For the Discerning Jennifer Aniston Fan

Warning: The Trailer For the Roger Ebert Documentary 'Life Itself' May Cause a Lot of Feelings

Brad Pitt, Cool Guy Extraordinaire, Plays the Tambourine Like a Boss

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey Roast the Sh*t Out of Don Rickles

'The Immigrant' Review: The Most Beautiful, Heartbreaking American Story Since Fivel

Neil deGrasse Tyson Says Yes! Wolverine Could Maybe, Possibly, In Keeping With Certain Theories, Travel Back In Time

'Sin City 2' Posters: Half-Naked Ladies and Dudes With Busted Faces

Woody Allen's 'Magic in the Moonlight' Trailer Is Way, Way Better Than You Want it to Be

Neil Patrick Harris' Choose Your Own Adventure Autobiography Is Better Than Every Other Autobiography Ever

Still Struggling to Understand Net Neutrality? Let Happy Stick Figures Explain It All

The 'Happy Christmas' Trailer Is Here, Chock-Full of Drunk Anna Kendrick

Anthony Mackie to Play Jimi Hendrix: This Is the Rock Super Hero We've Been Waiting For

Sia Recreates Her Breathtaking "Chandelier" Video Live and It Is Strange and Perfect

Patton Oswalt Confronts the Trolls and It Totally Backfires

Zac Efron and Charlie Day Are the Ultimate Real-Life 'Neighbors' Sequel

Why Is 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Hiding Lee Pace's Beautiful Face? At Least We Still Have Chris Prat's Abs

America Ferrera's Attacker Is Not a "Prankster," He Is a Sexual Predator

20 Years Later, We're Finally Getting River Phoenix's Last Movie. But... Why?

Okay, But What If That WERE the 'True American' Movie We All Wanted?

Chris Pratt Is Super Honest About What It Means to Be an Actor in Hollywood

For the Discerning Connoisseur of Both Books and Burritos: Chipotle Lit Is Your New Favorite Genre

How Dan Harmon Is Able to Take the Sh*t Out of a Show

Could the New 'Cinderella' Teaser Offer Any Less Information? They'd Have to Try Pretty Hard

Our Dreams Have Come True! We're Getting 'True American: The Movie'

New 'Rectify' Season 2 Promos Are Here to Remind You: You Have One Month Left to Finally Get Around to Seeing Season One

One of the Best Bitch Faces in the Business Has Been Added to 'Pitch Perfect 2'

The Official Macbeth Posters Are a Whole New Level of Stone Cold Bad Assery

'The Double' Review: Double Your Bleak Dystopian Angst, Double Your Fun

The Cast of 'West Wing' Plans Their Ultimate 'West Wing' Binge-Watch

This 'Mad Men' Emmy Campaign May Be SC&P's Best Work

Don't Worry About Those Computers, Ginsberg Goes the Way of the Rom Com

Fox Thinks We're All a Bunch of Idiots Who Have Never Seen a Television Show Before

According to the 'New Girl' Cast, the Upfronts Are Basically a Week-Long Kegger

Every Time Zac Efron Takes His Shirt Off, An Angel Gets Its Wings

John Oliver and Bill Nye Artfully Demonstrate the Fundamental Problem With the Global Warming Debate

Upon the News of 'Community's' Cancellation, We Turn to Twitter: Where the Internet Goes to Grieve

Ranking the Ever Random Plot Lines of Winston, 'New Girl's' Oddest Duck

Nothing Will Make You Feel Older Than Watching Old People React to Seth MacFarlane

'Chef' Is the Jon Favreau Autobiography You Never Asked For

As If There Were Any Doubt, Patton Oswalt Proves He's the Best Arguer on the Planet

What Do You Get When You Put Reese Witherspoon, Zooey Deschanel, and Kate Upton Into an Elevator?

Bruno Heller Responds to 'Gotham' Criticism With a Resounding "Duh"

Michael Emerson Uses the Power of Pharrell to Prove He's Not As Intense As We All Think He Is

Patton Oswalt Doesn't Just Feed the Internet Trolls, He Beats and Starves Them First

Cameron Crowe Lets Us Peek Into His Beautiful Brain With the Rejected Titles For 'Almost Famous'

Who Told 'New Girl' Tired Clichés Were an Acceptable Replacement For Actual Substance?

