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Sorry 'Mrs. Doubtfire,' Mara Wilson Has No Interest in Your Silly Sequel

Joel McHale Learns Why You Should Never Let Billy Eichner Lock You In A Human Bowling Ball Cage

Jenji Kohan Promises to Put More Dongs in 'Orange Is the New Black' Season Two

DJ Tilda Swinton Will Rock Your Goddamn Socks Off

Dax Shepard's Brad Pitt Obsession Is At Sloth-Level Intensity

Jon Hamm Wants to Tell Us All About His Big O

Rust Cohle's Family Circus Exposes the Darkest Corners of Your Colored Penciled Soul

A Good Old Fashioned Walk & Talk: Amy Schumer and Josh Charles Nail that High-Stakes Sorkin-Spun Fast Food Drama

Billy Eichner Will Go Full Hulk on Your 'Passion of the Christ'-Hating Ass

What Does Darth Vader Sound Like On Helium? Like Kristen Schaal, Apparently.

And the Tears Keep Flowing: Another Philip Seymour Hoffman Trailer

Harrison Ford's 12 Most Delightfully Crotchety Answers From His Reddit AMA

Neil Patrick Harris Took Out His Trouser Snake to Promote 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch'

'A Most Wanted Man' Is a Bittersweet Gift from Philip Seymour Hoffman

'The Giver' Adaptation Just Got Slightly Less Awful

Nicolas Cage Describes the Methods Behind the Nic Cage School of Acting

Jimmy Kimmel Gets People to Tell Drake How Terrible Drake Is

Alison Brie and Adam Scott Had a Party and None of Us Were Invited

Where My Ladies At? Lego Edition!

'Decoding Annie Parker' Trailer: Blinded By the Glory of Aaron Paul's Luscious Mane

Who Is the Last Person in the World You'd Want to Take Relationship Advice From? Well, That Person Just Got His Own Dating Show.

'Alan Partridge' Review: Small Fish in a Shallow Pond

Life Would Be Infinitely Better If We All Did Things 'The Swanson Way'

Amanda Palmer Gives the Year's Worst Tweets the Musical Treatment They Deserve

'Wish I Was Here' Trailer: Is Zach Braff Remaking 'Garden State'?

The New Red Band Trailer Just Moved 'Neighbors' to the Top of the 'Want to Be Watching Right Now' List

'New Girl' Promises to Lighten Up, But Is That Really a Good Thing?

A Heartening Follow-Up to That Kate Mulgrew Debacle

New 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Cross-Promotion Shows That Carl's Jr. Loves Mutants, Just Hates Women

Jon Favreau's 'Chef' Trailer is 2 1/2 Minutes of Food Porn

Today's Brain Stabber: Kate Mulgrew Tries to Tell Us The Sun Revolves Around the Earth, NASA Is Made of Conspiracies, And God Likes Us Better Than Aliens

Warning: Super Cuddly Darth Vader May Cause Brain Breakage

'Dom Hemingway' Review: Who Knew a Drunken Romp With Jude Law Could Be So Boring?

'Star Wars Episode VII' Is Being Made Memento-Style (This Does Not Bode Well)

You Really Don't Want to See Seth Rogen's Completely NSFW Selfie. Seriously, Don't Even Click This Link.

Keith Olbermann's Letterman Tribute Is Perfection

Robin Williams Hates Everything, Including Mila Kunis, Peter Dinklage, and Melissa Leo

Imagine a Typical Adam Sandler RomCom. Whatever You're Picturing, That's 'Blended.'

