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lainey-bobainey.jpg Lainey Bobainey, Copy Editor & Linkmaster: Lainey spent a decade working in Human Resources, but realized she doesn't particularly care for humans or being a resource, so now she wears pajamas while working in her spacehouse. Technically, she lives in a Lustron along with her husband who creates games, and a Siamese cat that squeaks. She's pro-choice, pro-marriage equality, pro-BLM, and pro-Oxford Comma. She enjoys red-lining errors for business and for pleasure. You can Tweet at her on Twitter.

West Wing 'Very Worried' About Don Jr. As Mueller Report Looms

The GOP Is Really Pissed Off At ... Pete Davidson?

Horrible Candace Owens and Horrible Tomi Lahren Turn On Each Other Over Kanye

About that Whole Supporting Trump Thing? Kanye Says Oops. My Bad. Nevermind

Behold The Latest Drunk, Racist White Lady, #SouthParkSusan

Megyn Kelly's 'Today' Show Is Reportedly Ending

Nice Suit, Timothee

Blake Bortles Is Real

Pete Davidson is Sad About His Break Up with Ariana Grande, But Not So Sad He Can't Masturbate

Ahem. *Clears Throat* The Guy from 'Riverdale' Says He Didn't Conspire with Courtney Love to Murder Frances Cobain's Ex Husband

Ariana Grande Posts to Instagram for the First Time Since Her Break-Up with Pete Davidson

The Timing of that Royal Baby Announcement Was a Little Unfortunate

We Knew It Was Coming, but Who Would've Guessed That It Would Have Been So Disappointing?

Lana Del Rey Takes Issue with Azealia Banks, Who Took Issue with Lana Del Rey's Issues with Kanye

James Franco is the Absolutely Worst Part XXVI: 'Freaks and Geeks' Edition

You Know Sh*t Is Bad When Taylor Swift Finally Decides to Get Political

Johnny Depp Has a New 'GQ' Profile, and Amber Heard Rightfully Is Peeved About It

Trump Finds a New Low, Digs a Grave Underneath It, and Buries His Last Shred of Humanity

'Good Things Can Come from Idiot Men,' Colin Trevorrow Says, and He Should Know

Charlie Rose to Host #MeToo Redemption Series Where He Interviews Louis C.K., Matt Lauer?

Hemsworth Demoted to Third Best Chris, While Teigen Will Always Be the Best Chrissy

Donald Trump's Pee Tape Alibi Is a Lie

The Guy with 3 'Avatar' Sequels Lined Up is Tired of 'Avengers' Films, Plus Shana Twain Steps In It

Former Trump Lawyer Advises the President that Michael Cohen Will Flip

You Know that Shep Smith Is Loving This

James Comey Did Not Sugarcoat His Feelings on Donald Trump

Missouri Lawmakers Demand GOP Governor's Resignation After a Deeply Disturbing Sexual Assault Report

Democrats Are Mobilizing in Anticipation of Trump Firing Rod Rosenstein

The President of the United States is F**cking Furious

There Were A Lot of Bad April Fool's Pranks Today. Lin Manuel-Miranda's Was ALMOST Good

A Longtime Pajiban and Jeopardy Winner Tweet Trashes Eric Trump and Family

The Court of Public Opinion Has Indicted the Beyoncé Biter

Stormy Daniels Kept the Dress, Because Of Course She Kept the Dress, Why Wouldn't She Keep the Dress?

Is Tiffany Trump Rooting Against Her Father?

SNL's Michael Che is Still An Asshole

Stormy Daniels Takes No Sh*t

Donald Trump Jr. Allegedly Had An Affair, While Stormy Daniels Really Does Have Dick Pics of the POTUS

Another Trumper's Wife Files for Divorce; Sandra Bullock Gets a Penis Facial

The Fix is In: GOP Clears Trump of Collusion

While Trump Tries to Kill Stormy Daniels' '60 Minutes' Interview, She's Busy Making it Rain

Brace Yourselves: We Are Officially, Uh, Inching Ever Closer to a Trump Dick Pic

Uma and Ethan's Daughter Gets a 'Strange' New Gig on a Beloved Netflix Series

Don Jr. Thinks Big Pharma Is Behind Mass Shootings

Groot Is Dead

Stacey Dash Is Running for Congress, and Jennifer Lawrence Didn't Sleep with Chris Pratt

Olympian Trashes Ivanka Trump, And the Internet Piles On

Amber Tamblyn Believes Women. Her Husband David Cross? Not So Much

Kate Upton Accuses Guess Co-Founder of Untoward Behavior & Janelle Monae and Tessa Thompson Now Have Shippers

