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Michael Nyqvist, of 'John Wick' and 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,' Dead At 56

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No Thank You, Please: These Are the Things We Can Do Without

How to Handle Criticism of Your Acting Role Without Being a Sh*t Weasel

Thor's Chris Hemsworth Short Hair

The Best Documentaries Currently Available On Netflix

Facts You Didn't Know About 'The Big Lebowski'

These Effects Aren't Very Special: Movies That Need A VFX Redo

The Overlords Discuss Moderation of Entertainment Consumption--Or Lack Thereof

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Rifftrax Kickstarter MST3K

Will Smith David Ayer Suicide Squad Netflix Series Bright

Books Adaptations Movies Impossible to Film

MST3K Mystery Science Theater 3000 Premiere New Reboot

Academy Awards Oscar Emma Stone Andrew Garfield Denzel Washington

Nerdy Dungeons & Dragons Comics

Mel Gibson Anti-Semitic Suicide Squad Sequel

Ben Affleck The Batman DC Universe New Casting

These Are the Best Female Duos In the History of Things with Female Duos

What Childhood/Teen Crushes Actually Turned Out Pretty Hot?

Twitter Took Trumpelstiltskin's "Easy D" and Ran With It

What Movie Did You Constantly Watch As A Kid That Was NOT Kid-Friendly?

'Justice League' and 'Tomb Raider' Drop New Pictures

Idris Elba Getting Dating Advice From Kids Is Your Everything Right Now

The Overlords Posit A World In Which They Are Professional Wrestlers

The First 3 Minutes of 'Rings' Wants to Make Airplanes Even More Terrifying

'Wayne's World' Turns 25 This Year, So Let's Get Our Mindholes SCHWINGED!

Now That's What I Call Protest and Political Music: 90s Edition!

'Stranger Things' Season 2 Gets A Goonie Love Interest

A Desperate Plea In A Time Of Great Anxiety and Anger

The 2017 Razzie Winners

Stop Demonizing Poor People Who Use Government Assistance

An Incomplete List of All of the Actors to Portray Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dwayne Johnson Says You're Welcome For This Deleted 'Moana' Scene

'Lost in London LIVE' Is A Woody Harrelson Movie Being Filmed and Streamed In Real Time

Seriously Though, 'Deadpool' Could Earn An Oscar Nomination. I'm Touching Myself Tonight.

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7 of the Worst Movies Recently Released on Netflix (2015)

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Fantastic Dicks And Where To Find Them

Sex Scenes In Movies Are So Gross And I Hate Them

What Television Series Have You Watched The Most Times?

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Here Are Fan-Made Posters Meant To Make You Appreciate the Less Garbage Things In Life

'Zombieland' Director Ruben Fleischer Is Making A 'COPS' Movie, Because Why Not

Amber Heard Is Not A Gold Digger, So Cross That Off Your Female Victim Insults List

'Injustice For All' Joker Fan-Film Spins A New Backstory For the Clown Prince

Jared Leto Was Tricked Into Doing 'Suicide Squad'

17 Actors We Completely Forgot Appeared on 'ER' During Its Long Run

10 Celebrities With Phobias and Fears

Meryl Streep Is A Goddamned Treasure In Her Reddit AMA with Hugh Grant

Movies with Buddy Pairings We All Sort of Forgot About

In Defense of Jared Leto's 'Suicide Squad' Joker

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No, Seriously! David Milch Is Writing That 'Deadwood' Movie Script!

Counteracting the Widespread Negativity on Social Media Platforms

Music Videos That Failed Miserably In Their Quest To Be Harbingers Of Sexy Times

'The Killing Joke': An Extended Runtime Doesn't Always Equal More Value

Movies That Couldn't Get Cast In Major Films Anymore If They Were Women

Celebrity Couples of the 90s That We Forgot Were A Thing

Matt Damon Will Work with Director Affleck When Ben Stops Hoarding the Good Roles

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The Highest Grossing Films of 1992 Only Had One Superhero

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What Movie Have You Seen the Most Times?

The 10 Best Flicks Featuring Stoners For Your 4/20 Viewing

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Some Of The Old Timey Book Insanity Available In Digital Form At Internet Archive

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Radiant Goddess Ellen Burstyn to Direct Her First Film

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reddit Has Re-posted Robin Williams' AMA So We Can All Enjoy It Again

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There Will Be A 'Scream' TV Show And This Will Be Its Cast

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Trailer Tuesday with 'Game of Thrones': Ygritte Takes A Honeymoon and Jaime Finds A Baby

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Don't Buy Creepy Dolls, Dumb Dumbs: The Teaser Trailer for 'Annabelle' Is Here

'Ouija': The Movie Starring A Fancy Piece of Cardboard. And A Ouija Board.