Bryan Cranston Doesn't Want to Let 'Breaking Bad' Go Any More Than the Rest of Us

If You Thought Alison Brie Couldn't Get Any Better, You Haven't Seen Her in Cake Form

Brad Pitt Is Using His Powers For Good, With a Movie About the Steubenville Rape Case

Wil Wheaton Wants to Bring the Sci-Fi Back to SyFy

Stephen Colbert Makes Amends the Only Way He Knows How: With Over-the-Top Tongue-in-Cheek Offensiveness

Brittany Murphy's Last Movie Is Finally Being Released and it... Looks Pretty Terrible

The Rifftrax Guys Will Take on 'Sharknado' With Their Snark. It's a Snarknado

Amazon Announces Their New Line Up: All I See Is Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal and a Duplass

'Wolverine!' the Musical Needs to Happen and It Needs to Happen Now

Joss Whedon Preemptively Apologizes to the Residents of Seoul for Messing Up Their CIty

Ken Burns Has Run Out of Subjects, Lands on Eugene Mirman

Joan Rivers Completely Breaks Jimmy Fallon for Seven Glorious Minutes

Are We One Step Closer to Six Seasons and a 'Community' Movie?

There Is Only One Word to Describe the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Trailer

Scandal's Columbus Short Arrested on Felony Charges, And It's Not the First Time

Suits and Leather: An Official Look at Fox's 'Gotham'

Jimmy Carter Tell Stephen Colbert He'll Become a Catholic When a Female Priest Asks Him to Join Her Church

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are 'Consciously Uncoupling,' Managing to Make Even a Breakup Sound Pretentious

Aubrey Plaza Shows Us The Dark Side of Ring Pops

Idris Elba Will NOT Be a Part of 'Jurassic World' Because Even Dinosaurs Can't Handle That Level of Sexy

Play the New Game: 'Who Is Elisabeth Moss Talking About?' Fred Armisen vs. Scientology Edition

This Child's Cursing Tirade Is the Reminder We All Need That Life is a Beautiful Flower

Is Vincent Kartheiser Auditioning to Take On the Role of Rust Cohle, Or Do You Think He's Just Working Through Some Stuff?

'Marry, Date, Incarcerate' Is the Most Fun You Can Have At a Women's Prison

The 'Orphan Black' Season Two Posters Are Brain-Twistingly Cool

If Anyone Can Save 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' It's Patton Oswalt

Nick Offerman's Huge Penis Is Getting in the Way of His Acting Career

Mindy Kaling Channels Her Inner Paul Giamatti

Do We Have Joel McHale to Thank For Saving 'Community'?

Leslie and Ron Sitting in a Tree: Highlights From the 'Parks and Recreation' PaleyFest Panel

Jennifer Lawrence's Deleted 'American Hustle' Scene Will Scrub Away Your Pain

'The Giver' Trailer Turns Your Childhood Memories Into Every Other Bland Action Movie

Trying to Make Sense of Judd Apatow's 'Trainwreck' Cast Makes My Brain Hurt

Tale As Old As Time: A 90s 'TGIF' Love Triangle

Sofia Coppola's 'Little Mermaid' is Likely to Be a Lot Kinkier Than the Version You Grew Up With

Prison Wives and Whiny Narcissism: Highlights from the 'Orange Is the New Black' PaleyFest Panel

Kevin Spacey Can Be an 'Arrogant SOB' If He Damn Well Wants To

Ranking the Hair of SXSW

Now You Can Watch 'Rick and Morty' in 15-Second Bursts

Shailene Woodley Is All About The Lady Love

Rooney Mara's Tiger Lily: The Girl With the Meaningless Tribal Tattoo

Gordon Keith Asks Kristen Bell About Her Amazing Tit...ular Roles

The 'Harmontown' Drinking Game Will Destroy Your Liver But Caress Your Heart

'Chef' Is the Jon Favreau Autobiography You Never Asked For

Idris Elba Will Make Shere Khan the Sexiest Tiger Ever

Academy Members Didn't Actually Watch 12 Years a Slave, Probably Used a Drunken Darts Method Instead

The 'Annie' Trailer is a Shot of Cute, Straight to the Heart

Anna Kendrick's Oscar Weekend Diary Proves She's JUST LIKE US!