Jenn and Justin Split Comes Into Focus; Mariah Carey Shades Fergie

Fergie Sang the National Anthem at the NBA All Star Game. It Was Not Good

FBI Counterintelligence Agent Breaks Down on CNN in the Wake of Another School Shooting

Kim Cattrall Hates Sarah Jessica Parker

Reese Witherspoon Opens Up About Leaving an Abusive Partner

Another Celebrity Couple Splits, But Love Is Not Dead. It Just Doesn't Do Long Distance Relationships

Netflix Just Surprise Dropped the 'Cloverfield' Sequel, and Oh! The Eagles Won the Super Bowl

There Is Some Serious Sh*t Going on with the Russia Investigation Right Now

A Second, Independently Researched Trump-Russia Memo Alleges Trump Compromised by Pee Tape

Chicago-Times Pulls Richard Roeper for the Absolute Dumbest Reason

Alec Baldwin Is an Unacceptable Human Being

Wanna Feel Old, Gen Xers? The Daughter of Supermodel Cindy Crawford Is Now a Model Herself

Garrison Keillor Is a Bad, Bad Man

Donald Trump, Threatened by President Kelly, Is Already Considering Another Replacement

Scarlett Johansson Calls Out James Franco for His Inappropriate Behavior

Amazon Cancels Three Series, Netflix Axes One

Aziz Ansari Responds to Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

Gillian Anderson Is Done with 'The X-Files,' 'American Gods,' But Duchovony? We'll See

The Gender Pay Gap on the 'All the Money in the World' Reshoots Was a Shameful, Whopping 99 Percent

Dumb Motherfucker Demanding that Players Stand for National Anthem Doesn't Know the Words to the Goddamn National Anthem

The Year's First Great Twitter Exchange Involves Chelsea Clinton, Chrissy Teigen, and ... Hooters

Our Psychotic President Has Confused Dick Measuring for Foreign Diplomacy Again

Donald Trump Thinks an Awful Lot of Himself, Doesn't He?

Report: Instead of Pardoning Michael Flynn, Donald Trump Plans to Use Him as a Scapegoat

What's Next for Trump after the GOP Tax Plan? The 'Black People Plan'

Ted Cruz Twitter-Shamed by Mark Hamill, Plus the Year's Best Tweet

Paul Ryan Stepping Down? Mike Cernovich Going to Jail? And How Black Women Saved America

Holy Shit: The Democrat Doug Jones Has Won the Goddamn Alabama Senate Race

Donald Trump is Furious With His U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley For Validating the Women Who Accused Him of Harassment

The Tremendous Outpouring of Support for Bullied Student Keaton Jones Has Been Nothing Short of Incredible

Dustin Hoffman Gets Into a Spat with John Oliver Over Harassment, Plus What's Up with Scott Baio?

Billy Bush Has Entered His Redemption Arc and Scarjo Is Dating Colin Jost, So We've Reached Peak 2017

Two More Allegations Against Lauer, Geraldo is On the Hot Seat, and Trump Brags About 'First Rate P*ssy'

Jennifer Lawrence Was As Sick and Goddamn Tired of Her Ex Darren Aronofsky Talking About 'mother!' As The Rest Of Us

Armie Hammer Ditches Twitter After a Dustup with Buzzfeed

That Awkward Moment When the President Calls Out His Daughter For Not Supporting a Pedophile

We Haven't Talked Enough About How Awesome Terry Crews Is

For Jeffrey Tambor, Sexual Harassment Allegations Do Not Fall Far from the Asshole Tree

Two More Roy Moore Accusers Come Forward, But He’s Sticking To His Story

'People' Names the Sexiest Man Alive and It's Neither One of These Guys So What's the Point?

Jenny Slate and Chris Evans May Be Back Together (They Are Definitely Back Together)

This Business with George Takei Is Incredibly Unfortunate

Jeffrey Tambor Denies Sexual Harassment Allegations; Charlie Sheen Denies Molesting Corey Haim

Election Night: Democrats Win, and In a Rout

Harvey Weinstein Hired Ex-Mossad Agents To Silence His Accusers

A Four Year Old Was Shot Four Times Today Because Paul Ryan is a Gutless Coward

Fox News Pulled Some Seriously Shady Sh*t On Jake Tapper Today

Superman Henry Cavill Criticizes DCU, Credits Wonder Woman for Saving It

There's Something Fishy Going on with Netflix's 'Cancellation' of Kevin Spacey's 'House of Cards'

Twitter Reacts to Trump's Desperation Tweets, and Gwyneth Wins Halloween?