The "Weird Al" Yankovic Love Train Continues With Our Favorite Answers From His Reddit AMA

Joe Hill's 'Horns': My Favorite Horror Novel Written By Stephen King's Crotch Fruit Gets A Teaser

Dream Casting Disney's Upcoming Live-Action 'Dumbo':

Buzz Aldrin Does A reddit AMA: Happy Anniversary, Apollo 11 Moon Landing!

America, F&*^ YEAH!: 8 Super American Movies on Netflix To Celebrate, Like, Freedom?

Mark Ruffalo AMA: He's Talking Hulk, Clean Water, and Nicknames

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Lifetime's 'Aaliyah: Princess of R&B' Has Cast A Disney Ingenue As The Pop Princess

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So You Never Want To Sleep Again? Tim Burton's Long-Lost 'Hansel and Gretel' Short Is Here To Help

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Bon Jovi Is Perfectly Placed Into Last Night's 'Game of Thrones': SPOILERS!!

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Biz Break: Another Director Tapped For A 'Star Wars' Spinoff And The Rumored Casting of 'Doctor Strange'

Philip Seymour Hoffman Talks About Happiness And Killing Pleasure In Animated Interview

4 Nostalgic Favorites I'm Excited Are On Netflix Streaming In June 2014

Biz Break: Kevin James And Brad Pitt Bring Great Tidings Of Meh To You.

It's Like Ol' Jack Always Says, "Everybody relax, I'm here. In Comic Form!"

Sam Trammell of 'True Blood' Does A reddit AMA, Throws Down Gambit Gauntlet. Sort Of.

Director Gareth Edwards To Go From His Successful 'Godzilla' Reboot To 'Star Wars' Spin-Off

Seriously Random List: 8 Of The Flops And Forgotten Films Of Summer 2000

'Magic Mike XXL': It'll Be Like 'Road Trip' But With More Strippers And Less Tom Green

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The 7 Stupidest-Sounding Premises for the Comedy Pilots of 2013. Oh, How the Buffy Have Fallen.

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Keep Your Dirty Hands Off Of My Mr. Fred Rogers, Hollywood!

Biz Break: 'Jane Got A Gun' Continues Its Slow Descent Into Clusterf*ck Hell As Bradley Cooper Nopes Right Out.

Daenerys Targaryen Will Play a Stripper Mom for James Franco

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Casting Break: Every Time A New Actor Is Rumored For 'The Crow' Remake, A Gen X-er Utters "Meh"

What Happens In The Kremlin, Stays In The Kremlin: Full-Length Trailer for 'Red 2'.

7 Things You Need to Know Today to Avoid Pop-Culture Atrophy

Congratulations, Big-Time Movie Producer: You Just Donated to Zach Braff's Kickstarter and Now Your Kid's Gonna Starve

Pictorial: The Complete Mutant Cast of "X-Men: Days of Future Past"

It's The Trailer Thunderdome!: Three Enter And You F***, Marry, or Falcon Punch?

Eye Candy Break: 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Casts Another Character

Keanu Reeves Has Directed Actors In The Art of Acting. Also, Tai Chi: Trailer for 'The Man of Tai Chi'.

Korean Jesus Heard Your Prayers: '21 Jump Street' Gets A Sequel, Plus More Movie News

It's Time To Play F*ck, Marry, Falcon Punch With The Trailers For 'Star Trek Into Darkness', 'The Lone Ranger', And 'The Great Gatsby'.

'Byzantium' Trailer: So, Gemma Arterton Is Lestat and Saoirse Ronan Is Louis?

Biz Break: 6 Pieces of Casting News to Make You Either Clap With Delight Or Roar With Impotent Rage

"She Has Become A Beacon Of Hope For Them": 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Teaser

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NSFW Trailer Break: A Depraved, Debauched, Degenerate James McAvoy Like You've Never Seen Him

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But Where Did The Lighter Fluid Come From?: The 'Now You See Me' Trailer Is Full Of Illusions.