It Would Be Weird if Emily Ratajkowski WASN'T in the 'Entourage' Movie

All Your Favorite Scenes From Clueless, Condensed into One Australian Rapper's Music Video

Adam Scott's Three Minute Long Thronegasm Will Have You Begging For More

Jimmy Fallon and The Roots Pour Their Adorable Magic All Over 'Frozen'

Ian Somerhalder and Norman Reedus Had a Better Weekend Than Any of Us

Sarah Jones: The Glaring Afterthought to Last Night's 'In Memoriam' Tribute

It's a 'Grown Ups 2' Shutout! Results from The Razzies

A Marshmallow Appetizer: The First Two Minutes of the 'Veronica Mars' Movie Are Here!

Kristen Bell Stars in the Least Informative Making-Of Video Ever

Win Your Oscar Party Potluck With These Academy Award Winning Food Puns

The Man Who Shaped Your Childhood Comes Out of Hiding to Draw Butts

Seth Rogen's Raw, Moving Speech to Congress Totally Makes Up For 'The Green Hornet'

Given the Choice Between Singing and Beer, Anna Kendrick Chooses Beer, Duh

Is This the Face That Launched a Thousand Spaceships?

Key & Peele Join the Cast of 'Fargo' Because Magic Is Real and Dreams Do Come True

Patton Oswalt Will Make Terrible Movies... Differently Terrible

This Is What Happens When You F**k With Philip Seymour Hoffman's Memory

Watch David O. Russell Play With His Phone, Babble About a Spider, and Talk About Making Jennifer Lawrence Cry

Oscar Presenter Dream Pairings

Twitter Meltdowns: Ruining Your Favorite Actors for You Since 2006

Your 'Veronica Mars' Countdown Has Begun

'The Hapley Group': NBC's Attempt at Getting You to Not Forget About Them

Krysten Ritter in Space!

Lena Dunham Addresses That Whole Jezebel Clusterf*ck

Matthew McConaughey Has His Oscar Speech Ready to Go

Need a Best Picture Refresher? These Adorable Children Have Got You Covered

Back From the Dead? Bryan Fuller Wants to Fill the Pie-Shaped Hole in Our Hearts

How Many People Are Watching House of Cards? F U, That's How Many

Jerry O'Connell Is Really, Really #SORRY For... Stuff

Back From the La Mancha Graveyard: Terry Gilliam Is Resurrecting Don Quixote

Rebel Wilson and Ellen DeGeneres: Rap Superstars

17 Year Old Prince Is Cooler Than You Will Ever Be

Benedict Cumberbatch Knows You Think He Looks Like an Inbred Otter, Is Cool With It

Ellen Page's Coming Out Speech Is a Thing of Beauty

LEGO Movie Outtakes: Everything Is -- Dammit, What's My Line?

Kate Mara Feels Obama Watching, Judging

Ranking the New Amazon Pilot Season

Here is 'Friday Night at The Luncheonette': The Best 2 1/2 Minutes of Your Day

Alison Brie's First Sex Scene Was a Mountain of Gross

Meet the New Voice of the Modern Woman

Retract the Claws and Grab Your Tap Shoes, It's Gonna be a Helluva Show

House of Cards Against Humanity Is a ___________ For Your ___________.

'Friday Night at the Luncheonette': A Crossover of Brain-Melting Proportions

George Takei vs. Baby Goose

This 'Breaking Bad' Look Back Video Will Make That Whole Annoying Trend Worth It

Move Over, 'Citizen Kane.' 'Zombeavers' is the Most Important Cinematic Experience of All Time

How Many F*cks Does Felicia Day Give About What You Think of Her Haircut?

Charlie Sheen Hurls His Crazy Into the Void

If These Were Your Siblings You Wouldn't Even Care That They're ALWAYS MESSING WITH YOUR STUFF

Zooey Deschanel Wants to Be the President of Television

Aimee Mann Will Cure What Ails You

The Hipster Supervillain We've All Been Waiting For

Cameron Crowe Gives Us a Window into the Brilliance of Philip Seymour Hoffman

Tiny, Adorable Pink Warriors, We Salute You

Your Favorite Eye-Rolling Amazon Goes Full Rom Com

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