Cate Blanchett: Women 'Like Looking Sexy, But It Doesn’t Mean We Want to F**k You'

Eric Bolling Asks Bill O'Reilly Not to Invoke His Son's Death To Defend Himself Against Sexual Harassment Claims

Ewan McGregor Reportedly Stepped Out On His Wife with Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Plus Harvey Weinstein is ... Cured?

Jake Tapper Double Taps Bill O'Reilly with the Twitter Burn of the Week

Twitter Flipped Its Sh*t After the Fox News W.H. Correspondent Called Hillary a 'Shadow President'

Hero Martha Plimpton Calls Out Mayim Bialik for That Trash, Victim-Blaming NYTimes Op-Ed

How Is This Man in Charge of the Largest Economy in the World? (Not Ruffalo, Obviously)

Frankie Muniz Has Almost No Memory of Starring in 'Malcolm in the Middle'

Donna Karan Bizarrely Defends Harvey Weinstein; Hollywood Men Remain Silent

POS Harvey Weinstein Officially Fired, and Bob Corker Pops Off on Donald Trump

Here's That Dumb Mother F**ker Donald Trump, in a Nutshell

Kim Cattrall Says Her Relationship with Sarah Jessica Parker is 'Toxic'

Kushner's a Hypocrite, O'Reilly Is Trash, Trump Is Evil, and Robertson Is a Goblin

People Are Dying in Puerto Rico and Trump Seriously Just Dedicated a (F#@king) Golf Trophy to Them

Here It Is, Folks: The Single Dumbest Question of 2017

A Second Kardashian Is Pregnant This Week, Plus a Real-Life 'Game of Thrones' Engagement

Thank You Mulder and Scully

Sexual Assault Allegations Surface Against Ain't It Cool News Founder Harry Knowles

'SNL' Is Almost Back, and You Could Not Ask for Three Better Hosts

Colin Jost Says His +1 Was Too Busy To Go to The Emmys with Him. Uh Huh, Sure Colin

The FBI Wiretapped Paul Manafort's Conversations with Trump; Indictment Expected Soon

Well, Why the Hell Do the Comments on Twitter from Jemele Hill About POTUS Not Represent ESPN, Huh?

Jim Carrey Goes on a Looney Tunes Rant on the Red Carpet

Why Do We Take Reese Witherspoon For Granted?

Seth Meyers Takes Hillary to Task for Blaming Bernie Sanders for Her Loss

Donald Trump Just Has No Idea What the Hell He's Doing Now

Hillary Rakes Bernie in Her Upcoming Book on the 2016 Campaign

Bob Mueller Is a Very Smart Man, Part 326: The Pardon Workaround

Defense Secretary Mattis, Apparently Defying Trump, Has Frozen The Ban Against Transgender Troops

You See! Social Media Shaming DOES Work!

In Fresh War of Words with Trump, Mexico Once Again Proves It's the Much Bigger Person

Another Potential Land Mine Surfaces in Probe of Russian Collusion with Trump Campaign

Billy Joel Wears Star of David at Madison Square Garden Sold Out Concert

Joss Whedon’s Ex-Wife Kai Cole Opens Up About Joss’s String of Affairs Dating Back to ‘Buffy’

Seth Meyers Identifies for Removal the Most Racist Monument in NYC

Good Lord, Cate Blanchett. GOOD LORD

These Two Are Making a Movie Together, So There's Still Some Good In the World

A Sober Seth Meyers Gives the Perfect Retort to Donald Trump's Inadequate Charlottesville Response

The White House May Be Days Away from a Complete Implosion

Now We Know Why All Those Guys in the National Security Council Were Fired

Butthurt Anthony Scaramucci Lashes Out at New Yorker Reporter on Twitter

Disney Is Getting in on that Sweet Streaming Cash and Yanking its Flix from Netflix

Conservative Twitter Throws Hissy Fit After Google Fires The Sexist Dumbass Behind That Anti-Diversity Manifesto

Critics Got to See Marvel's 'Inhumans' Pilot, And It Did Not Go Well

Even Fox News Thinks Stephen Miller Shouldn't Be Allowed to be On TV Anymore

Donald Trump Wants to Investigate Colleges for Discriminating Against Whites, Because Of Course He Does

White House Officials, Including Scaramucci, Made Revealing Statements to an Email Prankster

Sean Hannity Rails Against Arrogant Elitists, Spends $42,000 on a Lobster Dinner

CBO Scores the 'Skinny Repeal'; In Turn, Unhappy Republicans Vote to Defund the CBO

Senate Defeats Trumpcare, No Thanks to 'Hero' John McCain

Goddamit, John McCain

Jeff Sessions Lied His Little Elfin Ass Off Under Oath

Jenny Slate Went on the Worst Date Ever with, Like, a LITERAL Knight

Pink Is a Horrible Mother, Says Mommy-Shaming Snowflake Brigade

Mindy Kaling Is Pregnant and The Father Is Mr. None Of Your Damn Business

We Love It When Celebrities We Didn't Know Were Dating Suddenly Get Married

Fox News Anchor: 'The Deception Is Mind-Boggling, Why Are We Getting Told All These Lies?'