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Pray For Forgiveness: The Full-Length 'Carrie' Remake Trailer Is Here And It Is Crap

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Let's Curl Up "Under the Dome" And Watch The World Die

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Here Come Peter Cottontail, Hoppin' Down the Murder Trail! 'You're Next' Trailer.

The Future Is Here: Netflix And Amazon Are Probably Making NBC Jokes Too.

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Based Only On The Trailers, Which Of These 5 Movies Are You Most Likely To See?

Pajiba Love: You Murdered My Vagina Edition

6 Things You Must Know Today to Be an Informed Citizen of the World Wide Web

Reborquel Round-Up: I Can't Imagine Justin Timberlake With A Shiny Dome And An Orphan

This Is Not A Prank: A Jonas Brother Is Set To Star In An "Edgy Thriller".

'Jane Got A Gun' Gets Stood Up By Its Director. Seriously, Who Does That?

New 'Iron Man 3' Trailer Is 30 Seconds Of Pun-less Action And Somber Looks.

I Think The Only Mutant Not In 'X-Men Days of Future Past' Is Dazzler: Casting News

I Thought I Had Food Poisoning. Turns Out, It Was Just The Trailer For 'Scary Movie 5'

Act Like a B*tch, Get Slapped Like a B*tch: The Red Band Trailer For 'Kick-Ass 2' Is Here

Based Only On Set Photos, Which Of These 6 Movies Would You Most Like to See?

The New Teaser Trailer For 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Is Quite Literal And French!

Danny Boyle Talks About A 'Trainspotting' Sequel: Does Spud Still Take Pleasure In Other People's Leisure?

Jaden Smith Is Ready To Twist Ending Your Ass In The New Trailer for 'After Earth'.

Based on the Movie Posters Alone, Which of these 10 Movies Are You Most Compelled to See?

Biz Break: Princess Leia Talks 'Star Wars' Sequels While Han Solo Chills With Ron Burgundy.

"Game of Thrones" Wants To Remind You That Joffrey Is Still Kicking, That Little Assh*le.

New 'Justice League' Rumor Provokes Nerd Excitement Mingled with the Acknowledgement of Likely Disappointment!

New Details on a Super-Duper Secret Lindelof Script And 7 More Pieces Of Pop Culture Particulars To Start Your Week Off Right

Biz Break: Gary Oldman Is Set To Fight 'Apes' While Daniel Radcliffe Prepares To Assist 'Frankenstein'

Trailer Break: A Sequel to Cloudy with a Chance of Meatb... Oh, Look! Kristen Stewart's Mom Is a Director

Biz Break: Lee Pace Will Be Pushing Up PCs In His New AMC Series About Computers In The 80s. No, Really

Biz Break: Mark Wahlberg's Own Damn Stupidity Cost Him a Role in "Star Trek"

Bryan Singer Hopes To Undo Some of 'X3' And Spidey Gets A Minor Makeover: Biz Break

Justin Timberlake Will Get His SNL Five-peat While Josh Brolin And Diane Lane Admit Defeat.

10 Things You Need To Know To Make It Through The Weekend With Your Pop Culture Prowess Intact

Mark Hamill In Talks to Return to the "Star Wars" Franchise, And Guess Who Is Bringing His Go Bag to "Parks and Recreation"?

Biz Break: The Last Thing Anyone Wants To Do Is Rush EL James' "50 Shades of Grey", Ahem, "Vision"

Vera Farmiga Is The Mother Of Evil Plus 'Ender's Game' Photos

Biz Break: Ben Affleck's Directorial Debut Was A Huge Turd, Plus Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Wiig Land New Gigs

Seriously Random List: 10 Actors And Actresses You Probably Didn't Realize Have Their Own Production Company

Are Horror Anthologies Making A Comeback?: 'Sanitarium' Red Band Trailer Wants Us To Think So.

Biz Break: Khal Drogo Will Team Up With Star-Lord And X-Men Gets Its Villain

Welcome To The Trailer Park: Robin Wright And Naomi Watts Are MILFS In 'Two Mothers' And You Stopped Reading, Didn't You?

Biz Break: 7 Quick News Tidbits For Your Valentine's Day Perusal.

'Trance' Red Band Trailer Is Trained To Rock Your F*cking Socks Off

New "Oblivion" Trailer: Tom Cruise Does A Bad Wall-E Impression

Mel Gibson Anti-Semitic Suicide Squad Sequel

Biz Break: Amanda Seyfried Will Rip Out Seth MacFarlane's Heart And We Might Get A CGI X-Man.

