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'Midnight Special' Movie Review: Jeff Nichols' Southern-Fried Close Encounters

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Home Is Where the Heart Is Pierced on a Stick and Being Licked by TK Like a Lollipop

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Boobs! It's The All-T*ts Edition of Pajiba Love!

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"A Teacher" Review: But Then My Homework Was Never Quite Like This!

I Have Always Depended On The Arbitrariness of Strangers

To Rome With Love Review: Sorry Aristotle, Sometimes the Sum of the Parts is Pure S***

Upfronts 2012: The CW Is ... Well ... It's Still Technically a Network

Upfronts 2012: CBS Thinks It's Elementary that the BBC/PBS "Sherlock" Is Too Smart for Mainstream America

Upfronts 2012: ABC Cuts My Life Into Pieces

Upfronts 2012: FOX Thinks It's Important to Have Friends ... and Fassbender's Penis

America's Parking Lot Review - Texas Forever, If You Can Afford It

Upfronts 2012: NBC Hopes that The "Friends" Monkey Was the Secret to Earlier Successes

"Community" News That May Make You Scream

The Cabin in the Woods Review: The Less You Know, The More Fun You'll Have

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Electrick Children Review - Don't Leave Me Hanging On The Telephone

Compliance Review: Hang Up the F*cking Phone!

Brooklyn Castle Review - Smash Knights with Mics in Militant Mental Fights

The Raid: Redemption Review: Holy Sh*t

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The Greatest Movie Chain Looks at the Greatest Summer of Movies

What TV Show Do You Wish You Lived In?

Ten Reasons to Watch the Season Premiere of "Cougar Town" Tonight

Teaching Kids in a Foreign Land About Laws Forbidding Robot Cyclists From Marrying ... I'd Watch the Sh*t Outta That Documentary

Perfect Sense Review: This Movie Has Something For Everyone - Both Ewan's Mc and His Gregor, and Eva's Greens

Daymanstep Cometh

A New Season of MTV's "The Challenge" Is Almost Here! (And You Know It Makes Me Sick To Be On That List)

House of Lies Review - Because Look, The Pod Remains Convinced There's A Burning Platform But We Just Don't Have The Bandwidth To Go Into a Black Factory and Blow Up The Paradigms With A White Paper

Lilyhammer Trailer: I Love F*uckin' Cheese At My Feet! I Stick Motherf*ckin' Provolone In My Socks At Night, So They Smell Like Your Sister's Crotch In The Morning. Alright?

Merry Christmas (And Happy Other Denominational and Non-Denominational Holidays). Love, Pajiba

Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Review - Blue Balls

"State of Play" Review (the BBC Series)

HBO Claims It Will Never Cut the Funiculus Umbilicalis

Melancholia Review - It's The End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Like Punching Someone in the F*cking Face)

Storytellers: The Last Naked Eye

"Parks and Recreation: Road Trip" -- A Web Series I Would Watch Until the End of Time ... And Because Of Love

No, FX and Charlie Sheen, I Will Not Manage My Anger

Like Crazy Review | Long Distance Runaround

BEING ELMO Review | I'll Still Murder Elmo If I Ever Run Into Him In a Dark Alley, But Now I'll Feel a Tinge of Regret About It

In Episode Three, Kiefer's Kid Gives Hurley Some Magic Lotto Numbers

"Homeland" Review: I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me

Take Shelter Review: It's Just a Shot Away, It's Just a Shot Away

"Free Agents" Review - This Review Comes With an Olyphant Treat, Which Is Better Than The Show Deserves

"New Girl" Review -- She's Doing Sexy Things With The Pillow

"The Sing-Off" Review: "F*ck a Beat, I'll Go A Capella"

The Guard Review | I Can't Tell If You're Really Mother F*cking Dumb or Really Mother F*cking Smart

"The Torchwood Institute Was Created To Combat The Threat Posed By The Doctor And Other Phantasmagoria" ... But What Happens When "Torchwood" Itself Is The Problem?