Donald Trump Now Has An Imaginary Friend, According to the Associated Press

Fox News Is Not Having a Great Night

You Know Things Are Bad for Trump When This Is the Lead on The Drudge Report

Those Who Still Don’t Loathe Lena Dunham Have Been Given a Reason to Loathe Lena Dunham

Patton Oswalt Is Getting Remarried, and Those Two from NBC's 'Grimm' Are Married, Too

Maybe This Is Why Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone Broke Up (It's Not; It's Really Not)

Watch a Dude Absolutely Slay a Whitney Song Because It's Exactly What You Need Right Now

Pajiba 10 For Your Consideration: Seth Meyers

Sean Hannity and Anne Coulter Are Fighting On the Internet, Bless Their Hearts

Donald Trump Gets Creepy with a Female Journalist

The Senate Health Care Bill May Collapse As Soon as Tomorrow #IWantToBelieve

One Nevada Senator Stands in the Way of 25,000 Deaths

Details of the Senate's Obamacare Repeal Are Out, And It Is Poor-Hating Trash

Johnny Depp Offered to Sell What's Left of His Soul to Settle Debts

Goddamnit, Jon Ossoff: We Didn't Need Any Last Minute F*ck Ups

Associated Press Reports that the Leader of the Free World is Literally Yelling at TV Sets

It Looks Like Alex Jones and Megyn Kelly Are Set To Destroy Each Other's Careers

Tom Cruise's 'Controlling Behavior' Being Blamed for the Failure of 'The Mummy'

Reese Witherspoon Is All About the Blind Items These Days and We Love It

A Ranting Alex Jones Is Asking that His Megyn Kelly Interview Not Air on Father's Day

The Ambassador of the State of Qatar to the United States Just Called Out Trump on Twitter

Kamala Harris Cut Off and Tone Policed by GOP Senate Intelligence Committee Chair

What's the Deal with Jerry Seinfeld? Asshole or a Hero to Non-Huggers Of the World?

Donald Trump Feels 'Deep Resentment' Toward One-Time Ally Jeff Sessions 😊

TJ Miller Reveals Why He Left 'Silicon Valley'

You Guys, It's Been a Really Hard Day for Ivanka Trump, But Thank God, She's Going to Be OK!

Hang It Up, Folks: Hillary Clinton Has Won the #Covfefe Wars

Donald Trump Is 'Emotionally Withdrawing and Gaining Weight'

Who Is THE Nicest Celebrity on the Planet with Whom to Work?

Jared Kushner, Who Is Now a Focus in Russia Investigation, Is 'Basically a Sh*thead'

Update: Fox News Reporter Saw GOP Congressional Candidate Violently Grab Reporter by the Neck and Throw Him Down

The Obamas Are "Just Breathing, Y'all" and My God, Do They Look Good Doing It

No, Dipsh*t, A Terrorist Attack Is Not The Time to Test Your Material on Twitter

Trump's Drawing and Quartering Continues as The 'Post' Pulls One Leg and the 'Times' Pulls the Other

So, About Those Early Reactions to 'Wonder Woman' ...

Netflix Is Hacking Your Movies, You Bingewatching Plebes

John McCain Now Comparing Trump Scandals to Watergate, Plus Blake Lively: Lady Cage Fighter?

Fox News Under Fire For Calling an 8 Year Old on the Autism Spectrum a 'Stalker,' 'Snowflake'

Guy Ritchie Wants to Know 'Where the F*ck Were You' When 'Man From U.N.C.L.E.' Was Released?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is the Worst

Take Notes, Folks, Because This Is How You #Resist

If Trump Really Wants to Piss Off/Motivate Liberals, This Would Do It

If You Didn't Love The New Guy Playing Spider-Man Before, We Promise You Will Now

Chris Rock Admits He Was a 'Piece of Sh*t' For Cheating on His Wife

Furious Alien Life Form and His Earthling Wife Were Turned Away from Rihanna's Met Gala After-Party