In Which I Come Clean And Reveal The 7 Real Pilots And The 1 Fake

7 Pilot Season News Truths And 1 Lie: Can You Spot The Fake?

The Climb Is All There Is: "Game of Thrones" Season 3 Gets A Chaotic Trailer

Biz Break: Nic Cage Has A Terrible Beard And The Grinch Gets A Makeover.

Biz Break: I Would Pay To See Godzilla Vs. Walter White, Wouldn't You?

Disney Confirms Spin-Off "Star Wars" Movies. These 9 Amazing Fan-Made Posters Could Provide Inspiration

Biz Break: Only In Hollywood Would You Replace Timothy Olyphant with Paul Walker

Redbox vs Amazon vs Netflix: Progress Is Cool

Biz Break: "Pacific Rim's" Beardless Charlie Day Is Damn Near Unrecognizable

Trade News: Johnny Depp Continues His Quest To Be In 1 Out Of Every 3 Movies And I Continue My Pissy Mood.

Based On These Photos, Which Movie Most Strikes Your Fancy?

9 Things You Absolutely Must Know Today If You Want to Graduate From Pop-Culture College

Trailer Dump: Steve Carell Does Illusions, Michael! Tricks Are What Jim Carrey Dates!

Biz Break: Eva Green Is Moving To 'Sin City' And Barbarella Is Moving To Your TV Screen

Biz Break: Amy Poehler Continues to Put Will Arnett In Her Reahview, and Sean Penn Wants To Be A Franchise Action Hero

Photo Dump: Jason Bateman Really Wants You To Watch "Identity Thief," Y'all

Superhero News Roundup: Is It Cold In Here Or Am I Just Iceman? More Mutants Join "Days of Future Past"

Kristen Bell Doesn't Feel The Need To Prove Her Womanhood To You, Warren.

Biz Break: Kate Winslet Wants Some Sweet Franchise Money!

Three Young Adult Series Being Made Into Films That Shouldn't Be Made Into Films

Trailer Roundup: The Elusive Bruce Willis Has Emerged From His Solitude To Gift Us With Movies!

Biz Break: Dwayne Johnson Just Wants To Be Your 'Teddy Bear'

Based On The Stars And Trailers, Which Of These Movies Will Get Your Money?

Trailer Round-Up: Amanda Seyfried Opens Up Like A Flower And Enjoys Sex

Biz Break: Lance Armstrong Biopic Is Imminent; Who Will Play His Testicle And Other Casting News

Tommy Lee Jones Is General Tard the Grumpy Cat In 'Emperor' : Trailer Time!

'Red 2' Teaser: One, Two, Helen Mirren Is Coming For You, Three, Four, Why Lock The Door?

'Movie 43' Released A Ton Of Pictures And I Still Don't Know What The Hell It Is About

Biz Break: Brett Ratner Is Making 'Hercules' With Dwayne Johnson, So Expect The Gods To Cure Themselves Of Powers And Suck

I've Got My Pride, I Drink My Wine: First Trailer For Matthew McConaughey in 'Mud'

Danica McKellar Gots To Get Paid, Son; Joins SyFy Original Movie: Trailer Round Up

Biz Break: Even My Irrational Love Of Jessica Simpson Won't Make Me Watch Her Act

Trailer Round-Up: Beyonce is Singer, Actress, Mother, And Director Of Her Own Damn Documentary

Biz Break: 10 Things I Hate About Anne Hathaway And Other Movie News

Cher Is Writing A Show For Logo And It Isn't Based On Her Batsh*t Tweets: Television Tidbits

Biz Break: Johnny Depp Has Only Begun to Sell Out, and Louis C.K. Joins a Prestige Ensemble

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Science Fiction Boops And Blips: "Catching Fire," "The Host," "Godzilla," and "Deadwood" in Space

Biz Break Superhero Edition: I Know All Your Moves, Your Crime-Fighting Style, Favorite Catchphrases, Everything!

Gaze Upon The Radiant Beauty And Despair! Photos from "Catching Fire," "Arrested Development" and More

Biz Break: Choke On That, Causality! Nolan's Sci-Fi Feature, The Last Man On Earth, And Possible Amnesia

Come Original, You Got To Come Original: Directv And Netflix Both Announce New Series

Exorcisms, Vengeful Mamas, And Barely College Girls. It's Just Another White Boy Day In Hollywood.