Another Earth Review | The Recipe to Getting Sundance to Go Ga-Ga Over Your Film

The Histoy of Rap 2: Oh Baby You, You Got A Hair Weave, But You Say It's Your Real Hair...

With "The Challenge: Rivals," MTV Reminds Us What A True Guilty Pleasure Is

Neil Gaiman's "American Gods" Coming to HBO

The Best Little Moviehouse in Texas (Which Is In The Magnited States of America)

Salvation Boulevard Trailer, Conan Can't Stop Trailer, Take Shelter Trailer

Upfronts 2011: Buffy Returns Home

Upfronts 2011: CBS, Same As It Ever Was

2011 Upfronts - ABC Brings Back "Jiggle TV"

2011 Upfronts - Foxy, You Make Me Wanna Get Up And Scream

2011 Upfronts - N ... B ... See-Ya Later Last Place?

Landry And Tyra Dump Wonder Woman's Corpse Into The River

Hesher Review: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is Smashing Through The Boundaries, Lunacy Has Found Me, Cannot Kill The Battery

Jon Cryer To CBS Execs: "Dude, Where's My Hugh Grant?"

Fox Takes a Dump on Shawn Ryan's Chest While Rejiggering Its Fall Schedule

Detention Review: We Didn't Start The Fire

A Wicked F*ing Time In Boston: Southie, An "Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations" Production

Would Ned Stark Or Viserys Targaryen Win In A Game Of Penny Can?

Source Code Review: You'd Take The Red Pill, Am I Right Or Am I Right? Or Am I Right? Or Am I Right?

"Teen Wolf" Trailer: Where's The Werewolf Doing A Handstand On Top Of Stiles' Wolfmobile And Making A Fool Of Himself?

Two Amy Ponds Flirting With Themselves ... Do I Need To Tell You Anything Else?

The Key Man Review: There's A Sucker Born Every Minute

The Music Never Stopped Review | Every Silver Lining's Got a Touch of Gray

This News Isn't As Good As Pretty Dark-Haired Women And Breakfast Foods, But It's Pretty Close

The City Dark Review: I Don't Think This Is What Carl Sagan Meant By "It's Better To Light A Candle Then To Curse The Darkness"

Turkey Bowl Review: Put A Little Mustard On It

I Can Admit It: I'm Part Of What's Wrong With America

Eloquent Eloquents, Assemble: A Call to Arms

You Can Stop Believing: The Collapse of American Society is Nigh

Revisiting "Californication": Does a Show's Moral Footing Matter When It's Got Rob Lowe Miming Hummers?

"Nikita" Review - The Best Show You're Not Watching While You Burn Calories

"Cinema Verite" Trailer and "Top Chef" Behind the Scenes | Where The Hell is Our Reality Show About the Muppets?

Page One: A Year Inside the New York Times Review

Mr. Sunshine Review | Actually, It's Miss Chanandler Bong

Salvation Boulevard Review | Forgive Me Father For My Movie is Sin

Perfect Sense Review | This Movie Has Something For Everyone - Both Ewan's Mc and His Gregor, and Eva's Greens

Vampire Review | I Want to Suck... (*Mission Accomplished*)

The Cinema Hold-Up | I Guess Wanting Your Money Back After Seeing the Latest Kate Hudson Suckfest Isn't Just an American Thing

Benavides Born Review | Who Knew Unitards Were Such a Nightmare?

HERE Review | How To Make Your Audience Walk Out In Six Easy Steps

Knuckle Review | You Want To Settle This With a Fight?

