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Welcome to the Author Archive for Mike Redmond

Pennsyltucky Midterms: Trump & Kavanaugh Are Still Big Winners Out Here (Kill Me)

John Stamos Masturbated to 'Fuller House' and Felt You Should Know

Pamela Anderson Doesn't Like #MeToo Because It 'Paralyzes Men'

Real Soldiers Have to Deal with Militia Idiots Trying to Shoot Migrant Caravan Because Everything is Dumb

A Cheerleader Knelt During The National Anthem? Run, Girl, They Gonna Kill You!

GOP Nutjob Writes Biblical Manifesto on Killing 'All Males' Who Won't Ban Gay Marriage or Abortion

'Don't Vote For Our Racist, Homophobic Family Member' is My New Favorite Trend, Let's Keep That Going

The Obamas Are Making a Netflix Show About Trump. Oh, Oh DAMN

Henry Cavill Heard You Like Butt Chin With Your Witcher

Sylvester Stallone Ducks Rape Charges That Might Be New or Old, Nobody Knows

A Response to the 12 Young People Who Probably Won't Vote (Subtitle: There Will Be Yelling)

Trump Deploys 5,200 More Troops to Stop Migrant Caravan Because Racist Red Meat, Baby, Get Some

Kanye is Telling Black Voters to Leave the Democratic Party, Cool, Cool Cool Cool

#MAGABomber Suspect Cesar Sayoc Arrested In Florida, What Are The Odds?

Megyn Kelly Wants To Go Back To Fox News

The Vatican Made a Catholic 'Pokémon Go' Because That's The Church's Problem, Not Enough Apps

As #MAGABomber Continues, Trump Supporters Are Still Chanting 'Lock Her Up'

John Mayer Had Sex With 500 Women, According To John Mayer

Jennifer Garner Had a New Boyfriend This Whole Time

Sarah Silverman is Done Talking About Louis CK, For Real This Time, Maybe

George Soros Almost Killed By Mail Bomb That He Probably Sent Himself, Amirite? (I'm Not)

UPDATE: Louis CK Masturbated in Front of Sarah Silverman And It Was 'Amazing,' Wait What?

Noam Dworman is Basically Louis CK's Publicist Now

The Heidi Cruz Interview is Out-of-Touch Conservatism in a Bottle

Someone Used Deepfake Technology to Put Harrison Ford in 'Solo'? Oh God

Donald Trump Calls Stormy Daniels 'Horseface' on Twitter Because Why Not at this Point?

Louis CK is Ready To Joke About Being In 'Hell' Now

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