Bill Shine Is Out at Fox News, and Sean Hannity May Be Next

Scott Baio’s Wife Defends the Size of Baio’s Penis After Bizarre Fight Over Erin Moran's Death Escalates Because 2017

Less Wife Beaters, More The Rock at Disney Please

Hero Jake Tapper Takes a Wicked Shot at Jesse Watters, Fox News

Professional White Person Wes Anderson Dips His Toes into the Whitewashing Controversy

Sean Hannity Is 'Weird and Creepy' But Did Not Sexually Harass, Says Accuser

Bill O'Reilly Threatened to End the Career of the Woman Who Ended His Because Karma, Motherf**kers

Tori Spelling Should Maybe Consider a Less Expensive Fetish

So ... It Looks Like Bill O'Reilly Is Probably Done at Fox News

Reality Catches Up to Alex Jones, Who Is Caught Between a Rock and a Custody Suit

The First Time Matthew Rhys Asked Keri Russell Out, He Was Drunk

GOP Congressman Snaps During Town Hall with Angry Constituents

Can Handsome Jude Law Offset Skeevy, Abusive Johnny Depp?

Alanis Morrisette Tells Her Former Manager to Shove That Apology Up His Ass

Brian Williams Is In the News Again. No, It's Not for a Good Reason

Stand Back Everyone: Trump's Got This

Michael Sheen Has Named His Penis After an Actress with 13 Emmy Nominations

Anne Coulter Has a 'Celebrity Boyfriend,' And Oh, Boy: Really? Him?

Fox News Doesn't Care About Women

James Van Der Beek Would Really Rather You Not Ask About 'Dawson's Creek' Anymore, Please

Step Aside Stone & Garfield: Chris Evans and Jenny Slate Are America's Favorite Ex-Sweethearts

How Much Lower Can Donald Trump's Approval Ratings Fall?

Fox News Has Completely Snapped the Leash of Human Decency

DiCaprio Keeps Getting Older, But His Girlfriends Stay the Same Age

Hollywood Can't Stand Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard (Hollywood is Wrong)

Donald Trump Must Be Tired of Winning

Goddammit, Now Why Do They Have To Go and Ruin a Perfectly Good TV Show

Netflix to ‘Iron Fist’ Creator: ‘Oh God! Shut Up, You’re Not Helping!’

The Most Brazen Lie Sean Spicer Told at Today's Press Conference

Paul Ryan's Embarrassing Drinking Display Has Brought Further Shame Upon America

The Cop Who Killed Michael Brown Admits His Story Wasn't True

Breitbart is Trying to F*ck Over Paul Ryan (And It's Probably Gonna Work)

The CBO Scores Trump's Health Plan and Spoiler: It's a F**king Disaster

John Goodman Makes Sweet, Sweet Love to the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Brie Larson Confirms Her Chilly Oscar Reception to Casey Affleck Was Intentional

Sean Spicer Did It! He Found the Single Worst Reason to Support the GOP Healthcare Bill!

Director Kenneth Lonergan Badly Defends Casey Affleck, Yells at Clouds, College Students

Danny Masterson Reportedly Being Investigated for Raping Three Fellow Scientologists

Does This Photo Somehow Make Emma Watson Less of a Feminist?

Celebrity Couple No One Remembers Was Together No Longer Together

Sean Spicer Calls Out the AP for False Reporting, but the AP Kept the Goddamn Receipts

There's Nothing a Little Guy Love Can't Fix

Kellyanne Conway Sends ❤ ❤ to Racist Trash on Twitter, Badly Lies About It

Dear God, What Has This Woman Done? WHAT HAS SHE DONE?

The Japanese PM's Reaction to Trump's Handshake Is Goddamn Priceless

Fox News: Women Should Be Soft, Shut the F*ck Up

That Guy From 'This Is Us' Is Also That Guy from 'Stranger Things,' Plus a Fat Suit

Ted Cruz, Cyborg Senator, Tries for Sympathy Lands on Idiocy

Jane the Virgin - OMG! Spoilers Spoilers SO Many Spoilers

President Obama Is All Out of F**cks

On Donald and Melania, Sophie Turner Delivers a Scalding Twitter Burn

Even Serial Harasser Bill O'Reilly Is Not Optimistic About Donald Trump's Presidency

Queen Bey Will Save Us All

The Dickish Rob Lowe Tweet is the Gift that Keeps Giving

Milk Chocolate is Pointless and Samantha Bee Agrees

Stephen Bannon Just Told the Media to 'Keep Its Mouth Shut,' Which Sounds Not Very Democratic

The Late Carrie Fisher Remarkably Continues to Lead the Resistance

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