Bobby Fischer Against the World Review | "Chess and me, it's hard to take them apart"

Good Morning, Worm, Your Honor | "Law & Order: UK" Lessons in British

MTV's "The Challenge - Cutthroat" Premieres Tonight | One Bad Apple Can Spoil A Bushel

The Most Anticipated New Fall Shows (2010 Edition)

The Least Anticipated New Fall Shows (2010 Edition)

Quantum Leap Movie | Dr. Sam Beckett stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator ... and got too old

"You keep saying you want to change things, but you keep repeating old behavior. You can't have it both ways." | 2010 Emmy Nominations

World Be Getting Warmer, People Be Getting Colder | Shjeeeeeeeeet

Micmacs Review

Review of the Season Finale of "Lost" | Pure and Disposed to Mount Unto the Stars

Five Most Anticipated New TV Shows | Who Wants a Mustache Ride?

2010 Upfronts - The CW's 2010-2011 Schedule

Video Previews of CBS' New Shows

2010 Upfronts - CBS' 2010-2011 Schedule

Video Previews of ABC's New Shows

2010 Upfronts - ABC's 2010-2011 Schedule

Video Previews of Fox's New Shows

2010 Upfronts - Fox's 2010-2011 Schedule

2010 Upfronts - NBC's 2010-2011 Schedule

Video Previews of NBC's New Midseason Shows

Video Previews of NBC's New Fall Shows

NBC Renews "Chuck" And Other Pre-Upfronts News | TV Whip Its

MTV Moves Forward with American Remake of "Skins" | "Then came the day MTV blew us away...."

NBC Orders "Outsourced" and "Love Bites" | India is Different Than Us

Exit Through the Gift Shop Review, Part 1 | A Wall Has Always Been the Best Place to Publish Your Work

Exit Through the Gift Shop Review, Part 2 | Mr. Brainwash is a force of nature...

Defendor Review | But I Can't Do This All On My Own

News: MTV Developing "Wicked Summer" | The fame and glory isn't just for those pissah Jehsey Shoor rats no more!

The Art of the Steal Review | Sometimes Building Ivory Towers, Sometimes Knocking Castles Down

Scarface Trailer | ...Then You Remake the Movies!

Strange Powers: Stephin Merritt and the Magnetic Fields Review | I'm Fascinating ... I Write Wonderful Music

Review: "Two and a Half Men" | Two and a Half Thumbs Up!

News: Fox Pulls the Plug on "24" | The following take place between "smell ya" and "later"

"Justified" Review | "Ya Make Me Pull, I'll Put Ya Down"

"United States of Tara," Season Two Review

News about Skeet Ulrich, Betty White, and Recent TV Ratings

Cold Weather Review | The Adventure of Reviewing a Film

"Boardwalk Empire" - Second Trailer

Earthling Review

Breaking Bad Contest - What's In Your Bunsen Burner?

Paul Schneider is Leaving "Parks and Recreation," But Rob Lowe and Adam Scott are Excellent Consolation Prizes

Summer Glau Joins NBC's "The Cape"

Viral Marketing + Crystal Meth + Scuzzy Lawyer = "Breaking Bad's" Saul Goodman

The Truth Behind the Oscars' Crazy-White-Kanye Lady

Conan's Deal to Leave NBC Just About Wrapped Up

Simon Cowell Leaves American Idol, Code 58, Top Chef Spinoffs, Breaking Bad, Glee, Skins, and Rude Better Off Ted Video

HBO's Orders "Luck" Pilot, from David Milch and Michael Mann

"Doctor Who: Confidential" Clips

Trailer for Season Five of "Doctor Who"

The Ten Best Sci-Fi Films of the Aughts

The Five Best UK Television Shows of the Aughts

2009 TV Year in Review


The Magicians by Lev Grossman

TV News - Sons of Anarchy, Damages, Justified, Nip/Tuck and Torchwood

Spanish-Language Trailer for Season Six of "Lost"

Promo Video for SyFy's "Alice"

William Atherton Joins Lost, Chuck Gets More Episodes, "Scrubs" and "Better Off Ted" Return

The World Series Starts Tonight!