Biz Break: There's Wrong And There's Wrong And There's This -- Casting News That Isn't All Bad

Biz Break: The Hollywood-inator Continues to Pair Embarrassingly Gorgeous People with Recycled Properties

Giant, People-Filled Robots Will Save Us In The New 'Pacific Rim' Trailer

I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Another Beer! Brolin's Public Intox And That One Dude's DUI

I've Got Your Creepy Kid Quota For The Week, A Side Of Abandoned House Shenanigans, And A Gosling Dessert

Klaatu Verata Nicto! Red Band Trailers Are Proof That God Loves Us And Wants Us To Be Happy

Explosions, Aliens, and Angst: Three Different Trailers or a Michael Bay Coming of Age Comedy?

'Carrie' Remake Has A New Poster: Plug It Up! Plug It Up!

It's Like This And Like That And Like This, And Uh: Random Trade News

Gretchen, Quit Trying To Make Aquaman Happen!: New 'Justice League' Rumors

Slow News Day Makes Pinky Something Something: Clips, Pics, and Sh*ts...Wait.

Pajiba Love Bluths: 'Arrested Development' Gets Release Dates & Episode Names

Snail Race Club Vs. Indie Twee Club: TRAILERS FIGHT!

'This Is The End', My Friend: Seth Rogen & Friends Release A Red Band Teaser Trailer

Netflix Does Something Right: Pop-Pop Gets Some Advertising?

'The Heat' Red Band Trailer: Aw, He Put A Ring On It!

Hear Me Now And Believe Me Later: 'Pain & Gain' Trailer Hits The Web

I've Got Posters On The Wall: With All Of These, You Could Wallpaper A Room

Pssst. Hey, Kid. You Want A Taste? The Trailers Are Free, But A Full Movie Will Cost You

Bald Dudes, 'Expendables', Remakes, & Sci-Fi: Everything You Never Knew You Always Wanted

'The Smurfs 2' Trailer: It Would Be Better To Smurf Yourself In The Smurf With A Chainsaw

Network Television Really Wants You To Watch Cable: Television News

'The Hangover Part III' Gives Us Plot Details: "HOORAY" Yelled No One

Biz Break: Hobbit-Style Wet, Hot American F*ck, Marry, Kill

'The Wolverine' Has Lots of Feels In the Rain: New Motion Poster

'A Haunted House' Trailer: There's Blood, Guts And Asses Everywhere! Someone's Gone All Crazy, Son!

You Get A Movie! You Get A Movie! And You Get A Movie!: Angry Birds Coming To A Theater Near You

Slamacow! That Was Tops! 'Welcome To The Punch' Trailer McAvoys Your Face


That's Not My Name!: Popular Baby Monikers Coming To An Infant Near You!

I'll Do It Again, I Will Let You Take Me For A Ride: Sequel News

Mud On Your Face, You Big Disgrace, Waving Your Depp All Over The Place: "The Lone Ranger" Trailer

Just Because You're So Cliched, It Don't Mean You Won't Get Paid: Trade News Roundup

All Your Base Are Belong To Us: Will And Jaden Smith In The "After Earth" Trailer

Michael Bay Has A "Passion Project," And It Isn't A Hot Chick In Front Of A Wall Of Explosions

If At First You Don't Succeed, Try Again, Fail, And Then Reboot.

Fight A T-800? I Want Cruise To Be A Pocket Terminator

Liberace Is F*cking Matt Damon: Trade News Photos Ahoy!

I've Got Good News And Bad News. But There Are Also Boobs!

Aykroyd And The Crazy Of The Crystal Skull: 'Ghostbusters' 3, 4, & 5?

I Like To Do Drawrings: Animated Film News

Television News That Will Make You Yell WYLD STALLYNS RULE! Or Not.

Back To Basics: Guillermo Del Toro To Direct A Ghost Story

Naughty Moms, Good Girls, A Porn Star, and A Few Dudes: Set Photo Time!

Get Ready For A Western Filled With Abortion Jokes: MacFarlane Gets Another Movie

You've Gotta Have Friends: Spidey Gets His Harry Osborn

For The Love Of Bea Arthur, Stop With This Sh*t And Do The 'Deadpool' Movie, Reynolds!

'Star Trek Into Darkness' Rises With A New Poster

Another Puny God? Justice League May Have Found Their Big Bad


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