Jimmy Fallon Got Seth Rogen and Zach Efron to Dress Up As Teenage Girls, Giving Us All Our New Cold-Shower Image For Life

'Tammy' Trailer: Susan Sarandon Is the Drunken Grandmother We've Always Wanted

That Dick Casablancas Spin-Off Now Has a Name! That Means It's Time to Start Getting Our Hopes Way, Way Up, Right?

The Most Disappointing News of Your Day: 'Cyber-Seniors' Isn't a Movie About Elderly Cyborgs

Kevin Spacey Is the Beyoncé of Shakespeare

How Do We Make Bob Benson's 'Mad Men' Spin-Off a Real Thing?

Stop Telling Emma Stone What You Think Of Her Body. She Doesn't Care

The Craziest Sh*t You Can Buy in Debbie Reynolds' Movie Memorabilia Auction

Billy Out-Eichners Himself With a Meryl Streep Triathlon

If You See Jessica Paré On the Street, Keep Your Mouth Shut or She May Punch You

Andrew Garfield Gives Spider-Man the Soulful, Acoustic Rock Treatment It Never Really Needed

New 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Preview Addresses the "Xavier's Legs" Question

This Is How You Assemble a Damn Cast

Can Lego Animation Make 'The Simpsons' Funny Again? (Spoiler: No)

James Franco Says Lindsay Lohan Went Full Fatal Attraction On Him After They Made Out

John Leguizamo Honors Bob Hoskins With Pictures of that Terrible 'Super Mario Bros' Movie

Breaking News: Patton Oswalt Knows Nothing About Shakira

'Locke' Review: Trapped In a Car with Tom Hardy? There Are Worse Ways to Spend Your Time

Season 4 'Girls' (Non) Spoilers Come Courtesy of Some Creepy Lurker on the Subway

How Many Romcom Tropes Can David Wain Cram Into One Movie? All Of Them, Apparently

Emma Stone Completely Shuts Down Jimmy Fallon, Takes The Title of All-Time Lip Syncing Champion

Did You Think You Could Just Hate-Watch Whatever You Want With No Consequences? This Is Your Punishment.

If You Haven't Coughed Up $5 to Watch Joss Whedon's New Movie Online, Here's The Trailer to Help Get Your Ass in Gear

Getting to Know Michael Che, 'The Daily Show's Newest Correspondent

'The Leftovers' Trailer: Rapture-tastic

Steven Spielberg Will Direct a 'BFG' Movie, Because Hollywood Executives' Main Source of Fuel Is Happy Childhood Memories

It Goes By So Fast: After 12 Years, the 'Boyhood' Trailer Is Finally Here

Neil Patrick Harris Talks About Heckling the Hecklers: Sometimes It Involves Motorboating

The People Behind the New 'Pan' Called In Amanda Seyfried to Help... Diversify?

This 'X-Men'-Sponsored Pringles Ad Acts Under the Presumption That All Mutants Are Pure Idiots

If Wes Anderson Had Directed 'Forrest Gump,' the World Would Be a Better Place

Watch the Opening Scene of 'Orange Is the New Black' Season Two: Now With 50% More Vomit!

The First Photos From Jurassic World Are Severely Lacking in Their BD Wong

Leslie Mann Says Jaime Lannister Made a Red Wedding Out of Her Face

Fine, I'll Admit It. James Franco Was Right About Something

Mark Ruffalo Shares Behind-the-Scenes 'Avengers' Pictures With Us, His Very Closest Friends

The Best Reason to Get HBO GO: Because If We're Being Honest, 'Game of Thrones' is Basically Porn and You Can't Watch That With Your Mom Around

'Showrunners': I Don't Know What They Do, But I'm Sure Glad They Do It

Kristen Bell Talks About Being Naked Whilst Naked, Because the Universe Loves You and Wants You to Be Happy

Brian Williams Explains the Joys and Perils of His Life As a Rap Superstar

No, Chris Messina Doesn't Think He's Too Hot For Mindy Kaling, So Kindly Shut the Hell Up About It Already