Fox's "The Club" Video

George Lopez Plans to Kill Late Night with TBS' "Lopez Tonight"

Trailer for Star Wars: Uncut

Trailer for "RW/RR Challenge: The Ruins"

Dr. Horrible at the Emmy's - Video

Emmy Awards Open Thread

Bored To Death - Review

TV Shows Premiering The Week of September 14th

Richard Curtis to Write an Episode of "Doctor Who"

Best TV Robots

The Math of Zombie Outbreaks

Tony Danza to Teach for A&E

FX's "Lawman" Trailer

"Skins," Season 3 - Review

A Hodgepodge of TV News, Take 2

A Hodgepodge of TV News, Take 1

Trailer for Season Four of "Dexter"

Comic-Con Videos - Jeffster's Fat Bottom Girls and Lost Memorium

Alec Baldwin and Jimmy Fallon Adlib a Tracy Morgan/DeNiro Movie

John Goodman Joins Fox's "The Station"

2009 Emmy Nominations

FX Orders Up "The League"

Pajiba Breaks the Emmy Nominations!

Hong Kong Phooey Movie, But Where's Bananaman?

Mary-Louise Parker reads a Bedtime Story for Esquire

Trailer for ABC's "Defying Gravity"

SyFy Would Like To Reboot "Quantum Leap"

HBO Developing a "Middlesex" Series

Doctor Who Movie to Be Announced at Comic-Con?

Died Young, Stayed Pretty - Trailer

TV News Miscellany

"Better Off Ted" Review

Commercial for Fox's "More to Love"

Triumph goes to Bonnaroo

Teaser Clip for HBO's "Bored to Death"

Moon Movie Review

Danny DeVito Drunk on Live TV, Again

MLB to Air Reality Series Following the Phillies' Bullpen

Comedy Central Brings "Futurama" Back

Gosselaar Zack Morrises it up for Jimmy Fallon

"Nurse Jackie" Review

The Tony's Try to Kill Poison's Brett Michaels

A Report on PajiBacon East

Favorite TV Cooking Personalities

Josh Friedman Blogs about the Demise of "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles"

Best Movies with a Color in the Title

Fan-Made Green Lantern Trailer, "Starring" Nathan Fillion

HBO Orders Up Animated Version of "The Ricky Gervais Show" Podcast

The Transforminators - IGN's Terminator/Transformers Mash-Up Video

Video of Jimmy Kimmel's Upfront Monologue for ABC

Trailer for ABC's "V" and "Eastwick"

Best Movie Robots

2009 Upfronts - The CW's 2009/2010 Schedule

Conan Shows Off the New "Tonight Show" Set - Video

Videos for New CBS Shows

2009 Upfronts - CBS' 2009/2010 Schedule

Videos for New ABC Shows

2009 Upfronts - NBC's 2009/2010 Schedule

2009 Upfronts - ABC's 2009 Fall Schedule

Trailer Videos for New Fox Shows

2009 Upfronts - Fox's 2009/2010 Schedule

Tom Hanks on SNL Celebrity Jeopardy

He Needs a Kidney - Video Clip

NBC Renews "Chuck" for a Third Season

Fox Renews Dollhouse

Best Sitcom Floozy

"Party Down," and Other TV Renewal/Pickup News

Favorite TV Lawyers

"The Alzheimer's Project" Review

Best TV Drunks

The Coolest TV Characters of All-Time

ABC Gives an Episode Order to "Flash Forward"

"Scrubs" Season Eight Finale, Quasi-Review and Seriously Random List

The Coolest Spaceships in Movies and TV

HBO Picks Up Simon's "Treme"

The Worst Final Lines in Good Movies

How David E. Kelley Might Help Save "Chuck"

B is for Beer, by Tom Robbins, Book Review

NBC's Fall Shows

Captain Freedom Book Review

Where's the Star Trek Movie Review?

American Idol Can Suck My Nuts

Jeffster Trailer ("Chuck")

The Modern Day Ritual

NBC Yanks "Kings" Again

Video - The Browncoat's "The Hero of Canton"

"Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel 2" Premieres Tonight!

The Last Six Minutes of Last Night's "Fringe"

The Differences Between "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" and "Dollhouse"

Squeaky Bun Time

One Movie Wonders

In a Dream - Trailer

Peter Krause and Maura Tierney in NBC's "Parenthood"

Best BJ Lips in Hollywood

Battlestar Galactica Finale

Getting ready for the "Battlestar Galactica" Finale

David Chase Returns to HBO, and Other TV News

Morena Baccarin to Star in V Remake

Pajiba Commenting - Bigger, Stronger, Faster

Catching up with Breaking Bad

Rant on Spoilers

Guest of Cindy Sherman Trailer

ABC Cancels Life on Mars

Andy Richter, Tonight Show Announcer

Trailer for Rob Thomas' Party Down

New HD Opening to The Simpsons

Sugar: Poster and Trailer

HBO Developing a Show for Joe Buck

The Making of AMC's The Prisoner

Newsweek's Oscar Roundtable

Glam Metal Rocks So Hard It Can Get You Pregnant

FOX Picks Up Mall Cop Comedy

Prison Break Ends This Spring

The 2008 TV Roundtable, Part 4

It's Cold and I'm Lonely

The 2008 TV Roundtable, Part 3

The 2008 TV Roundtable, Part 2

The 2008 TV Roundtable, Part 1

Matt Smith to be New Doctor Who

Osama! The Musical

HBO Brings On the Bruckheimer and Bay

Time Warner to Pull Viacom Cable Channels

HBO Signs Up Maria Bello

Denis Leary Remembers Denis Leary Movies

Three Amigos

Episode 3 of Between Two Ferns

Inspirational Speech Montage

NBC's Leno Move Could Be a Game Changer

I Caught Grandma Frakking a Cylon

F*ck Heroes

Steve Buscemi in Talks for Scorsese's HBO Show

The Star Trek versus Star Wars Debate Rages On

Steven Seagal Latest to Jump on Reality Bandwagon

Roots get in bus crash because of Jimmy Fallon

Pushing Daisies Among Several Canceled Shows

Teaser for ABC's Cupid

NBC Cancels Enemy and Jungle

Pushing Daisies Is On the Bubble

Fox Reschedules Dollhouse to Fridays

ABC shelves Alyssa Milano's pilot

Video - Don't See Nic Cage Movies

Trailer for Johnny Got His Gun

Whitford and Malcony Sign On to Off Duty Pilot

30 Rock Pulls High Premiere Ratings

Two Promo Videos for the New Season of Nip/Tuck

Video of Simpsons/Mad Men Opening

CBS cancels The Ex-List

Curb Your Enthusiasm Goes Into Production in December

Hope Davis and John Mahoney to Join In Treatment

Brian Cox lands on Kings and Lost and Found

Fox gives Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles a Full Second Season

Preview of the WB's Children's Hospital

Jason Jones and Samantha Bee to Write a Show for CBS

David E. Kelly Pitching a New Legal Series

JCVD Trailer

This Week's Season Premieres (10/13)

FX cancels The Riches

Trailer for The Matador

Yet Another Bullshit Top 10 List

Fuck You Tyler Perry!

FX renews Sons of Anarchy

Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen's Food Songs

AMC to Develop Red Mars

This Week's Season Premieres (10/6)

The Graysons, the CW's Show about Robin

Knight Rider

Remakes of Melrose Place and the Partridge Family?