Conspiracy Theory Soapbox: 'Louie' Edition

Josh Charles Can't Keep His Sh*t Together in 'The Foodroom' Outtakes, and it's F*cking Adorable, Damn It

Kim Novak Speaks Out Against That Goddamed Oscars Bullying

The Biggest Difference Between Captain France and Captain America: More Daft Punk, Less Steve Jobs

Cameron Diaz vs. Kirsten Dunst in the Battle of Vapid Remarks

This 'Game of Thrones/Frozen' Mash-Up Video Is That Perfect Thing That's Desperately Been Missing From Your Life

Damn It 'Jersey Boys,' Stop Manipulating My Emotions Through Song!

Sorry 'Mrs. Doubtfire,' Mara Wilson Has No Interest in Your Silly Sequel

Joel McHale Learns Why You Should Never Let Billy Eichner Lock You In A Human Bowling Ball Cage

Jenji Kohan Promises to Put More Dongs in 'Orange Is the New Black' Season Two

DJ Tilda Swinton Will Rock Your Goddamn Socks Off

Dax Shepard's Brad Pitt Obsession Is At Sloth-Level Intensity

Jon Hamm Wants to Tell Us All About His Big O

Rust Cohle's Family Circus Exposes the Darkest Corners of Your Colored Penciled Soul

A Good Old Fashioned Walk & Talk: Amy Schumer and Josh Charles Nail that High-Stakes Sorkin-Spun Fast Food Drama

Billy Eichner Will Go Full Hulk on Your 'Passion of the Christ'-Hating Ass

What Does Darth Vader Sound Like On Helium? Like Kristen Schaal, Apparently.

And the Tears Keep Flowing: Another Philip Seymour Hoffman Trailer

Harrison Ford's 12 Most Delightfully Crotchety Answers From His Reddit AMA

Neil Patrick Harris Took Out His Trouser Snake to Promote 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch'

'A Most Wanted Man' Is a Bittersweet Gift from Philip Seymour Hoffman

'The Giver' Adaptation Just Got Slightly Less Awful

Nicolas Cage Describes the Methods Behind the Nic Cage School of Acting

Jimmy Kimmel Gets People to Tell Drake How Terrible Drake Is

Alison Brie and Adam Scott Had a Party and None of Us Were Invited

Where My Ladies At? Lego Edition!

'Decoding Annie Parker' Trailer: Blinded By the Glory of Aaron Paul's Luscious Mane

Who Is the Last Person in the World You'd Want to Take Relationship Advice From? Well, That Person Just Got His Own Dating Show.

'Alan Partridge' Review: Small Fish in a Shallow Pond

Life Would Be Infinitely Better If We All Did Things 'The Swanson Way'

Amanda Palmer Gives the Year's Worst Tweets the Musical Treatment They Deserve

'Wish I Was Here' Trailer: Is Zach Braff Remaking 'Garden State'?

The New Red Band Trailer Just Moved 'Neighbors' to the Top of the 'Want to Be Watching Right Now' List

'New Girl' Promises to Lighten Up, But Is That Really a Good Thing?

A Heartening Follow-Up to That Kate Mulgrew Debacle

New 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Cross-Promotion Shows That Carl's Jr. Loves Mutants, Just Hates Women

Jon Favreau's 'Chef' Trailer is 2 1/2 Minutes of Food Porn

Today's Brain Stabber: Kate Mulgrew Tries to Tell Us The Sun Revolves Around the Earth, NASA Is Made of Conspiracies, And God Likes Us Better Than Aliens

Warning: Super Cuddly Darth Vader May Cause Brain Breakage

'Dom Hemingway' Review: Who Knew a Drunken Romp With Jude Law Could Be So Boring?

'Star Wars Episode VII' Is Being Made Memento-Style (This Does Not Bode Well)

You Really Don't Want to See Seth Rogen's Completely NSFW Selfie. Seriously, Don't Even Click This Link.

Keith Olbermann's Letterman Tribute Is Perfection

Robin Williams Hates Everything, Including Mila Kunis, Peter Dinklage, and Melissa Leo

Imagine a Typical Adam Sandler RomCom. Whatever You're Picturing, That's 'Blended.'