I Am Charlotte Simmons being Adapted for HBO

Trailer for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

This Week's Season Premieres (9/29)

Dexter (Season Three) and Californication (Season Two)

Fox orders Lie to Me as a Midseason Replacement

Friday Night Lights Teaser

Fox greenlights legal drama pilot based on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

ABC to order Flash Forward Pilot

This Week's Season Premieres (9/22)

2008 Emmy Awards Wrap-Up

Sleep Dealer Trailer

Stephen Colbert's Comedy Central Christmas Special

David Simon and Tom Fontana to Adapt Manhunt for HBO

South Park Timmy License Plate

Diane Ruggiero has quit her role on The Ex List

Katee Sackhoff Joins Dick Wolf's "Lost and Found" Pilot

This Week's Season Premieres (9/15)

Ben Folds Video for You Don't Know Me with Tim and Eric

MPAA Asks FCC to Vote Down a la Carte Cable Channels

Production of Whedon's Dollhouse Shuts Down for Two Weeks

NBC Keeps Two Actors Off Scrubs Season Finale

Sheldon Brown Gives Steven Jackson a Kiss

VH1 to air live New Kids on the Block Behind the Music


ABC orders In the Motherhood

Dexter Magazine Covers

ABC looks into The Return

CBS orders Mitch Hurwitz Pilot

This Week's Season Premieres (9/8)

Seth MacFarlane Goes Online with Calvacade of Cartoon Comedy

Showtime Bicoastal and Swingtown Petition

True Blood

Letterman Defends Leno

Ben Folds Five Reunion

90210 scores big ratings

2008 Fall Season

Gremlins 2 VOD

Flight of the Conchords Soon to End

This Week's Season Premieres (9/2)

Chuck - Second Season Pickup

Dancing with the Pajibas

Food Fight Sound Off

Maid in Pajiba

Donna Martin Pajibuates

Fifteen Seconds of Pajiba

Think Again, Pajiba

Puking on Pajiba

The Herniated Pajiba

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Pajiba

Freaks & Geeks

Lock the Bitch in the Pajiba

Believe it or Not ... It's Just Pajiba

Friends of Eddie Coyle, The

The Cleveland Pajiba

Secret Diary of a Call Girl

I Feel Fine


The Way They Treat Pajibas


When I Pajiba For You

Chicken Butt Pajiba

Fox's 2008-2009 Schedule

CBS' 2008 Fall Schedule

CW's 2008 Fall Schedule

ABC's 2008 Fall Schedule

Hung Like a Pajiba

Sit Ubu, Sit ... Good Pajiba

Fame Grubbing Pajibas

Lucky Pajiba

Will Pajiba Again

Pretty in Pajiba

NBC's 2008-2009 Schedule

Children of Pajiba

Mr. Show with Pajiba and Godtopus

Pajiba Martin Graduates!

Two hours of your Pajiba

Arrested Development, Season Two

Three for Show and Three to Go

I Don't Know what Pajiba Is

New Amsterdam

The whole town of Pajiba hates you

Why don't you cut off your Pajiba

P ... A ... J ... I ... B ... A ... PAJIBA!!!

Jericho, Season Two

The Man of Your Pajiba


Bonnie and Clyde

Pajiba Me Forever

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Sunday Bloody Pajiba

The Wire, Season Five

TV in 2007

The Western Pajiba

My two front Pajibas

Late Night with Pajiba

Hell no, we won't Pajiba!


America's Next Top Pajiba

The Wings of My Pajiba

Pajiba is a union town

Your Mother's Pajiba

The SciFi Channel Can Suck My Pajiba

Quicker than Lager Turns to Pajiba

The Looming Hollywood Strike

A Pajiba for All Midseasons

Tossed to the Curb

Friday Night Lights

You Give Pajiba a Bad Name

Cavemen and Carpoolers

A Pajiba who does not exist

Ghost Whisperer

Dexter (Season Two)


Bionic Woman

Hence, Like a Pajiba



Do you understand the words that are coming out of my Pajiba?

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

When I start yelling at a girl, I call her a Pajiba

2007 Fall Season

Tell Me You Love Me

Malibu, Lace, Blaze and Pajiba


End of Days

The Pajiba, the Whole Pajiba and Nothing but the Pajiba


Weeds, Season Three

In a story about Trump and Rosie, the only loser is Pajiba

Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmare

A Brief History of Pajiba

The Simpsons Movie

The Price is Wrong, Pajiba!