Bryan Cranston Doesn't Want to Let 'Breaking Bad' Go Any More Than the Rest of Us

If You Thought Alison Brie Couldn't Get Any Better, You Haven't Seen Her in Cake Form

Brad Pitt Is Using His Powers For Good, With a Movie About the Steubenville Rape Case

Wil Wheaton Wants to Bring the Sci-Fi Back to SyFy

Stephen Colbert Makes Amends the Only Way He Knows How: With Over-the-Top Tongue-in-Cheek Offensiveness

Brittany Murphy's Last Movie Is Finally Being Released and it... Looks Pretty Terrible

The Rifftrax Guys Will Take on 'Sharknado' With Their Snark. It's a Snarknado

Amazon Announces Their New Line Up: All I See Is Gael García Bernal and a Duplass

'Wolverine!' the Musical Needs to Happen and It Needs to Happen Now

Joss Whedon Preemptively Apologizes to the Residents of Seoul for Messing Up Their CIty

Ken Burns Has Run Out of Subjects, Lands on Eugene Mirman

Joan Rivers Completely Breaks Jimmy Fallon for Seven Glorious Minutes

Are We One Step Closer to Six Seasons and a 'Community' Movie?

There Is Only One Word to Describe the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Trailer

Scandal's Columbus Short Arrested on Felony Charges, And It's Not the First Time

Suits and Leather: An Official Look at Fox's 'Gotham'

Jimmy Carter Tell Stephen Colbert He'll Become a Catholic When a Female Priest Asks Him to Join Her Church

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are 'Consciously Uncoupling,' Managing to Make Even a Breakup Sound Pretentious

Aubrey Plaza Shows Us The Dark Side of Ring Pops

Idris Elba Will NOT Be a Part of 'Jurassic World' Because Even Dinosaurs Can't Handle That Level of Sexy

Play the New Game: 'Who Is Elisabeth Moss Talking About?' Fred Armisen vs. Scientology Edition

This Child's Cursing Tirade Is the Reminder We All Need That Life is a Beautiful Flower

Is Vincent Kartheiser Auditioning to Take On the Role of Rust Cohle, Or Do You Think He's Just Working Through Some Stuff?

'Marry, Date, Incarcerate' Is the Most Fun You Can Have At a Women's Prison

The 'Orphan Black' Season Two Posters Are Brain-Twistingly Cool

If Anyone Can Save 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' It's Patton Oswalt

Nick Offerman's Huge Penis Is Getting in the Way of His Acting Career

Mindy Kaling Channels Her Inner Paul Giamatti

Do We Have Joel McHale to Thank For Saving 'Community'?

Leslie and Ron Sitting in a Tree: Highlights From the 'Parks and Recreation' PaleyFest Panel

Jennifer Lawrence's Deleted 'American Hustle' Scene Will Scrub Away Your Pain

'The Giver' Trailer Turns Your Childhood Memories Into Every Other Bland Action Movie

Trying to Make Sense of Judd Apatow's 'Trainwreck' Cast Makes My Brain Hurt

Tale As Old As Time: A 90s 'TGIF' Love Triangle

Sofia Coppola's 'Little Mermaid' is Likely to Be a Lot Kinkier Than the Version You Grew Up With

Prison Wives and Whiny Narcissism: Highlights from the 'Orange Is the New Black' PaleyFest Panel

Kevin Spacey Can Be an 'Arrogant SOB' If He Damn Well Wants To

Ranking the Hair of SXSW

Now You Can Watch 'Rick and Morty' in 15-Second Bursts

Shailene Woodley Is All About The Lady Love

Rooney Mara's Tiger Lily: The Girl With the Meaningless Tribal Tattoo

Gordon Keith Asks Kristen Bell About Her Amazing Tit...ular Roles

The 'Harmontown' Drinking Game Will Destroy Your Liver But Caress Your Heart

Idris Elba Will Make Shere Khan the Sexiest Tiger Ever

Academy Members Didn't Actually Watch 12 Years a Slave, Probably Used a Drunken Darts Method Instead

Anna Kendrick's Oscar Weekend Diary Proves She's JUST LIKE US!

It Would Be Weird if Emily Ratajkowski WASN'T in the 'Entourage' Movie

All Your Favorite Scenes From Clueless, Condensed into One Australian Rapper's Music Video

Adam Scott's Three Minute Long Thronegasm Will Have You Begging For More

Jimmy Fallon and The Roots Pour Their Adorable Magic All Over 'Frozen'

Ian Somerhalder and Norman Reedus Had a Better Weekend Than Any of Us

Sarah Jones: The Glaring Afterthought to Last Night's 'In Memoriam' Tribute

It's a 'Grown Ups 2' Shutout! Results from The Razzies

A Marshmallow Appetizer: The First Two Minutes of the 'Veronica Mars' Movie Are Here!

Kristen Bell Stars in the Least Informative Making-Of Video Ever

Win Your Oscar Party Potluck With These Academy Award Winning Food Puns

The Man Who Shaped Your Childhood Comes Out of Hiding to Draw Butts

Seth Rogen's Raw, Moving Speech to Congress Totally Makes Up For 'The Green Hornet'

Given the Choice Between Singing and Beer, Anna Kendrick Chooses Beer, Duh

Is This the Face That Launched a Thousand Spaceships?

Key & Peele Join the Cast of 'Fargo' Because Magic Is Real and Dreams Do Come True

Patton Oswalt Will Make Terrible Movies... Differently Terrible

This Is What Happens When You F**k With Philip Seymour Hoffman's Memory

Watch David O. Russell Play With His Phone, Babble About a Spider, and Talk About Making Jennifer Lawrence Cry

Oscar Presenter Dream Pairings

Twitter Meltdowns: Ruining Your Favorite Actors for You Since 2006

Your 'Veronica Mars' Countdown Has Begun

'The Hapley Group': NBC's Attempt at Getting You to Not Forget About Them

Krysten Ritter in Space!

Lena Dunham Addresses That Whole Jezebel Clusterf*ck

Matthew McConaughey Has His Oscar Speech Ready to Go

Need a Best Picture Refresher? These Adorable Children Have Got You Covered

Back From the Dead? Bryan Fuller Wants to Fill the Pie-Shaped Hole in Our Hearts

How Many People Are Watching House of Cards? F U, That's How Many

Jerry O'Connell Is Really, Really #SORRY For... Stuff

Back From the La Mancha Graveyard: Terry Gilliam Is Resurrecting Don Quixote

Rebel Wilson and Ellen DeGeneres: Rap Superstars

17 Year Old Prince Is Cooler Than You Will Ever Be

Benedict Cumberbatch Knows You Think He Looks Like an Inbred Otter, Is Cool With It

Ellen Page's Coming Out Speech Is a Thing of Beauty

LEGO Movie Outtakes: Everything Is -- Dammit, What's My Line?

Kate Mara Feels Obama Watching, Judging

Ranking the New Amazon Pilot Season

Here is 'Friday Night at The Luncheonette': The Best 2 1/2 Minutes of Your Day

Alison Brie's First Sex Scene Was a Mountain of Gross

Meet the New Voice of the Modern Woman

Retract the Claws and Grab Your Tap Shoes, It's Gonna be a Helluva Show

House of Cards Against Humanity Is a ___________ For Your ___________.

'Friday Night at the Luncheonette': A Crossover of Brain-Melting Proportions

George Takei vs. Baby Goose

This 'Breaking Bad' Look Back Video Will Make That Whole Annoying Trend Worth It

Move Over, 'Citizen Kane.' 'Zombeavers' is the Most Important Cinematic Experience of All Time

How Many F*cks Does Felicia Day Give About What You Think of Her Haircut?

Charlie Sheen Hurls His Crazy Into the Void

If These Were Your Siblings You Wouldn't Even Care That They're ALWAYS MESSING WITH YOUR STUFF

Zooey Deschanel Wants to Be the President of Television

Aimee Mann Will Cure What Ails You

The Hipster Supervillain We've All Been Waiting For

Cameron Crowe Gives Us a Window into the Brilliance of Philip Seymour Hoffman

Tiny, Adorable Pink Warriors, We Salute You

Your Favorite Eye-Rolling Amazon Goes Full Rom Com