Steaming as It Ever Was

Mourning the Death of Television

Scott Baio is 45

Hollywood Edicts

Rock of Love

Pajiba Broadcasting Company

Summer Doldrums

According to Pajiba

I Suck So Long and Hard

"I Beat Pajibas Up!"

Folkin the Suburbs

Just Another Masturbatory Pajiba Column

Tony from Jersey

Let's play a game of whisper down the Pajiba

One Crazy Summer



Looks like I used "You're Pajiba'ed!" as a headline one week too soon

"You're Pajiba'ed!"

I Guess There are Some Things a Hero Can't Save

Fox and The CW's New Fall Schedule

CBS's New Fall Schedule

George Lopez is cordially invited to suck my Pajiba

ABC's New Fall Schedule

NBC's New Fall Schedule

I Once Was Lost, But Now I'm Pajiba

It's not TV, it's Pajiba

"Sometimes I do wish that I was gay, recently, because I find you very attractive"

Pajiba shivers me timbers...

SpongeBob No-Pajiba

I'm Still Not Sure I Get the Premise

Think Like Us ... Act Like Us ... You Will Listen to What We Say You'll Listen to ... Obey Us. ...

I Drank Way Too Much Last Night and Now I Have the World's Biggest Pajiba

If We're Thanking God for You Being Here, Does He Also Take the Blame?

Scathing Music for Bitchy People

It's Always Pajiba in Philadelphia

I'm Henry the Bored, I Am I Am

CDs for a Three Hour Tour

Lawrence Taylor broke my Pajiba

Maybe the secret to great television is simply to have a character named Gaius

Dude, You Like So Totally Can't Go Home Again

Pajiba Mars

What Does Meat Loaf Have to Do with Andy Richter?

Comics for the Pajiba Mindset

You People are Insatiable!

I am Gettin' So Hot, I Wanna Take My Pajiba Off

You Talkin' to Me? Well I'm the Only One Here.

Hell's Bells, They're Dragging You Down

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, I'm Just a Caveman. I Fell on Some Ice and Later Got Thawed Out by Some of Your Scientists. Your Pajiba Frightens and Confuses Me!

The Only Winner Here is ... Umm ... Erm ... Eh ... I Got Nothin'

This American Pajiba

It Tastes as Good as it Smells

He's the One They Call Pajiba Feelgood

Ranting is Good for the Soul

Everything's Better with a British Accent

Pajiba Love 01/26/07

A Girl Can Dream

Roman Tragedy and British Comedy, Together Again

I'm Jack Bauer, and My Blood is in Your Veins

"If It Ain't a Serialized Drama, It Ain't Going on Our Network!" - 2006 Television in Review

Haggis vs. Sorkin

"Live Long and Prosper" May Be Wishful Thinking

Oh, Food. Wonderful Food, Marvelous Food, Glorious Food. Food, Glorious Food!

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Welcome to the Fourth Season, Bitch!

Quiet Down Now, It Is Time to Watch the Show...

The Good, the Bad and the Frakking Ugly


Just a Small Town Girl, Living in a Lonely World

How Much TV Could a Woodchuck TiVo if a Woodchuck Could TiVo TV (2006 Edition)

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"Freaks and Geeks"

Here a Pilot, There a Pilot, Everywhere a Pilot Pilot (Part the Second)

Here a Pilot, There a Pilot, Everywhere a Pilot Pilot (Part the First)

New Rules, Same Ol' Shit

The Declaration of the TV Whore

Two Tragedies of Comedy, Act II

Two Tragedies of Comedy, Act I

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Veronica Mars 2006 Finale

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How Much TV Could a Woodchuck TiVo if a Woodchuck Could TiVo TV

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2005 Television in Review

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Pajiba Love 7/20/06

Welcome to the Third Season of The O.C., Bitch!

Unit, The

Travolta Contract